Minecraft Conduit: Everything You Need to Know [Guide 2022]

Conduit in Minecraft

Conduit in Minecraft is a danger to mobs that attack underwater aids in the restoration of oxygen it also allows night vision underwater and boosts the speed of underwater mining. Conduits can be made by placing Heart of the sea in the middle of the crafting grid and surrounding it with seven Nautilus shells. 

For a conduit to be activated you will require just sixteen Prismarine blocks to create the smallest frame of activation, however, with a complete frame of 42 range, the range expands by three times.

Conduits are blocked resembles a beacon that provides the conduit power and frightens enemies in the water. When they are activated, conduits give a “Conduit Power” effect within the spherical area of 32-96 blocks for every player who comes into contact with water or rain. 

The result is that oxygen levels are restored. provides night vision underwater and speeds up mining in the water.

Conduits are often able to kill aggressive mobs within a radius of eight blocks, like guardians who drown. Conduits are triggered in any biome and at any depth or height. For every seven blocks in an area, the actual radius of the conduit will be 16 blocks. 

However, the effect is not activated until the structure has at least 16 blocks. The conduit can thus grow to 48 blocks using the 21 blocks, to 64 with that have 28 blocks, and 80 blocks that have 35 and 96 blocks for the full-frame comprising 42 blocks.

What is a Minecraft Conduit?

Like Beacons in Minecraft, Conduits are similar to Beacons Conduits are powerful blocks that when activated provide specific results for users within a small distance. 

The most popular advantage of using a conduit is that it allows you to swim underwater. Conduits aren’t created naturally on Minecraft. Minecraft realm as an item.

Basic Conduit in Minecraft

Additionally, it cannot be exchanged for or found in loot chests. The players must manually create Conduits to use to play the game. Once it’s finished, it’s easy to place the Conduit, break it and then pick it up without much effort.

What Does a Conduit Do?

Conduits have the following advantages:

  • It gives specific effects or abilities to users while the players are within its reach. The power is primarily inspired by Minecraft’s oceans and underwater exploration.
  • A Conduit can also can destroy hostile mobs within 8 blocks of the radius when they come near rain or water.
  • It also serves as an extremely bright light source. If it’s activated, whether or not, the Conduit releases lights that are brighter than torchlights in Minecraft.
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Conduit Powers

A Conduit can provide a mix of the following attributes:

  • The ability to breathe underwater allows users to remain in the water without needing to get to the surface to breathe.
  • Night Vision gives greater visibility underwater, even in dim or no lighting conditions.
  • Haste allows players to mine blocks much faster than normal.

Together, these capabilities can create a wonderful and enjoyable underwater experience. You can also make use of the Brewing Stand in Minecraft to create the effects in these potions. 

However, these potions will not last longer than a couple of minutes. In the meantime, the effects of Conduit last for as long as you’re within its reach.

How to Make a Conduit?

To create a Conduit in Minecraft it is first necessary to find that rare Heart of the Sea. They are located in the hidden riches of Minecraft. You will need to mix this unique item with eight Nautilus Shells to create the craft table.

minecraft conduit

If you’d like to dig more deeply into the process, we already have a step-by-step guide that explains the steps to build Conduits in Minecraft. The linked guide to locating the necessary items and creating Conduits in no time.

How to Use a Conduit?

Once you have activated the Conduit, the use of Conduit becomes pretty much automatic. So long as you’re within the range of Conduit, it will give your “Conduit abilities”. 

These powers create specific effects for the user but only for a short time. If you leave the conduit’s area the effects will cease within a couple of seconds.

How to Activate a Conduit?

To turn on a Conduit it needs to be put on top of a customized structure. It can be constructed of:

  • Prismarine,
  • Dark Prismarine,
  • Prismarine Bricks, or
  • Sea Lantern

It is not necessary to utilize the same set of blocks to construct the entire structure. A structure constructed from the combination of these blocks can also work the same way. 

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The Conduit doesn’t favor one block over one over the other. In terms of form, there are three different types of conduit structures.

Types of Conduit Structures

Minecraft is one of three kinds of Conduit structures:

  • 16 blocks structure with a power range of 32 blocks in every direction
  • 30 blocks structure with a power range of 63 blocks in every direction
  • 42 blocks structure with a power range of 96 blocks in every direction

minecraft conduit

The two kinds of Conduits function similarly, apart from their differences in the range they operate in. Both offer Conduit capabilities to players that surround them. 

But the 42-block configuration is also a benefit. The structure automatically detects hostile mobs which are inside 8 blocks from the Conduit. But, the mobs must be within contact with water whether directly or via rain.

How to Make Conduit Structures?

Take these actions to create the complete Conduit structure

1. First, create an empty vertical square using five blocks on each of its sides. You will require the equivalent of 16 blocks to make it. This is the basic Conduit structure.

prismarine square

2. Then, create a hollow rectangle that connects to the initial square at the center. It should be placed at 90 degrees. This results in an unlevel two Conduit structure.

intersecting hollow square

3. To create the complete Level 3 Conduit structure, it is necessary to connect those structures. For this, you need to place blocks on top of those in the middle of the hollow square.

Minecraft Conduit Everything

4. No matter what type of structure you select you need to put the Conduit in its middle to turn it on. You will need to place an interim block underneath it to set it up before breaking the block that supports it to enable it.

Minecraft Conduit

What is Conduit Used For?

Apart from an energy boost, Conduit is used for many different reasons. A few of them are:

  • Conduit is among the most brilliant lighting sources in Minecraft which makes bases much easier to locate and also light up underwater.
  • Multiple Conduits are a great way to defend your underwater bases from aggressive mobs from all sides.
  • The components of a Conduit are much more easily obtainable than other valuable items. Therefore, players can utilize Conduits to gain access to Ocean Monuments and even on-ground structures, should they be flooded.
  • If you’re looking to discover Diamonds in Minecraft, oceans will give you a significant advantage due to their large open areas. All you need is Conduits to remain underwater long enough to extract all the minerals you want.
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How to Break and Move a Conduit?

Even with all the power, Conduits remain tied to their current location. This is why players must move their location and activate Conduits. In reality, you just need to accomplish two things:

  • The first step is to cut the outside part that forms the conduit by using the pickaxe. If the Conduit has a more extensive structure, you may remove several blocks to reduce it. A Conduit requires only 16 blocks to be activated.
  • Then, break the Conduit with a pickaxe. Keep in mind that just like the other blocks, Conduits explode upon breaking. Therefore, it is important to keep an adequate distance when mining Conduits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Breathe Underwater Without Potions

✔ The Conduit feature in Minecraft lets players breathe underwater, without the need for a potion for breathing underwater. Its effects last for a long time, so long as gamers are within the reach of the conduit. The range of the Conduit can be extended to 96 blocks in each direction.

How Do You Fully Power a Conduit

✔ For a Conduit to be fully powered It must be placed within a 42 block structure.

Why Isn’t My Conduit Working

✔ The first step is to ensure that the Conduit structure you have chosen matches the structure of our guide. After that, you can remove any blocks that aren’t compatible with the structure to make it work. It is also possible to activate Conduit from the bottom stage and work upwards to prevent errors.

Do Conduits Kill Guardians

✔ Conduits target all enemies in the water within the 8 blocks. Therefore, if an enemy Guardian enters this range, it will suffer damage and may even be killed.

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