Code – How to Activate on My Device? Code – How to activate Netflix on Roku, Android TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV? Hello friends! Today, I’ll tell you how to use the code on the website [] to activate Netflix. You can use the TV 8 code and sign in to your account to turn on the services on your device.

What is is a link where you can enter your Netflix activation code to activate your account on streaming devices like smart TVs, Roku, Firestick, and game consoles like Xbox and PS4.

To use, you need to enter the 8-digit code that showed up on your TV screen when you opened the Netflix app on your smart TV and wanted to start streaming Netflix right from the device.

Also, it’s important to put the real Netflix TV8 code on your TV screen. If you don’t, you’ll run into a problem and won’t be able to finish the Netflix TV8 activate the process to link your Netflix account to your smart TV.

But you know what means now. Then, it would help if you also learned how to use enter code and Netflix TV8 to turn on the streaming app on your smart TV.

What is Enter Code?

To use the Netflix app on your streaming device, you need to enter the TV8 code that shows up on your TV screen at enter code. When the Netflix app shows the TV8 code on your TV screen, you will be asked to enter the code at

Activate Netflix using code

First, follow these steps to enter the code on the official website, tv8

  • Sign in, and then you can see your profile. Use the right profile to show that you love Netflix.
  • Click “Enter Code” and type in the code.
  • Then click the button that says “Activate.”

How to Activate Netflix on TV using

  • On the Home Page, click on the Internet@TV link. You can also use your remote to access Internet@TV.
  • You must click on Netflix from the menu. Sign in to your account from the menu after you click it.
  • If you can’t find the “Sign in” button, look for the “Are you a Netflix member?” option and click “Yes.”
  • You’ll see a code pop up on your screen.
  • Please go to and enter the code you have with you.

Where to find the Netflix Account Information?

  • By going to billing information, you can get your account information back.
  • You must click on to get started.
  • You can now click Find Account.
  • Please put in both your First and Last name. Then, please type in your debit or credit card number.

How to Activate the Netflix on Nintendo Wii U using

Follow the steps below,

  • First, get the Word program. Netflix is available on Nintendo Wii U, not just in the U.S. but worldwide.

To turn on Netflix, please follow these steps,

  • Open your device. Try to find the Nintendo Shop. Find and download Netflix.
  • Please use the buttons on the Wii U gamepad to follow the steps. The touchscreen won’t be useful for Netflix.
  • Now, go to the site’s homepage and click on Netflix. Sign in now with your ID, your real login password, and your Code. The last thing to do is click Continue.
  • If you do all of the above steps, your device is ready to be used for entertainment.
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How to Activate Netflix on SmartTV using url?

  • On your SmartTV, open the GooglePlay Store. Then it would help if you started up Netflix.
  • Now, you can use on your device to download Netflix.
  • You need to start the app, and then you can sign in to your account.
  • You should make a new account if you already have one.
  • Look through the library’s list of movies and TV shows to find one you’d like to watch.
  • Enjoy whichever you like best!

How to Activate Netflix on Roku Device?

activate netflix on roku device

Please follow these steps to get Roku to work with Netflix,

  • First, go to the Home screen and look for the Netflix app.
  • Tap the “Yes” button next to “Is it true that you work for Netflix?”
  • Your screen or display may show you a code.
  • Now you can go to and type in your activation code.
  • Your choices will lead to Roku being turned on. You can change your preferences and go to Netflix/My Account if you need to.

How to Activate Netflix on AppleTV using the link

Now you can do what’s outlined below,

how to activate netflix on appletv

  • First, turn on your Apple TV. Then, go to the app store.
  • Find “Netflix” in the search bar and click “Setup.”
  • After the installation, the Netflix icon will be on your home screen.
  • Now, you need to start to sign in to your Netflix account.
  • So, please go to your Netflix account and sign in.
  • After you sign in to your first Netflix account, you can open the Netflix app.
  • So, if you want to watch Netflix content, you must sign in.
  • Now you can use the link to watch and enjoy the content on your Apple TV.

Instructions of Netflix Activation for Microsoft Windows using

Please follow the steps below to turn on Netflix on your Windows 10.

  • First, open the Store. Then, click on Netflix and look for the scanning code.
  • Now you’ll start to get the Netflix App. Let the app set up itself.
  • Once you’re back at the main start menu, you can search for Netflix.
  • Congratulations! Netflix is now running on your Windows 10 or other devices.

How to Set Up Netflix TV on an Android Device?

How to Set Up Netflix TV on an Android Device

You need at least version 5.0 of the Android operating system (Lollipop). You can get the newest feature if your version is higher than the minimum. So, please follow the steps below to set up Netflix with the link

  • First, you’ll need to turn on your Android device, go to Google PlayStore, and then search for Netflix.
  • On the Home page, a message will let you know that the installation is complete.
  • Launch the Netflix app once you are done installing it.
    After the app is installed, you will need to enter your Netflix email address and the password that goes with it.
  • Now you can use your Android device to enjoy the content you want.
    So, look and have fun!

How to Activate and Set up Netflix on the Chromecast?

Please use the link to follow the easy steps to set up your account.

