Best Oculus Quest Games to Play in 2023

Oculus Quest Games: Apart from being used to enhance productivity and entertainment, In addition, the Oculus Quest2 is also a device that can be used for some serious gaming.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve connected to your Quest with your PC or are running games directly on it, you’ll enjoy a lot of fun. 

In a marketplace Filled with choices, it can be hard to pick which game to choose.

Oculus Quest Games

If our list of most popular VR games was not enough, I’m returning with even more.

VR gamers who want to have a blast with Quest 2 will love the games listed below.

Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

The table below will provide you with some information about the top Oculus Quest 2 games.

If you’d like to check if your preferred game is available or not, check this table to check.

So, without further delay, we’ll begin discussing the most enjoyable Quest 2 games.

But, remember that you’ll require some of the top VR gaming headsets to play these games.

Best Quest VR Games 2023

1. Resident Evil 4 VR

Exclusive to Oculus Quest 2 Resident Evil 4 VR is an overhaul of the PC version that kept gamers excited and scared. 

The game lets players play as the policeman Leon Scott Kennedy who is on a quest to locate and save her U.S the daughter of President Obama.

Leon’s quest leads him to an unknown small, but the eerie community in Spain.

Leon however, is soon sucked into Los Illuminados, a cult responsible for the kidnapping of Ashley.

Resident Evil 4 VR

Resident Evil 4 VR follows the same story, however, instead of re-creating the entire experience using VR.

Instead of the previous third-person view, players have the option to wear Quest 2 and experience the terror from the perspective of the first.

In addition, all interactions and movement options have been altered for Quest 2. 

Therefore, when using your controllers for movement, you’ll need your hands to open the doors of frightening dungeons, avoid obstacles, dodge with your body, and more. 

As Leon is playing in VR is also have to use your hands for firing and reloading your guns with pinpoint precision. If you miss a shot, it might be the final shot.

Get Resident Evil 4 VR ($39.99)

2. Population One

If you’re making an inventory of the top of the most popular Quest 2 games, it’s difficult to leave out the population of One to be left out. 

This first-person shooter multiplayer game is a virtual battle royale that lets players build teams and compete against each other on a vast map.

Population One also has elements of other battle royale games such as shooting and building objects.

Population One

But, the game offers some unique features of its own like being able to navigate the map effortlessly and ascent anything you can.

Also, there is a pulse-pounding action in the mix. The gunplay itself is entertaining and efficient, which is a great addition to the fun.

It also has cross-play support, so Quest 2 players can play this game with their most cherished friends on Steam as well. 

To Quest 2 gamers looking for the most likely battle royale game one, Population One is a great choice.

Get Population One ($29.99)

3. The Climb 2

If the excitement of fighting undead and flying off buildings isn’t your thing, swap it for climbing mountains in Virtual Reality.

A sequel to the popular climbing game with the identical title, Climb 2 is a game you’ll be hooked on. 

You’re a climber who has the chance to make your way through different maps. In addition to the chilling mountains, The scenery varies depending on the location.

The Climb 2

Climb 2 is a sequel to the original. Climb 2 features improved mechanics with even better graphics, and it also retains the well-known stamina system that was introduced in its predecessor. 

Don’t make the error of thinking that it’s simple. You’ll sweat and strain your brain to get rid of some levels.

To experience an experience unique to your everyday life, try climbing the Climb 2.

Get The Climb 2 ($29.99)

4. Asgard’s Wrath

The game was originally designed initially for originally designed for Oculus Rift, the game Asgard’s Wrath is an action-based role-playing game that puts a heavy focus on level design and graphics.

The player plays as a Norse god who is absorbed in Norse mythology. 

As the role of a God, it is the responsibility of the god to lead different warriors into glory as they fulfill their purpose.

 Asgard’s Wrath

Asgard’s Wrath was a huge hit with players in the VR gaming community and was widely praised as amazing.

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In 2023 too, the Oculus Quest2 game stands up thanks to its stunning graphics with immersive mechanics and a well-constructed campaign that runs for 30 or more hours. 

But, do note that Asgard’s Wrath is not available on the Rift store and needs to be purchased before streaming on your PC to play in Quest 2. People who want to make it through the hurdles to join the train of legends should purchase it.

Get Asgard’s Wrath ($39.99)

5. Smash Drums

It’s impossible to beat your heart to the beat in the Quest 2 and you would be right. Smash Drums is a VR rhythm game that is focused on drums, not cutting with virtual blades.

Instead of using swords, players are given drumsticks that are represented via their control devices. 

When you are placed in different virtual environments where you are required to drum to the beat when they are played in different songs.

Smash Drums

Smash Drums features over 36 songs in various modes, and they can also be amplified using modifiers for a variety of changes.

The environment itself can also be varied and include everything from prisons, rock shows, and even the moon. 

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to play by yourself, Smash Drum even gives multiplayer arenas in which two to eight players can compete.

