Apex Legends Mobile: All Available Characters and Their Abilities

Apex Legends Mobile became one of the tops talked about and well-liked versions of a tried and true game. 

It pits 60 players against one another This battle royale game lets players select from a variety of characters that have special abilities and fight with each other.  

Apex Legends Mobile offers a range of characters players can play and test out during the launch of the game globally. 

Apex Legends Mobile

If you’re an Apex Legends Mobile gamer wanting to know more aabout the characters that you can play with, we’ve just made it easier for you.

We’ve put together an alphabetical list of all players (or legends) that are available on Apex Legends Mobile as well as their capabilities. 

So, charge up your phone, and let’s go to it.

Apex Legends Mobile Characters and Abilities 2023

We have described each character in Apex Legends Mobile as well as their capabilities throughout this piece, we’ve included answers to questions players may be thinking about the release.

But, if you’re already an experienced player and wish to go right to the legends list, check out our table.

Do Characters in Apex Legends Mobile Work Like the PC/ Console version?

The fundamentals and capabilities of each character Ain per Legends Mobile remain the same as in the console and PC versions There is a great possibility that they will behave differently on mobile.

This is mostly due to the unique balance and Adjustments that must be made based on the device that you are playing the game on.

Therefore, there could be a chance that certain parameters such as weapon and damage figures for the ability could alter.

But, as we said in the previous paragraph, the basic skills and traits of every legend will be the same.

So, you won’t have to learn how to play a legend, whether it’s Wraith or Gibraltar.

Can I Expect More Characters in Apex Legends Mobile Soon?

Yes, you definitely can. Indeed, the number of players available is currently restricted for Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile global release.

But, as the developer continues to improve the game and releases new content, we anticipate the number of characters to increase and to include all the legendary characters accessible on both versions for PC as well as console editions.

Don’t fret, because we’ll be updating the list of Apex Legends Mobile characters once they are released within the game.

List of Characters in Apex Legends Mobile Right Now (Global Launch)

Without further delay, we’ll list each of the players (or legends in the game’s terminology) currently available on Apex Legends Mobile right now.

1. Bloodhound

Bloodhound is the very first character that you’ll play in the game and will be played during the training.

The hunter with the latest technology has an ‘Eye Of the Allfather’ tactical capability. 

This lets players expose concealed enemies and traps, and other clues that are in the direction of their target.

Bloodhound also can track which lets players see tracks left by enemies, which allows one to determine their opponent’s position and plan an attack in line with the location. 

The most powerful ability is “Beast of Hunt” which is a rage mode that increases the player’s senses, allowing players to speed up their movements and identify their prey for the duration.

1. Passive Ability – TrackerSee

the tracks left by your adversaries by using the Tracker’s passive ability in Bloodhound. You can trace the trails that your enemies traveled long ago, and track them fast.

2. Tactical Ability- Eye of the Allfather

Eye of the Allfather Eye of the Allfather allows Bloodhound to reveal any hidden information, secrets, or any other thing that isn’t obvious to the naked eye.

3. Ultimate Ability- Beast of the Hunt

Speed and agility to Bloodhound This ability accentuates the prey in red and also makes the surroundings monochrome so that no adversary is missed by Bloodhound.

2. Bangalore

Bangalore is a different character with unique capabilities.

They include the “Smoke Launcher an ability to use tactically which allows players to use a smoke canister to the game.

It explodes to create an enormous smokescreen that blocks the view. The passive ‘Double Time’ ability lets players sprint faster when they engage in the fire.


Bangalore’s greatest ability is “Rolling Thunder” and this one lets the player summon an artillery strike in an area.

Exploding shells explode out of the sky, inflicting destruction and blurred vision for everyone who is caught in the.

1. Passive Ability – Double time

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When you’re taking fire, this capability can provide you with 30% more speed when moving. But, you will only be able to use 2 seconds when you increase your speed. This is a technique used to fool adversaries.

2. Tactical Ability- Smoke Launcher

Smoke Launcher allows Bangalore to talk high-speed smoke wall from anywhere. It is extensively used to concoct and fool enemies.

3. Ultimate Ability- Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is an artillery attack that is launched at enemies and causes chaos in their area of operations.


3. Octane

Octane or Octavio Silva is one of the more intriguing characters on Apex Legends Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile video game.

The son of Silvia Pharmaceuticals and an adrenaline addict.

A few days ago, Octavio became bored which is why he decided to do death-defying stunts.


After losing both legs due to an accident, Octavio was fitted with bionic legs which heal immediately.

This makes him a perfect match for those who are constantly running around playing Apex Legends Mobile.

 1. Passive Ability- Swift Mend

The Swift Mend feature allows Octane to recover health automatically over time, using 1 HP/second speed.

2. Tactical Ability- Stim

Stim’s tactical ability is utilized to give you only two seconds to get the ultimate killing.

It gives you six seconds of 30percent more speed, Stim also takes the damage to the HP of your character when playing Apex Legends Mobile.

