Cabelas Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy 2022

Cabelas Price Match: Do you like to hunt, fish, and do other things outside? If so, you should be very interested in how Cabela’s price match and price adjustment policies work. Did you know that Cabela’s has been a leader in everything to do with the outdoors for many years? 

Since it opened in 1961, they have focused on high-quality products and a wide selection, all while keeping its prices low. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering, “Does Cabela’s price match? ” or “Does Cabela’s change their prices? “Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Cabela’s Price Match Policy

Cabela’s Price Match Policy

You’ll be happy to know that your local Cabela’s store and Bass Pro Shop, a sister store, have the best price-matching policy. You can compare the price of the product you bought, and if you find the same product on a qualifying website or store for a lower price, you can get the lower price.
Cabela’s will compare prices and, if everything checks out, give you back the extra amount you paid for a certain item. The store also gives an extra 5% off to active members of their club. One of the most common questions here is whether or not Cabela’s will match the price of an item on Amazon. So, yes is the answer.
Official Website:

What do you need to get your match?

If you follow these steps, it’s easy to find your match.

  • Find the product you want to match and ensure all the requirements (listed below) are met.
  • Find a store worker (called an “Outfitter”) and tell them about the lower price. Once you’ve confirmed the discount (through an ad, a website, or a phone call to the store), you can enjoy the discounted items.

Pro Tip: If you are a club member, don’t forget to say so if you want an extra 5% off.

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If you bought something online, you could get a refund by calling 1-800-227-7776 or using the live chat feature on the website.

Conditions for Price Match

Even if you find a better price, there are still some things to consider before you can use your discount. Let’s look at how price matching works at Cabela’s.

Availability: Both stores need to have the item you want to match.

Similarity: The product must be the same brand, model, size, and number. That is, everything is the same!

Distance: Cabela’s matches the prices of local retailers within 100 miles of where you are shopping.

Online: If you want to compare it to an online store, it must be on a list of “websites” that have been approved. These include Academy, Amazon, Backcountry, Brownells, Cheaper Than Dirt, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, Gander RV & Outdoors, L.L. Bean, Mack’s Prairie Wings, Midway USA, Optics Planet, REI, Scheels, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Tackle Warehouse, or Walmart.

Also, it’s important to note that the “5% extra discount” only applies when a 3rd party vendor is matched. (It’s neither Cabela’s nor Bass Pro Shop.)

Does Cabela’s Price Matches Online?

Yes. They will match prices online. To ask them to reach a price online, you would have to get in touch with them either online or by phone. If the item you want is sold by a competitor for less than what Cabela charges, they will match your price. But you should make sure the thing you want is the same.

Does Cabela’s have a Price Adjustment Policy?

 Yes. Cabela’s has a policy for changing prices. But it wasn’t clear on their page, so I called their customer service to find out how they handle price changes. They said: “7 days”.

So, this answer tells us that if a customer buys something from Cabela’s or Bass Pro and the price drops within seven days, they can ask for a price adjustment.

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Price Match Process:

Cabela’s has a process for matching prices, just like many other companies and stores. This is how Cabela’s price match works:

For In-Store:

If you find the same item at a competitor of Cabela’s and want to buy it at Cabela’s, you should bring an ad to Cabela’s.

Once they’ve checked out the ad, they’ll match the price for you.

For Online:

It’s a little bit different from asking for something online. First, you have to look for what you want to buy on Once you find something you want, you should know that it’s probably cheaper on a competitor’s site. You can ask them to match a price online through chat or by calling 18002277776.

Once they’ve checked to ensure the price is eligible, they’ll match it for you. But you should also check to see if the item is in stock at the competitor’s store.


When a manufacturer says they will match a price, there are usually some things they won’t do. Excluded are the items or deals that can’t be matched in price. Here are some things that Cabela’s doesn’t sell:

These deals are not price matched:

  • Flash Sales
  • Hot Buys

Several offers are excluded from the price match:

  • The special offers
  • Promotions
  • Mail-in offers
  • The free item with purchase
  • The free gift card with purchase
  • Bundled offers

In addition, the items are not price matched:

  • Clearance items
  • Wholesale items

They don’t match prices on loyalty programme deals, global promotions, or mistakes.

Price Adjustment Process

Customers can ask for a price match at Cabela’s whenever necessary. For example, if they buy something from Cabela’s and then, within seven days, the price of the same thing goes down at Cabela’s or one of its competitors, they can get a refund. So, the customer can ask for the price to be matched. Here’s how the price gets changed:

  • You can ask for a price match if you find that the item you bought at Cabela’s is cheaper at a competitor’s store or another Cabela’s store within seven days of your purchase. They will refund you the price difference.
  • To ask for it, you should bring the receipt with the date to their store and ask for the price to be changed.
  • Once they confirm that the item is eligible for a price change, they will give you the price difference back.
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Cabela’s Price Match Competitors’ List

There are price match competitors at the Cabela’s store. This means that these competitors can get a price match. Here is a list of other prices:

  • Academy
  • Amazon
  • Backcountry
  • Brownells
  • Cheaper Than Dirt
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Field & Stream
  • Gander RV & Outdoors
  • L.L. Bean
  • Mack’s Prairie Wings
  • Midway USA
  • Optics Planet
  • REI
  • Scheels
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse
  • Tackle Warehouse
  • Walmart


You should know how much the company wants to sell high-quality goods at the best prices. Ensure you don’t miss out on the best price for your desired product. Cabela’s policy says that if you find a lower price on a product, they will match it. This doesn’t often happen, though.


When was Cabela’s founded?

Cabela’s began in the United States in Chappell, Nebraska, in 1961.

Does Cabela’s price its own stores?

Yes, Cabela’s will match or beat other stores’ prices and its own online and physical stores.

What is Cabela’s Club Reward Program?

This is a customer loyalty program where you get 2% back on everything you buy.

How long does Cabela’s take to refund the adjustment amount?

Cabela’s takes 7 days to return the money using the same method of payment used when the item was bought.