Micro Center Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy

Does Micro Center Price Match?

Micro Center Price Match: Most shops and manufacturers’ prices are matched by Micro Center for their goods. The company has strict requirements for consumers who want to take advantage of Micro Center’s price matching policy.

Micro Center Price

Learn more about how to save money on your tech equipment by utilizing Micro Center’s price match policy.

Micro Center Price Match Policy: Explained

The pricing of products from the majority of significant merchants and manufacturers will be matched by Micro Center, according to the store’s website, which was most recently updated in July 2021.

Generally speaking, Micro Center is significantly more likely than a tiny independent company to match the pricing of a large store or reputable merchant.

What does Micro Center require for price matching?

Customers must verify that the item complies with the following criteria:

  • The rival must list the identical model number and UPC number.
  • The item must be available from rivals with physical locations closest to the customer’s Micro Center.
  • The rival must have the product on hand. The rival must sell and send the product directly, not through a third-party listing, if the product can be transported.

What is ineligible for price matching at Micro Center?

The following products are not covered by the price match guarantee:

  • Clearance items
  • Refurbished items
  • Off-lease items
  • Open-box items
  • Mail-in rebates
  • Competitor’s coupons/promos
  • Out of stock items
  • Special and time-limited sales

Brands at Micro Center 

  • Acer.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Apple.com and Apple Store
  • Asus.com
  • Belkin.com
  • Best Buy and Bestbuy.com
  • BOSE.com
  • Brother.com
  • Canon.com
  • Costco and Costco.com
  • Creative.com
  • Crucial.com
  • Dell.com
  • Gamestop and Gamestop.com
  • HP.com
  • IOMagic.com
  • JBL.com
  • Kmart and Kmart.com
  • Lenovo.com
  • LG.com
  • Logitech.com
  • Macsales.com
  • Magicjack.com
  • Meijer and Meijer.com
  • Microsoft.com and Microsoft store
  • Netgear.com
  • Newegg.com
  • Office Depot and Officedepot.com
  • Office Max and Officemax.com
  • Sam’s Club and samsclub.com
  • Samsung.com
  • Sears and Sears.com
  • Staples and Staples.com
  • Target and Target.com
  • Walmart and Walmart.com
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Why Take Advantage of a Micro Center Price Match?

Of course, getting some money back is always enjoyable, but the fact that Micro Center has 25 store locations around the nation may be the best reason to shop there.

This is especially useful if something goes wrong with your purchase and you need to have it fixed, or if you have queries about a certain item.

With a value match, you can get a lower-priced online deal while still enjoying the unique benefit of in-house customer service.


Although Micro Center doesn’t have a formal value coordination plan, a shop manager can coordinate a competitor’s price if specific conditions are met.

This includes the item having been purchased from a reputable retailer. There are 25 retail locations for Miniature Scale Center across the US. Therefore, buying from a store like Micro Center provides the unique benefit of in-house customer management.

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Q.1 Does Micro Center price match after purchase?

Micro Center occasionally offers price matching after a customer makes their original purchase since all price matching requests are subject to approval by shop management. Customers seeking to price match a Micro Center product after making a purchase must show proof of the original purchase and evidence of a lower price elsewhere, such as an internet listing.

Q.2 Does Micro Center price match Ebay?

Since a third-party seller rather than eBay itself ships and sells the products, Microcenter will not match the pricing on eBay. It is wise to contact them beforehand or stop by their store because the manager there has an ultimate say.

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Q.3 Does Micro Center price match B&H?

Yes, Micro Center will match B&H’s prices, but the manager will decide whether to do so. This was confirmed by them when we called their store.