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Petal Card Online Account Login

Petal Card Login: Are you a Petal Card user? If so, log into your account online to track your account’s activity and also monitor the score to increase your credit. Petal provides two types of credit cards.

By using the Petal Card online account login you can access both cards electronically with the same features and tools, and view everything at a glance.

petal card login

The service is accessible via the Petal website for your personal computer as well as the Petal application on your Google and Apple mobile phone, 24 hours a day 7 days a semaine.

How to Log In to Petal Card Online Account?

To access the account Petal card online you’ll need the email address you use to sign up or apply for the card via the internet. If you have the required credentials, then visit the internet, start a browser and follow the simple steps below.

  • Check out the official Petal Card website at www.petalcard.com and click the “Login” link located at the top left of the homepage.
  • You can also directly go to the Petal Card Online Account Login portal at dashboard.petalcard.com
  • Enter the email address you registered with and the password associated with it. Make sure you’ve entered the password correctly, and click the show button at the end of the form to activate the feature.

Petal Card Login

  • Choose”Remember me” in the “Remember me” checkbox if you wish to store a small portion of your Petal card’s online login information on your device, so you can log in to your account more quickly the next time.
  • In the end, you can hit on the “Log in to” button to be able to log in to the Dashboard of your Petal Card Online Account.
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You can now view your bank statements, your payment or transaction records, your available credit limit and cashback earned by credit score and rewards, your card’s details, and all your financial information under one roof.

It is also possible to schedule payments to pay for your Petal card balance, locate cashback in your area, create the budget for your month, use the payment calculator to determine your interest rate, and so on.

How to Reset Petal Card Online Account Login Password?

If you are looking to restore the Petal Card Online account by resetting the password begin the process by following the following method.

  • Go to the Petal Card Login portal, dashboard.petalcard.com
  • Click on the “Forgot password” link at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter your email address and hit on the “Next” option to continue.

The email contains a password reset link along with the instructions. Click the link to create your new password. Once you have it, you can access your Petal Card Online Account Access.

How to Apply for Petal Credit Card Online?

If you want to get the Petal credit card, you need to apply for one using a unique invitation code if you’ve received an email offer. Also, you can determine which card is best for you, without affecting your credit scores.

The two actions to accept a mail-in offer or determine whether you are eligible for a mail offer or pre-qualify for a mail offer can be completed on the internet. To do this, you must

  • Go to the official Petal Card site www.petalcard.com
  • Click on the dark “Start Application” option located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • When you are on the page for registration of applicants Click on the green “Have an offer to mail?” link if you already have an invitation from a Petal Card invitation.
  • Enter the 10-digit number from the invitation as well as your last name in the fields, then click the “Let’s go” button. To locate the code, if you require help, just go to the appropriate link below.
  • If you don’t have a valid code, please provide your email address including your first name, middle name, last name suffix, birthday, phone number, as well as the Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number.
  • Check the box to agree with the conditions and terms, then press”Next” to proceed “Next” link to determine whether you qualify for a Petal Credit Card.
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For those who have already begun the Petal card application before Click the blue “Already began the process” link. Enter your birthday number, ZIP code, your SSN or ITIN, and then go back to the page you left off.

After you have applied, Petal uses your banking history to create an instant Cash Score to assess your creditworthiness based on your earnings, savings, and expenditure to provide you with higher credit scores.

If you find that you find that your Petal card application has expired or been rejected, you may renew your application after 30 days.

Petal Credit Card Features

Petal offers two credit cards to the customers: Petal 1 and Petal 2. Petal 1 comes with higher limits, better rates, and no annual fees. It has everything to put you stay on your financial fast track. And the Petal 2 Card is the most advanced card helpful to build your credit. Here are the key benefits of these two cards.

Petal 1 Credit Card

  • No Annual Fee
  • No International Fee
  • 2-10% cash back at select merchants
  • The credit limit ranges from $500 to $5000
  • Path to credit limit increase

Petal 2 Credit Card

  • No Fees
  • Credit limit ranges $500-$10,000
  • Grow credit score with responsible spending and on-time payments
  • Cashback 1-1.5% and more offers

Petal Card Customer Service

Petal Card Customer Support Number: 1-855-697-3825

Email Address: [email protected]




Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 Does petal have an app?

Stay in control With our app, you’ll have the ability to monitor your score on credit, make an amount of money, manage your subscriptions, and keep track of all your accounts from one location so that you’re always in control of your finances. Build to build The app will submit Petal sends its reports to the three bureaus of credit,t and previous credit history is not necessary for approval.

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Q.2 What is petal card Inc?

Petal Card, Inc. offers credit cards. The company specializes in the process of determining credit underwriting requirements using machine learning and also analyzing the customer’s digital financial records as well as credit scores. This allows them the issue credit cards to its customers. Petal Card serves customers in the State of New York.

Q.3 What bank is Petal’s credit card?



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