Autozone Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy 2022

AutoZone Price Match and Price Adjustment Simplified

When you need something for your car, Autozone is a great place to go. This is especially true if you are a do-it-yourself mechanic and don’t trust what you see on YouTube. Autozone can be a bit pricey at times, though.

We’ll go over their policy in depth so you know everything you need to know.

Does AutoZone Price Match?

Autozone Price Match

Autozone matches prices, which is a good thing. If you can get the same part or product for less at O’Reilly’s, Advance Auto, Napa, or any of a hundred other places, Autozone will always match the price.

As far as Autozone’s business policy goes, price matching is only for purchases made in the store and only at competing stores. But that doesn’t mean the end of the world for those of us who find great deals online but need the item right away, not in two or three days.

Price Match Time
At the time of purchase
Where Can I Price Match?
Contact Info.
Visit the website

Requirements For Autozone Price Match

To be eligible for the Autozone price match, you have to fulfill some requirements and conditions. Here are the rules:

  • The goods should be the same.
  • The same items shouldn’t be sold out at both stores.
  • You need the original receipt from AutoZone.
  • Any proof of the price of a competitor.
  • ID from the government that is still valid.
  • The competitor must set up shop in the place they said.

We suggest that: Don’t move forward with a price match until you’ve checked the above requirements and conditions.

Exclusions in AutoZone Price Match

This part will list everything you can’t do. AutoZone’s Price Match Policy does not apply to these things. You have to know all of this so that when you go there, they don’t just give you their policy. You won’t get anything out of doing this. By reading this article, you will be ready. Check out what isn’t included.

  • AutoZone won’t match the price of something you bought online.
  • They will set a limit on the companies they won’t match prices with. This means that they will only price match products from certain companies.
  • You will need to show proof that you saw a lower price. Without proof, no one will match the price.
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Here are the things you should think about before going to AutoZone for a price match. Except for this one thing, AutoZone will match prices. Just show them the proof and ask them to match the price.

What Process to follow for AutoZone Price Match?

For a price match, we have to follow certain rules. AutoZone has set some rules that help them decide whether or not to accept our request to match a price. If you follow these steps, you will be able to get a price match.

  • You have to show proof of the product whose price you want the company to match.
  • The product should have the same features as the one whose price you want to match.
  • AutoZone will match the price only if the item is in stock.
  • They will only match with companies in a certain area.

The above steps make it clear what you need to do to make your request valid. Even just one of these rules should be followed.

AutoZone has the right to decide whether or not your claim for a price match is valid. Based on the steps listed above in this section, they can accept or reject your claim.

Does Autozone Price Match Target?

It looks like each Autozone is different in terms of which stores they will match prices with. So, you’re going to be disappointed if you go to certain stores to see if Autozone will match their prices.

Autozone’s price-matching policies vary from store to store, so you can’t find an accurate list online. Autozone is known to match the prices of some retail chains, no matter where they are located.

As far as Target is concerned, there is no official source connected with Autozone that can give a clear answer.

For the best results and to find out exactly which stores your local Autozone will price match, you’ll need to call and talk to a manager there.

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Does Autozone Price Match Advance Auto Parts?

Autozone will match the prices at the Advance Auto Parts store chain. Usually, wherever you see an Autozone, there will be an Advance Auto just down the street or around the corner.

But if you live near an Autozone but not an Advance Auto Parts store, Autozone is not required to follow that rule, as it is more of a general rule than one that is set in stone.

If you don’t have an Advance Auto nearby, your local Autozone may not be able to match their prices. But that also goes both ways. The manager of Autozone is in charge of making the final choice.

Depending on who the manager is at your Autozone, that person may match the price of an Advance Auto that is 100 miles away. It all just depends.

If there is an Advance Auto just down the street, there is a good chance that Autozone will match the price of any product sold at Advance Auto that is the same price as what they sell.

Does Autozone Price Match Amazon?

Autozone’s “general” policy is that they will never match the price of an online product. If you forced Autozone to say why, they might say that it’s because there are so many unregulated and unknown products online that it would be hard to price match everything.

Amazon and eBay are known for selling off-brand items that are labelled with the name of a top brand. Also, many brands are sold or resold to new people. This doesn’t mean they are used, but it does mean they have changed hands more than once.

But, as we’ve already said, some Autozone managers may be willing to match the price of something you found on Amazon. The way Autozone’s rules are, they don’t always stop supervisors from making these kinds of decisions.

It might be a good idea to get to know the people in charge at the Autozone near you. Buy a lot of things from their store. Customers who come back often can get things that new customers might not be able to. In the end, it’s up to each supervisor to decide whether or not Autozone will match the price of a product on Amazon.

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Does AutoZone Price Match RockAuto?

RockAuto is a huge online store that sells items made by more than 300 different companies. Their online catalogue has a lot of items. Unfortunately, they sell mostly online, and Autozone probably won’t honour a price match unless it’s a personal decision made by a manager.

Some of the companies that ship their products through RockAuto might be close to your Autozone. If so, you might have a little more room to figure something out.

You probably won’t be able to do much else, though, because Autozone can be difficult to work with when it comes to matching prices with online competitors.

Does Autozone Price Match With Walmart?

Walmart is one of those stores with prices that Autozone just has to match. The retail mega-giant that has inspired so many Internet memes has stores in almost every corner of every rural, suburban, and urban area.

Autozone would be stupid not to match Walmart’s prices, because they could lose customers or go out of business, whichever comes first.

Autozone will match the price of the same products at Walmart, so if Autozone is more convenient for you, it all works out.

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I Hope you understand that Autozone will match the prices of local stores as long as they are within certain limits. We also talked about how you have to meet all the rules to get a price match.

We also talked about how AutoZone doesn’t change the prices of the same products when their prices change. Have an easy time shopping, and only ask for a price match if you have proof.

AutoZone Related To FAQs

Does AutoZone price match?

Yes, AutoZone does match the prices of their nearby competitors.

Does AutoZone test cars?

Yes, they will check your car, and it won’t cost you anything.

Does the brand price match Amazon?

Amazon is an online store, and AutoZone doesn’t match the prices of online stores.