O’reilly Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy 2022

O’reilly Price Match Policy: One of the most recognisable and well-established brands in the auto parts sector is O’Reilly Auto Parts. It has more than 5000 locations in the United States and more than 20 locations in Mexico, and it caters to both business and individual consumers. 

O'reilly Price Match Policy

The business strives to provide the “best of pricing, quality, and the highest level of service” while being “the leading supplier of auto components in respective market sectors”.

Our team has tested the O’Reilly price match policy and examined how they compare to the competition in light of their lofty aims. Pay close attention to the following post if you want to learn how to save money at O’Reilly.

We are responding to the queries “Does O’Reilly price match?” and “Does O’Reilly price adjust?” Along with those two inquiries, we’ll discuss deadlines for filing your return, any exclusions, and more.

Price Matching at O’Reilly

The price match guarantee is called “Low Price Guarantee” at O’Reilly’s. O’Reilly will match the pricing of most regional rivals under this strategy, which solely applies to retail outlets. 

This applies to all conventional “car part” retailers like AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, PepBoys, etc. It’s possible that Walmart, Home Depot, and other places that don’t specialise in selling auto components won’t always be comparable. As always, it ultimately depends on the store manager’s judgement.

Conditions for a price match

  • Both parties involved in the price match must have the items in stock.
  • Your target item must be comparable and have the same warranty.
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What about online stores?

While O’Reilly will match prices from retail rivals, it is currently unable to do so for online merchants. They contend that because they don’t have storefronts or floor staff, they offer a worse quality of service, allowing them to operate at a lower cost.

Price Adjustment at O’Reilly

After a transaction, O’Reilly’s official policy states that neither prices nor coupons will be applied. For a price modification, every sale is considered final. Now, you might have a little more luck with the regular application of said policy.

According to support representatives, some shop managers are willing to make an exception to the regulation above. Whether or not a similar exemption is made will depend on the price difference and how long it has been since you purchased the item.

Pro tip: You can return the item if you still have it in the original box, unopened and uninstalled. Get a refund and then repurchase the item at a discount. There is no time limit for such a return, per the official return & exchange policy.

How Can You Request A Price Match At O’Reilly’s?

You must provide evidence of the competitor’s price to request a price match at an O’Reilly location.

If you make an in-store purchase, you can acquire the lower price by presenting the O’Reilly staff with a price tag image or an advertisement for the lower price.

Additionally, the store manager will approve your price match promise, provided it satisfies the store’s requirements.


O’Reilly will match competitors’ prices, but only for identical goods that are physically present in the shop. Furthermore, online retailers like RockAuto and Amazon are not covered by this policy.

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To ensure that the store manager will grant your request, you must also produce proof of the cheaper pricing.

However, O’Reilly won’t change prices following a deal, so make sure to shop around before deciding.


Q.1 How can I reach the O’Reilly Customer Care Team?

Call 1-888-327-7153 if you need general assistance. Call 1-800-283-3096 if you need assistance with O’Rewards.

Q.2 Does O’Reilly Price Match?

Yes, O’Reilly’s retail sites match most of their regional rivals’ pricing.

Q.3 Does O’Reilly Price Adjust?

No, O’Reilly doesn’t change its prices at the moment.