3. Ultimate Ability- Jump Pad

Its Jump Pad is similar to a trampoline, however, it is much more durable and strong. It can propel you and your friends to the sky.


4. Gibraltar

A gentle giant who is prone to going slightly wild, Gibraltar is a tank-based character in the Apex Legends mobile.

Growing up as the son of two volunteers from the search and rescue, Makoa has always been skilled in bringing others out of danger. 

After causing a serious accident that saw his father lose his arm Gibraltar committed his whole life to help others.


This ability is particularly useful during Apex Games as Gibraltar puts his life in danger regularly.

Gibraltar is the ultimate legend for those who put their team ahead of them when playing Apex Mobile.

Gibraltar’s abilities can be used not just in slow combat, but also to take out enemies with a mortar hit also.

Also, Gibraltar is one of the most round characters within Apex Legends Mobile.

1. Passive Ability – Gun Shield

When you are aiming your sights down, Gun Shield’s passive ability lets you deploy shields that will not only shield your body from the fire but also protects your health.

2. Tactical Ability – Dome of Protection

Dome of Protection allows Gibraltar to make use of a massive dome shield. The shield blocks bombing and gunfire, thus safeguarding you and your fellow players.

You can also speedily recover your teammates using Dome of Protection.

3. Ultimate Ability – Defensive Bombardment

Once you’ve secured yourself sufficiently, you may employ Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment and concentrate a mortar strike in a designated zone.

5. Lifeline

Lifeline is a combat medic who has medical benefits that affect teammates and the player.

The character’s ability to use tactically is the ‘D.O.C. Heal Drone’, which is the health drone to treat all nearby Legends.

The ‘Combat Revivive’ passive ability lets players build an enclosing shield. It is possible to hide behind it and fallen players can be revived. 


The Lifeline’s most powerful feature is the “Care Package which allows the user to call in the drop bag that contains more advanced defense equipment.

1. Passive Ability – Combat

MedicLifeline is one incredible reviver. She can activate auto-revive drones that let her provide health to multiple teammates.

You can fight without restriction regardless of whether you are recovering your partner.

2. Tactical Ability – D.O.C. Heal Drone

D.O.C is the Drone of Compassion. DOC permits Lifeline to heal all of her team members.

3. Ultimate Ability – Care Package

If the entire team is running low on equipment and ammunition, Lifeline can use her Care Package to drop a plethora of magazines as well as shields, bombs, and healing supplies to her team.

6. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a scout that moves forward with unique Batman-like skills.

The tactical capability ‘Grapple’ allows players to make use of a grapple gun to secure themselves to a high point and reach it in seconds.

The passive ‘Insider Knowledge’ ability lets players know the location of the next Ring after scanning. But, each scan decreases the cooldown time of this Zipline gun. 


The “Zipline Gun”‘s is the ultimate weapon that lets users create a zipline between two points that they and their teammates make use of to access difficult areas swiftly.

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These are the capabilities that are available to Pathfinder within Apex Legends Mobile-

1. Passive Ability – Insider  Knowledge

permits Pathfinder to explore or examine beacons that allow the team knows the next location of the circle before the time.

2. Tactical Ability – Grapple

Pathfinder uses a handy hook to help you get out of areas quickly. The hook is connected to all kinds of land, including plains or rocks.


7. Wraith

Wraith is known as Interdimensional Skirmisher. Her identity is Renee Blassey.

Her inability to can’t remember her past is intriguing, particularly when the only thing she’s left to remember is the voice that is in her head. 

This voice guided her to escape from the mind-control prison and allowed her to alter the space-time dimensions.


Wraith isn’t only cool, she’s powerful in that she’s able to make devastating attacks by manipulating the reality that her adversary lives in.

1. Passive Ability – Voices from the Void

A Voice warns Wraith that she is in danger, and gives her time to prepare to defend herself. The voice warns Wraith whenever she’s near the path of an enemy.

2. Tactical Ability- Into the Void

Moving into spacetime is the greatest tactical capability of Wraith. This allows Wraith to escape all destruction and kill enemies in the middle of the battlefield.

3. Ultimate Ability- Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift enables Wraith to create an open-air portal between two locations in time, through which she can travel for up to 60 seconds.

8. Caustic

At one time, one of the most brilliant researchers at Humbert Labs, Alendander Nox known as Caustic was obsessed with his goal of creating fully-proof pesticides. 

Caustic began testing his creations on human subjects but was soon confronted by the public, leading to the destruction. 

In the present, under the name Caustic, this Apex Legends mobility character will take to the Apex games to try his gaseous creations as well as their effects on humans.


players who love to get in and defend are likely to be attracted to Caustic along with the gasoline traps.

Here’s a quick overview of Caustic’s skills to use in Apex Legends Mobile.

1. Passive Ability- Nox Vision

Nox Vision Passive capability permits Caustic to see his enemy, despite the gas between.

Caustic can see the person in front of him through gas and the gas that is emitted by his opponent.

