How to Make Armor Stand in Minecraft Java and Bedrock [Guide 2023]

Armor Stand in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Armor Stand in Minecraft: One thing Minecraft players are prone to do is to showcase their creations and collections.

For instance, I make distinctive Minecraft homes for this purpose, while others wear the most beautiful Minecraft Skins to be noticed.

What if you could create a clone version of yourself that you can use on the map.

Armor Stand in Minecraft

If you can create an armor that stands out in Minecraft and make it look like you.

From armors to custom-made mobs, this game-play model can be dressed in any outfit a player wishes to showcase.

If you’re playing on any of the top Minecraft servers There’s nothing better to showcase your individuality than to build the armor display.

However, there are a lot of things to be prepared before you can begin.

Therefore, we should not be lazy and discover how to create the armor stands in Minecraft.

Make Armor Stand in Minecraft 2023

The guide is divided to focus on different aspects of an armor stand starting from its design to its use.

Use the table below For a quick reference to the components that you are most interested in.

What is an Armor Stand?

In Minecraft, the armor stand is an entity that can hold and equip items that are wearable by a player.

The actual stand structure is made up of wood and placed on top of a stone slab.

You can move it, place it, and even assign poses as per your preference.

Moreover, as you might expect, the stand, in itself, can’t use the items or armor it is holding.

armor stand minecraft

However, things can change when you choose to assign it the most effective armor and enchantments.

For instance, an armor stand that has the thorns enchantment could hurt any player who comes near it.

Similar to that, a stand equipped with the frost walker ability can create frosted ice blocks after being they are pushed across the water by other creatures.

Uses of Armor Stand in Minecraft

It is possible to use an armor stand on Minecraft to serve the following functions:

  • The armor stand can provide armor mob heads Elytra and other similar items.
  • With the correct enchantments, you can also utilize them to provide security and protection systems.
  • Because you can wear things on your stand could be used as a quick storage alternative.
  • Utilizing custom-made mopheads, you can make use of an armor stand to make character designs and add some character to your base.

Where to Find an Armor Stand

armor stand minecraft

 If you’re fortunate, you may also discover naturally-generated armor stands within Taiga village.

Two armor stands typically spawn in the armory outside of many Taiga villages.

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Additionally, they spawn with iron chest plates as well as iron armor.

It is all you need to do is find the Taiga village with one armorer villager inside it.

Items You Need to Make Armor Stand

To build the armor stands in Minecraft You will require the following things:

Six wooden sticks and a stone slab with a smooth surface.

How to Get Sticks?

Sticks Crafting Recipe Minecraft

To create sticks to make sticks in Minecraft, you must set two wooden planks horizontally adjacent to one another in the area for crafting.

You can do it through your inventory as well and without the craft table.

For the planks of wood, you can get them by placing wood logs into the crafting space.

The kind of wood you choose to use does not alter the stand’s armor or the armor stand in any manner.

How to Make Smooth Stone Slab?

Take these actions to create an even stone slab in Minecraft:

1. The first step is to locate and gather three cobblestones using an old-fashioned pickaxe.

Stone is a popular building block used in games and it will drop cobblestone once it is mined.

armor stand minecraft

2. Then, you can smelt the cobblestone blocks using a furnace to make them regular stones.

Smelting Cobblestone Minecraft

3. Then, you can make use of the furnace to melt the stones and turn them into smooth stones.

armor stand minecraft

4. In the end, place three smooth stones on the craft area filling every row vertically. This will result in an even stone slab.

Alternately, you could make use of the stonecutter within Minecraft to create slabs with no recipe.

armor stand minecraft

Armor Stand Crafting Recipe

After you have all the components and materials, all you have to do is mix them up on a making table to create an armor stand.

To do this it is necessary to put three pieces of wood in every cell in the first row of the area of crafting.

Then, put one of them in the middle cells of the second row.

And finally, put on the stones in a smooth slab on the center cell of the row below with a stick on either side.

Then, voila! You’ve made an impressive armor stand using Minecraft.

armor stand minecraft

When the stand for armor is complete, you can set it up like any other block. Since it’s an entire it’s affected by gravity in the game.

