10play.com.au/activate | Activate 10Play on TV, other device

10play.com.au/activate – How to Activate 10 play on Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox, PS4 – Complete Guide

10play.com.au/activate: Australia’s 10 Play is a well-known OTT platform. With 10play.com.au/activate, you can join this platform and get access to the restricted content.

If you want to find the best streaming service or platform, I can help you set up the 10 Play App on your Smart TV.

What is 10 Play?


With 10 Play, a Streaming platform, you can watch many shows on-demand and a lot more. You can Live Stream TV Shows, Live Programs, and other fun content with 10 Play. The above content and services can be found through Network 10 Service.

Network 10 Service brings you the 10Play Service, which you can use. The only place you can get the 10 Play Service is in Australia. You don’t have to pay anything to use the content of this service.

You can use this service on your Windows 10 desktop, iOS Apple phone, Android phone, and Tablet. You can use a Mac, Windows, or Linux system or your Samsung SmartTV to get to this service.

How to Get 10Play on Your Smart TV and Streaming Device?

How to Get 10Play on Your Smart TV and Streaming Device

Here’s how to install the Smart HTML 3 app.

  • Adding 10 Play to your Android TV is called
  • Install 10 Play on Samsung TV
  • Instructions on how to put 10Play on your Android TV

How to Download the 10 Play App to your Android TV?

  • You must create an account or sign in to the Google Play Store.
  • Search for the 10 Play app on your Android TV from the results list.
  • Please install this app on your Android TV after downloading the 10 Play app.

What is 10Play.Com.Au Activate?

  • Network 10 Service’s 10 Play is one of the best services in Australia if you want to watch TV and use Video-On-Demand services.
  • It has content like Sports, TV Guide, and News Broadcast.
  • Only shows about Australia and news about Australia are shown.
  • To access the amazing content, you must have signed up for the service and created an account.
  • To make your account work, you need to know how.
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How do you activate the 10Play feature on your Smart TV?

installing 10 Play onto samsung smart tv

Here are the easy steps to get your 10Play account up and running.

  • Start by turning on your Smart TV. After that, start 10 Play. After that, you have to choose a video made by a member.
  • A window with a code would show up on your screen.
  • The next step is to open the link https://10play.com.au/activate on your phone, computer, or laptop.
  • If you already have an account or are a user, you can log in with Facebook or your email address.
  • Then please check your account.
  • Click the “Activate” button on a different page to log in.
  • Add the code you got, and use the correct capitalization.
  • Once you put in that code, it will automatically log you in. After that, it will be easy to find and enjoy all content.

10 Play Problems with iPhone while using 10play.com.au/activate

If you have an iPhone, there may be problems when you try to sign in and use the 10 Play Activate link. Here are some easy ways to solve these problems.

  • Open the Safari web browser on your iPhone.
  • Now, go to the setting menu and the Block Pop-up option.
  • Turn this feature off and begin the process of logging in again.
  • When you try to log in this time, you’ll notice a difference because you’ll be on the platform faster.

Experiencing issues iOS Device

When you sign in with Google or Facebook through the Social Sign In option, you might not be able to because the option might not work well. To fix this problem, you must turn on the pop-up option on your iPhone.

Kindly Follow the steps below to allow pop-ups on your iOS device:

  • On your iOS device, open the Safari browser. In the settings menu, look for “Block Pop-up.”
  • If you have an Apple TV, this setting will be turned on by default.
  • Please go to the setting and turn off the feature. Now, go to 10play.com.au/activate to sign in to your social account.

Telstra TV Users

From the settings menu on your Roku TV or device, you can turn on the Live TV caption or turn it off.

  • Turn on your ROKU device and then use your remote to press the Home button.
  • Open the Accessibility option from the Settings menu.
  • If you can’t find the Accessibility menu, choose the Caption.
  • Once you’ve chosen the Caption, you can choose the option when it comes up.
  • You will only see “On Captions”; “Off Captions” won’t appear.
  • Press the Replay button on your Roku Remote when the captions play again. If you press the button on the remote, you will see an Instant Replay.
  • If you turn off the captions, you will see the captions that were turned off.
  • Please remember that this feature won’t be on all Roku devices.
  • If the captions are turned off while playing, you may be able to turn them on in the future.
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How to Activate 10Play on Smart TV’s with Chromecast(10play.com.au/activate)?

Please follow the instructions to get the 10 Play to work with Chromecast on your TV.

  • First, use Chromecast to turn on your Smart TV. Now, you need to put the app on it.
  • Now open the 10 Play app and sign in.
  • Please use your mobile device to choose Chromecast and the 10 Play App.
  • Once connected, you can use the app on your phone to get to the content. You can now use Chromecast to watch it on your SmartTV.

Steps for Installing 10 Play onto the Samsung Smart TV

  • Hold your Samsung Smart TV Remote and press the SmartHub button.
  • Please sign in to your account and use App Selection.
  • Please look for the Top 10 HTML 3 Play apps now.
  • Open the Play app and look through the search results.
  • Get the 10 HTML3 Play application by downloading it.

How to Activate 10Play via 10play.com.au/activate Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Xbox One & other External Devices?

Please follow the steps below to get the 10 Play app on your TV that isn’t compatible,

The 10 Play app can be put on other devices, such as,

  • Telstra TV
  • Fire Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Roku

You can use your Smart TV to control any device from the outside.

  • Please use your phone to go to the App Store.
  • Install the 10 Play App on your phone.
  • You would need to use your phone to turn on the 10 Play.
  • You can check what’s on your TV if you want to.
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Final words

That was all there was to know about 10play.com.au/activate. I hope you liked this article and learned something from it.

But if you’re still having trouble with 10play.com.au/activate, leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate that you took the time to read this.

10play.com.au/activate – FAQs

Q.1 How do I activate 10 play on my TV?

Open the 10 play app on your Smart TV and click on the video you want to watch. After you click on the video, you’ll see the screen below, which has your activation code: On your computer or phone, go to 10play.com.au/activate. Enter the code that your TV shows, then press the Activate button.

Q.2 Explain about 10 plays, what it is?

✔ It is an online TV portal that lets you watch TV shows, news, reports, and a lot of other things on different devices.

Q.3 10 play is accessible on what platforms?

✔ As 10 Play’s popularity grows, so does the number of platforms on which you can access it. Keep an eye on them because their number is still going up. You can find out on which platforms 10 play is available by using the 10 play app.

Q.4 How to know which shows have an official Facebook page?

✔ There are so many shows that air on the Facebook page and are run by a team of 10 play. They have the option to connect this page directly to their website show’s page.

They will also be added to the list of things you like.

Q.5 How to activate 10play login?

✔ Take any device, like a PC, laptop, tablet, etc., and go to 10plau.com.au/activate the most recent version of your web browser. Then, follow the steps.