  • First of all, click on the link if you need help.
  • Now go to, and then on your phone, choose Netflix. Or, you can click the link to get started.
    Please sign up to get started.
  • On your screen, you will see a list of choices. Now, in the menu, you need to choose a Cast icon.
    You must choose Chromecast to watch Netflix on a bigger screen or device.
  • What would you like to see now? You can watch movies, TV shows, or collections of other things.
  • You have successfully turned on the device.
    Have a good time seeing it!
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How to Activate the Netflix Services on your Xbox 360?

How to Activate the Netflix Services on your Xbox 360

Please follow the steps below to set up Netflix on

  • Use the Xbox 360’s search bar on the dashboard to look for the Netflix app.
  • Now you can start downloading Netflix and finish it.
  • Now you have to sign in to your Netflix account again.
  • Find the screen for the Xbox 360.
  • Click the Netflix option on the menu.
  • Please use your email address and password to log in.
  • After you sign in to Xbox, you can start watching Netflix on Xbox 360.
  • You must now enjoy Netflix’s content.
  • Netflix on Xbox 360 is for you to enjoy.

How to Activate the Netflix App on your Amazon FireTV or Amazon Kindle?

how to activate netflix on amazon fire tv

Use the link and follow the steps below to turn on Netflix.

  • Please go to your home screen now. Please then open the Apps.
  • Please look for Netflix on the App Store.
  • You will have three choices when you click on the Netflix icon: Download, Install, or Get the App.
  • Finish putting things in place. Go to the Open button now.
  • Sign in to Netflix with the email address and password you used to sign up.
  • reat! On Kindle, you can now stream the content.

How to Activate the Netflix on PlayStation3?

Using the link, you can now follow a few steps to turn on Netflix.

The PlayStation 3 can be set up to use Netflix. Please follow the rules that I’ve written down below.

You can now connect your PlayStation to your Netflix account directly. Open the home screen and make sure the PlayStation network is working.

Download Netflix on your PlayStation

Please use your device to follow the steps below,

  • Follow the steps below to get the Netflix app on your PS3.
  • Click “TV/Video” on your homepage and then “Netflix” to get to Netflix.
  • Those who signed up for the services can now start a new account on Playstation 3. Follow the steps to get things going.
  • Go to the Playstation and choose an app.
  • Please choose Movies/TV from the menu.
  • Find the app for Netflix.
  • You must choose “Download” from the menu when you click it.

Please follow the steps below as you finish the download.

  • You have to open Netflix and start the Sign in process.
  • Sign up for Netflix on the home page by entering your email address and password.
  • Your PS3 is now set up to work with Netflix.
  • On your PS3, open Netflix.
  • Please use your home screen to choose the TV/Video option.
  • Now, please pick Netflix from the list of options.
  • You’ll need your ID and password to get into your PS3 account.
  • Now you can watch Netflix on your device because Netflix is on it.
  • Playstation3 is now yours to watch and enjoy.

How to Download Netflix App from the Xbox App store?

  • Netflix works best on Xbox One, where both Xbox Live and Netflix work.
  • Now you need to bring up the home screen.
  • Use the search bar to find Netflix, and then open the app.
  • Install the Netflix app from the menu that’s there.
  • Sign in to your account to get to your Netflix account.
  • So open the Netflix app and start the sign-in process.
  • You will need your Netflix ID and password to log in to your Netflix account.
  • The last step is to click Sign in.
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How to Get Netflix on GoogleTV?

Please follow the steps below to start using Netflix on the site.

  • Google TV is a user interface that lets you use various streaming services to get your desired content. This will also work for activating Netflix on Vizio.
  • It’s not a Gadget; it’s software. You can watch the videos on many different devices.
  • You can connect Netflix to your current device with Google TV installed. The device can’t be from before 2014 or 2012.

Please follow the steps below to set up Netflix and ensure the home screen is on. Then, use the official Netflix activation link,, to start using Netflix.

  • People with a Sony Google TV must use their keyboard remote to find the Home button (wireless). Then you’ll need to click – All Apps.
  • You can access the Netflix app using the arrow keys and buttons on your remote.
  • Please choose the app that you’ve found.
  • Sign In now by clicking the “Sign In” button.
  • Make a new account if you can’t sign in because you don’t have your account. After that, you can use your real username and secure password to sign in.
  • You can choose the “All Apps” button if you have a HiSense Google TV. You can do it with your remote.
  • Please now pick Netflix. Then, click the “Member Sign In” link.
  • Now you can watch Netflix on your TV.


  • Please follow the steps at to sign up for Netflix.
  • has a lot of TV shows and movies, all of which are very good.
  • People can find different kinds of movies in the right categories when they watch online web content.
  • Not only Smart TVs can use the services. But you can use it on smartphones, computers, media streaming players, Blu-Ray players, game consoles, set-up boxes, and more.
  • The price of free trials is fair, but you can’t use them to watch Netflix for longer.
  • It is up to the users to decide whether they want to keep the plans.
  • The Basic Plan only works on one device, and it only lets you watch in SD resolution. SD means “Standard Definition” in this case. The price is about $8.99 per month.
  • A standard Netflix plan for rendering and streaming High Definition content would cost about $13.99 a month to activate. And you can now watch the videos on two different devices.
  • With a premium plan that costs $17.99 monthly, you can stream HD and 4K Ultra HD content. Now you can watch the shows on 4 different gadgets.


Thank you for reading my article on about how to activate Netflix. If you are having trouble with the website or can’t get the link to work, please leave a comment, and I’ll try to help.