Target Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy (Updated) ❤️

Does Target Price Match in 2022?

Target Price Match Policy: The eighth-largest American retailer is The Target Cooperation, often known as Target. Their stores, roughly 1900 in total, are dispersed throughout the US and stock a wide range of goods. There is nearly nothing you can’t find, from bedding and health to clothing and furniture to appliances and food.

We were curious about how successfully Targe’s price matched and how their post-sale price adjustments compared to the competition because of the slogan “Expect More, Pay Less.”

Keep reading if you’d like to learn what our team has discovered. This article will explain the price matching procedure for brick-and-mortar and online retailers and any exceptions or restrictions you should be aware of. View our introductory video if you have any general questions concerning price matching.

Target Price Match Policy

Target Price Match

With Target’s price match policy, you can get a deal immediately at the register or up to 14 days after you make a purchase. Of course, you must have a comparable product at a qualified rival to do this.

With its price matching and post-sale price change policies, Target sets the bar high for consumer financial savings. They match prices from rival brick-and-mortar businesses and (some) internet retailers. It’s also important to note that Target’s price matches all year round, which is different from other shopping establishments (with the minor exception of thanksgiving week).

Review this quick list to see if you have a chance before going out and requesting your price match.

Qualified Competitor : Not all online merchants match prices. To learn which ones are, check the list lower down.

Cross-Store: Price discrepancies between two physical stores won’t be matched.

Store Type: Target locations will match prices on (and vice-versa).

Availability: You must be able to easily find the item you wish to match in both stores.

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Quantity : Price matching typically only applies to one item per client and price match.

Process Of Price Matching

When you find an identical product for less elsewhere, you can usually request a price match for that product. If your price match is successful, you will receive the difference between the two rates.

According to Target, price matching is “having the satisfaction of having paid the appropriate price.” You can be sure that Target will make up any overpayments if they ever occur. Keeping a devoted customer satisfied is more crucial than earning a few extra dollars.

Locate a sales representative and present them with your proof to begin your price match request. That amount will then reduce the price.

Remember that Target will not match prices if conventional (non-online) locations have different prices.

Target Competitors’ List

Here is Target’s list of rivals who meet the requirements to qualify for the price match:


Make sure that these things are included in the list above if you intend to match the price of any item from Target. You cannot price match the item on if they are false.


There are also some exclusions, as there are with every price match policy. The following criteria will prevent your items from being price-matched and price-adjusted. Check in advance to see if your item fits into the following categories.

Store Closure & Used Items: Clearance, liquidation, and other non-new items, as well as those that have been damaged, reconditioned, or used before.

Membership Sites: stores that demand membership (like Sam’s Club or Costco) or login information before showing prices.

Coupons & Gift Cards – Credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons…

Typographical Error: Pricing inaccuracies brought on by typos.

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Marketplaces – Offsite fulfillment on websites of rivals.

Alcohol – Online-only companies do not offer price matching on alcoholic products (e.g., Amazon)

Services: These include warranty, assembly, and other product-related services.

Location: Stores in Hawaii and Alaska won’t match online competitors’ prices.

Target Price Adjustment

Target does offer price adjustments, so if you discover a lower price within 14 days of your purchase, present proof, and Target will change the pricing to reflect the lower value.

Within 14 days of your purchase, if you discover a lower price currently available, present the proof, and we will, upon request, alter your payment to reflect the lower price. Price changes and matching at Target are carried out in any shop lane. Call Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 for purchases made on the website.

Although price matching can result in significant immediate savings, most of the time, we are unaware of the prices of rival stores at the time. Even better would be to be granted a partial refund a few days after the transaction. It permits price comparisons at home and without a deadline.

You have 14 days after purchasing from Target to get a partial refund. Follow these basic guidelines.

  • Bring evidence of the lower price (a printed ad, a website, an email ad, etc.).
  • Original receipts are necessary if you decide to change the pricing later.

The target retains the right to investigate any assertion and to reject it if the price cannot be confirmed.

Does Target Do Price Adjustment On Online Orders?

Every kind of product sold online at will have its price changed by Target. By phoning Guest Services at 1-800-440-0680, you can register a price adjustment request for online purchases in the simplest method possible.

Alternatively, you can use the live chat tool to ask for a price adjustment if you have a Target account. Your order number, email address, name, and the price of the item you want to change must be included.

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If your request is granted, the payment method you initially used to make the purchase will be used to reimburse you.

Does Target Do Price Adjustments During The Holidays?

Customers eagerly anticipate Black Friday and Cyber Week sales. Therefore, if you bought a product before it became much cheaper during the Black Friday promotions, you can ask Target to alter the price.

Target has recently (2022) lifted the 14-day rule at this time, so goods purchased between November 1 and November 28 will be eligible for a price adjustment through December 24.


When a product’s price drops after a customer purchase it both online and in person, they have 14 days to change the pricing. You can submit your request by contacting Guest Services online or at any in-store checkout line. For a refund, you’ll need the original packing slip or receipt. Price adjustments are prohibited for items purchased through Target’s Marketplace or during clearance deals.


Q.1 Does Target Price Match BestBuy?

Target does match the prices of goods sold and delivered by BestBuy. (Excluding third-party resellers)

Q.2 Does Taget Price Match Walmart?

Yes, Target will match the price of anything sold and shipped by Walmart. (3) Third-party resellers are not included.

Q.3 Does Target Price Match Amazon?

Target does match Amazon’s prices on items that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon. (3) Third-party resellers are not included

Q.4 Does Target Price Adjust?

Target does indeed change prices for up to 14 days following the date of purchase.

Q.5 Does Target Price Match?

Yes, Target gladly matches prices set by regional and (some) internet rivals.