To burn off calories while playing it to fame Check out Smash Drums on Quest 2.

Get Smash Drums ($19.99)

6. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room is one of the puzzle games that has been out for quite a while. But, every puzzle game needs more excitement and that’s the case with The Dark Matter steps. 

In keeping with the Room series, but driven through Virtual Reality, A Dark Matter is a mystery puzzle game that is focused on solving puzzles and is trapped in various settings.

Similar to other VR games, the players utilize the controllers for movement and interact with a variety of items in these puzzles.

A Dark Matter

The Room is known for its mystery as well. Dark Matter follows suit. Nearly every object on every level has a secret and players must utilize their skills to find the mystery. 

It’s a game that which Room VR also utilizes Oculus Quest 2’s stunning sound directionality and 3D audio effects paired with haunting music.

If you’ve been a loyal lover of the Room Series, you will enjoy Dark Matter.

Get The Room VR: A Dark Matter ($29.99)

7. A Township Tale

Township Tale Township Tale is a VR RPG game with a serene and sprawling map. As with RPGs, players are responsible For making the characters they want to play.

The game provides a vast range of options for customization so that you can make your character appear almost the same as you. 

After you’ve completed the game, you’re on the map, where you’re able to perform a variety of activities.

Make weapons and crafting items or collect resources. You can also take in food or spend the whole day combating other players it’s up to you.

A Township Tale

As the main character, you have the responsibility to find this abandoned town and transform it into something amazing.

You can take on various roles such as a Blacksmith a Crafter, or an armed warrior. 

Do you not like playing on your own? Why not join forces with other players to increase your enjoyment.

While Township Tale is a wholesome game generally speaking it has plenty of monsters to combat, so make sure you are cautious about going out in the dark when playing this game.

Get A Township Tale ($9.99)

8. Racket: Nx

The Oculus Quest 2 indeed comes with many games that don’t just offer endless fun but result in sweating the user out.

If you’re one of the VR players looking to lose weight while enjoying themselves, one game to play is Racket Nx. 

It is a game that uses the virtual ball and racket, combined with an enclosed dome Racket: Nx offers players an extreme challenge.

When the game begins the players need to use their rackets to ensure the ball hits the right points within the dome that they are playing within.

Racket Nx

Although it may sound simple the spot you want to hit gradually fades away and needs to be struck before it is exhausted. 

If you miss the mark in too many locations and you’ll see your bar of energy is depleted and you’ll lose.

As levels advance and new challenges are added, the levels in Racket Nx speed up and more difficult.

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Just play enough and you could find yourself in a tizzy after only a couple of levels. Take a look at Racket Nx and begin sweating.

Get Racket: Nx ($19.99)

9. Into the Radius VR

PC gamers interested in apocalyptic gaming should already know about The Metro Series and how amazing it can create an unsettling atmosphere.

Although it is not developed by the same team that developed the game. 

Into The Radius, VR is an adaption that is extremely close to doing what. The single-player survival shooter places the player right within The Pechorsk Radius Zone.

Into the Radius VR

The Radius zone is full of horrifying anomalies that are risky for the player who is the primary target.

As the main character the player, you have to explore this dangerous terrain and utilize everything you have that you can to get through. 

Explore abandoned buildings, run from dangers, or unleash your weapons in the face of danger, all it is yours to do.

The Radius has received plenty of support from gamers and is on the path toward becoming one of the top Quest 2 games.

Get Into the Radius ($14.99)

10. Richie’s Plank Experience

The original idea was used by those trying to demonstrate the capabilities of VR Richie’s Plank Experience is a short game or a simple experience that you must try. 

This experience for the mind lets players climb a plank to the top of a tower that’s eight stories high. 

As the participant, you are required to simply walk on the plank’. But, be cautious as a slip could cause you to can fall to the floor below.

Richie’s Plank Experience

This VR game lets players replicate a real-world object in the game to be used as an actual plank. If, for instance, you have a wooden plank, now is a perfect time. 

There are other options like defending the city from the missiles that are threatening it, fighting flames in the city, or just writing on the sky while staying serene.

 Be aware that, aside from that it’s not anything to do so don’t expect very much out of this VR game.

Get Richie’s Plank Experience ($14.99)

11. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The game is played by people who enjoy drinking and playing Nobody Explodes can be described as a 2-player game in which the other player is given a bomb, but without the answer and the other party is given the same bomb. 

The problem? Both cannot see one another and must work together to stop this danger. 

Keep Talking and No One Explodes is a well-known game that’s even more enjoyable with its VR version.

 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

In this game in Quest 2, players get to control the bomb using their hands and alter the device. 

Exploring the bomb is a way to perform various tasks you need to do with a friend who holds a guide before them. A mistake and the timer could speed up or even be blown up.

Get Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes ($14.99)


In case you’ve read our earlier article on the top VR games, you’ll be aware that roguelikes are available within the virtual reality world. 