It’s not possible to let it appear to float in the air as mobs do, or blocks such as sand. It has to be set on a solid block.

Differences Between Java and Bedrock

The armor stand isn’t working the same way for Minecraft Java as well as Bedrock versions.

So, you must plan your plans according to the specifics. The main difference in the editions is:

  • Stands for armor on Bedrock editions. Bedrock edition includes arms by default. They can interact with them and alter the posture of the stand using standing crouching, and then pressing the secondary keys on them.
  • In the Java version, The armor stands don’t come with arms by default. The player can purchase an arm-equipped stand-by through commands, but even so, they won’t have access to the majority of poses.
  • However, there’s no such option for the Java edition unless you make customized armor stands that include arms.
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How to Spawn Armor Stand with Arms in Minecraft Java?

Technically speaking, it isn’t possible to create an armor stand within Minecraft Java.

However, if you use the most efficient Minecraft commands you can create one in your world.

To do this, you must start your chat and then use the following command to summon an armor stand.

/summon minecraft:armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {ShowArms:1}

Keep in mind that the armor stands spawned will be unable to stand when broken.

Thus, you should only create it in the place you wish to put it.

Moreover, players can use this custom armor stand to hold swords even while using the Java version.

However, you’ll need to take the stand apart to retrieve the item.

Craft and Use an Armor Stand in Minecraft Today

You can now make armor stands in Minecraft with or without arms. Use our guide to decorate your bases for both versions that the game comes with.

But don’t end there. Armor, when combined when you have the right strategy can help you complete some of the most difficult things in the sport.

Are you skeptical? Read our guide on making spheres and circles within Minecraft to discover an approach that will help you create perfect circles with armor stands.

If it seems like too much effort You can also try out the most effective Minecraft adventures maps to learn about the most innovative ways to use armor stands.

Don’t be apprehensive about showing your friends how to build armor stands in Minecraft too.

You could create a free Minecraft server to play around with them and showcase your craft skills effortlessly.

So what do you plan to utilize your armor stand? Comment below!

Armor Stand in Minecraft Video


Armor stands to introduce a unique however high-end feature into the game that allows players to display the most valuable possessions they’ve accumulated throughout their adventure.

The armor stand will be the first choice for anyone Minecrafter looking to showcase their riches in a grand display.

Perhaps more important, however this stand for armor has become a standard for those who play Minecraft servers and maps that are custom due to its mechanical flexibility.

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Armor Stand in Minecraft – FAQ

What is an armor stand in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, players use an armor stand item to show off and store armor and other wearable items.

How do I craft an armor stand?

To make an armor stand, you need six sticks and one smooth stone. Set the sticks up in a Y shape on the bottom two rows of the making table, and put the smooth stone in the middle square of the top row.

How do I place an armor stand?

To put an armor stand down, just right-click the ground where you want it to go. Make sure there is enough room for people to see and reach the stand.

How do I use an armor stand?

Once the stand is in place, you can right-click on it to interact with it. To access the menu, you can select an option that allows you to equip armor and other wearable items on the stand.

Can I customize the appearance of an armor stand?

Yes, you can change the way an armor stand looks by putting different pieces of armor on it and decorating it with things like flags, pumpkins, or mob heads.

Can you move armor stands?

You can move armor stands by breaking them with a tool enchanted with the Silk Touch effect. This action causes the armor stand to drop to the ground as an item that you can pick up and move.

Can armor stands be used for redstone contraptions?

You can use armor stands in redstone machines to create various displays and processes.You can use them to turn on pressure plates, tripwires, and even command blocks.

How many armor stands can I have in one place?

You can have more than one armor stand close to each other, but they shouldn’t all be in the same spot. If two metal stands are in the same spot, they will bump into each other, which can mess up the way things look.

Can armor stands be named?

Yes, you can use a name tag to give an armor stand a name. Just rename the name tag in an anvil and then right-click on the armor stand while keeping the name tag to apply it.

Are armor stands available in all versions of Minecraft?

Minecraft introduced armor stands in version 1.8, and all subsequent versions, including the latest ones, have them.