2. Tactical Ability- Nox Gas Trap

A Nox Gas Trap stops enemies from entering an area because it explodes whenever an enemy is passing by or you shoot it.

Nox Gas is a powerful ability to block the entry of enemies into a building.

3. Ultimate Ability- Nox Gas Grenade

Similar to the Nox Gas trap and similar to the trap, the Nox Gas grenade allows you to throw the poison grenade to cover an area, which kills all enemies within the zone.

9. Mirage

Mirage is the most prestigious Holographic trickster from Apex Legends Mobile

and the classic game. Every player doesn’t want to be a warrior. some are trying to block other players from winning. 

They also try to confuse players and make them make fun of their misery.

Before transforming into Mirage Mirage, the man worked as a bartender before his mother gave him personalized holo devices, and the rest is history.


Funny and witty don’t make the person’s personality any better in any way. If you are a fan of trolls, Mirage could be your ideal persona out of characters in the Apex Legends Mobile character.

1. Passive Ability – Now You See

expert in the use of the technology of holo, this feature permits Mirage to disguise himself to revive teammates killed or plugging their names into the Respawn beacon.

2. Capability to use tactics – Psyche Out

This allows Mirage players to release a holographic decoy that has reduced health and a few steps to deceive enemies.

Then, you can flank the opponents and eliminate them or escape the scene.

3. The Ultimate Power – Life of the Party

In Season 5, the game was launched for consoles and PCs the ultimate ability lets Mirage use not one but five decoys simultaneously.

Additionally, this ability renders Mirage completely invisible for a period of duration, giving him the chance to sneak past the enemy and hide or even fool the crap out of them.

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10. Fade

A brand new character that is exclusively mobile-only, Fade is not available on Apex Legends on other platforms.

Fade’s ‘Flashback’ strategic ability lets players transfer to where they were just a few seconds ago instantly through the Void.

Check out the new character’s trailer for the game below.


The passive ability ‘Slipstream’ gives players an instant speed boost after the slide.

The ‘Phase Chamber is the ultimate power that lets the player release a phase cage that will make all Legends within the Void.

1. Capabilities Passive – Slipstream

Fade gets a brief momentum boost towards the end of a slide. There will be an increase in the speed of movement following your slide. You will then start running.

2. Tactical Ability – Flash Back

The game offers a new variation on the ability of Wraith to phase by introducing this legend.

You can rewind to the previous location you were in the past using this ability. It can be useful when pushing your opponents and making the first moves on your squad.

3. Ultimate Capability of the Chapter Chamber 

It’s a grenade that can be thrown and can send all people within its range to the space in 3.5 seconds according to our tests.

It is impossible to shoot enemies when they’re in a vacuum and they cannot shoot you. In addition, if you’re stuck in the same place together with them, you can’t shoot each other, however, you can move about in a free manner.

This can be very helpful to break up fights quickly or even confuse enemies.

Wrapping Up

I truly hope that you discover the perfect Apex Legends Mobile android after reading this list.

Check out the Passive as well as the Tactical and Ultimate capabilities of the characters, and select the most effective one depending on your needs.

This article about “All Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked by Abilities in 2023” was the main topic of this article.

Please share this article with your acquaintances and fellow Apex Legends Lovers and comment on the name of your most loved characters.

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Apex Legends Mobile – FAQ

Can I play Apex Legends Mobile on my iOS device?

Yes, you can play Apex Legends Mobile on both iOS and Android. You can get it from the App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on what kind of gadget you have.

Is Apex Legends Mobile free to play?

Yes, you can play Apex Legends Mobile for free. But you might be able to buy cosmetic items and fight passes inside the game.

Do I need an internet connection to play Apex Legends Mobile?

Yes, Apex Legends Mobile is an online multiplayer game, so you will need a good internet link to play it.

How many players are there in a match of Apex Legends Mobile?

In Apex Legends Mobile, there are 20 squads in each match, and each team has three players. That means there are a total of 60 people in a match.

Can I play Apex Legends Mobile with my friends?

Absolutely! The party system in Apex Legends Mobile lets you get together with your friends and play as a group.

Can I customize my Legend’s appearance in Apex Legends Mobile?

Yes, you can change the way your Legend looks by unlocking and using different skins, outfits, charms for weapons, and other cosmetic things.

Are there any cross-platform features in Apex Legends Mobile?

At the moment, you can’t play Apex Legends Mobile on another device. But it’s possible that functions that work across platforms will be added in the future.

How often does Apex Legends Mobile receive updates?

Apex Legends Mobile’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, plans to add new material, fix bugs, and make other changes to the game on a regular basis.

Are there any age restrictions for playing Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile is best for people over the age of 16. But there may be different age limits based on the laws in your country and the terms of service for the platform.

How do I unlock new Legends in Apex Legends Mobile?

In Apex Legends Mobile, you can get new Legends by buying them with in-game money or by getting them through the Battle Pass system.

What are the recommended system requirements for Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile may have different system needs based on the device you use. To play the game smoothly, it’s best to have a gadget that’s not too old and has a lot of power.