Outlier is a new addition to the list. Outlier is an adventure Roguelike game developed by the same team which was behind Stride VR. 

In this way, Outlier is also based heavily on gunplay and movement as well as a great story.


The Quest 2 game is set on a planet destroyed by aliens. As a captain on an ark of humans, that is the only one left you to observe parallel worlds within a possibly habitable solar system. 

It’s your mission to take on any foes that you come across to make this planet your home. 

Outlier includes two aspects: FPS, as well as RPG components. As a player, you traverse the world fighting monsters of all sizes. 

Be careful, however, because If you do lose your life, you’ll have to relive it again and again.

Get OUTLIER ($14.99)

13. Cosmodread

When it comes to roguelike games, Cosmodread is yet another one that’s equally frightening and intriguing. 

With a similar plot to Dead Space where you’re the protagonist trapped in a spacecraft that is filled with nightmares. 

Your mission is to return to earth while hiding from or fighting the apocalyptic dangers lurking in the dark.


Cosmodread is certainly inspired by dread and has extremely dark and spooky levels, with lightning-like environments that will scare players in VR. 

Add to that an eerie soundtrack and effects that appear to appear from every angle This Quest 2 game is not one to be played in the dark. 

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Take plenty of breaks during this game.

Get Cosmodread ($14.99)

14. Demeo

Tabletop games are a favorite place in our childhood hearts. 

From buying different businesses on the board to playing the game of chess, there’s plenty available. 

This is the reason it’s more exciting when that information is integrated into Quest 2. Demeo is one of these tablet-top games but includes some incredible features.


Old-fashioned like DND players can select from a range of roles, including hunter sorcerer, assassin or guardian, or bard. Each has its special skills.

 As players, you must end the enduring darkness that has swept across the earth. 

Demeo is an enchanting tabletop dungeon-crawling game that is fun and varied through turns-based play. 

Play dice, and enjoy various table discussions or treasure hunting. or have a fun night with a group of friends and compete for prizes.

Get Demeo ($29.99)

15. I Expect You to Die 2

It is expected that You to die 2 is the well-loved sequel to the first game. 

The escape-the-room VR game is a blend of roleplay and puzzle-solving in which you are the role of a Spy seeking to end the world’s dominance.  

Utilizing Telekinesis’s power you’ll have to solve a variety of problems in the brand-new 6 stories which will take you all over the world.

Expect You to Die 2

Apart from the rich story and improved mechanics, I expect You to Die also features enhanced graphics, along with a variety of additional elements, including more immersive food, disguises, and many more. 

You must put on your sexiest costume as you play Quest 2 which is considered one of the best games by many.

Get I Expect You to Die 2 ($24.99)

Enjoy Your Quest 2 with These Best Games

I hope you enjoy yourself playing these top Quest 2 games on your headset. 

If you’re looking to play more, then take a look at these most popular gaming experiences for VR to fill your tummy. 

Are you unsure what to do with SteamVR? Find out the best ways to play Steam games with your Quest 2 here. 

Also, you can look through some of the top Oculus Quest 2 accessories. Do you have any additional suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Oculus Quest Games – FAQ

Can I play Oculus Quest games without a PC?

Yes, you can play Oculus Quest games without a PC. The Quest is a gadget that works on its own and doesn’t need any other hardware.

How do I download games on Oculus Quest?

You may use the headset to access the Oculus Store and browse the selection of games to play on Oculus Quest.By just choosing the relevant game, you can choose “Buy” or “Download” from the menu.

Are there free games available for Oculus Quest?

Yes, Oculus Quest can be used with free games. The Oculus Store offers a number of games that you may play at no additional cost.

Can I play multiplayer games on Oculus Quest?

Absolutely! Oculus Quest has a feature called “multiplayer,” which lets you play games with your friends or other people online.

Are Oculus Quest games expensive?

Different Oculus Quest games have different prices. A few bucks to many hundreds of dollars can be spent on some games, while others are completely free. Checking the prices on the Oculus Store is the best thing to do.

Do I need an internet connection to play Oculus Quest games?

Most Oculus Quest games don’t need to be connected to the internet to be played. But some games may have online features that only work when you’re connected to the internet.

Can I play Oculus Rift games on Oculus Quest?

Games for the Oculus Rift don’t work straight with the Oculus Quest. But some developers have made different versions of their games for the Quest or ported them over.

How many games are available for Oculus Quest?

The Oculus Quest platform has a lot of games, and new ones are added all the time. There are many different kinds of music to choose from.

What are some popular Oculus Quest games?

Beat Saber, Superhot VR, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and Arizona Sunshine are some of the most popular Oculus Quest games.

Are Oculus Quest games worth the investment?

If you like virtual reality games that make you feel like you’re really there, Oculus Quest games can be a great pick. The Quest gives users a high-quality, portable VR experience that many of them find very fun.