Does Barnes And Noble Price Match? (Updated 2022)

Barnes And Noble Price Match: Is there a better deal for that thing you just bought? These kinds of things happen to everyone. Just recently, I had my encounter at Barnes & Noble. The quickest and easiest way to fix this is to match the competitor’s price.

Many customers have asked how Barnes & Noble handles price matching. Now, the necessary data you sought is provided below to lessen your burden. I did some digging and got the answers you’re looking for to comprehend the situation.

Let’s not waste any time and get into the nuts and bolts of Barnes & Noble’s price-matching policy.

Barnes & Noble Price Match Guide

barnes and noble price match

If you want to know how to exploit these policy changes to get a specific discount, we’ve laid out the steps for you.

Barnes & Noble, unlike other of its rivals, does not provide customers the option to have their purchases price-matched by other businesses.

If you find a lower price than Barnes & Noble offers, you can go there instead. They will not match the lower cost of the competing bookstore for that book.

There’s also a similar article on Macy’s Price Match. It’s an excellent resource to look into more if you need more info.

Price Adjustment Facility

Regarding selling books, Barnes & Noble isn’t afraid of competition. Consequently, it appears that their prices are always the same.

If you recently made a purchase and saw the same item on sale, you may be eligible for a price adjustment. Also, it’s cheaper now than it was before. That’s why we see a price drop after a refund of the difference.

This scenario is viable only if all retailers offer identical products and there is no competitive retail action. So this is the mechanism behind the adjusting of prices.

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Barnes & Noble does not offer price adjustments on any items. This is because they don’t even check the prices of similar goods and services. Thus there is no price adjustment made.

As a result, Barnes & Noble won’t let you make a price adjustment or price match on your purchase.

Remember that there may be other retailers whose prices can be matched or even beat those of Barnes & Noble. Nonetheless, not everyone agrees. Therefore, the T&Cs are in effect.

Gift Cards and Vouchers

The method of price matching or adjusting does not consider any discounts or deals that may be offered on selling a particular book or item.

Gift cards and voucher purchases are also not eligible for a return. So now you know that Barnes & Noble won’t modify the price of an item if you provide a gift card, voucher, special deal, etc.

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Does Barnes And Noble College Price Match?

Students may have noticed Barnes & Noble bookshops on their respective campuses. Barnes and Noble College is the name of the chain’s educational bookselling division.

Unlike its brick-and-mortar and digital equivalents, Barnes & Noble College will match the prices of its competitors. Books in any condition, including those purchased, used, or rented, are included.

In addition, students can save 10% on new and used textbooks at any Barnes & Noble College store. All Barnes & Noble College shops are participating in this offer.

Said, if you buy a textbook and then find it for less elsewhere, you can get your money back. However, there are several restrictions in effect for the price matching policy with Barnes and Noble College:

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  • There needs to be a ready supply of textbooks.
  • Every package component must be the same book and cost the same as promised.
  • The original receipt is required for textbooks, whether you are renting or purchasing.
  • Items must be in identical condition to qualify for the price match (used-used, new-new, etc.)
  • Prices are not guaranteed to be matched for digital products or custom orders.

Does Barnes And Noble Price Match Amazon?

Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble will not match the prices of any online competitors. It’s true that traditional bookshops rarely, if ever, match the prices of online merchants like Amazon.

Amazon’s low and sometimes loss-making book prices are the primary cause. Since the company has so many other product lines and uses a unique distribution model, Amazon can afford to sell at a loss. Amazon’s intelligent home assistants, electronic books, and furnishings are a few examples.

Since this is the case, traditional bookstores, especially smaller ones, cannot compete with online giant Amazon by offering lower prices. Many major retailers, like Target, JCPenney, and Best Buy, will match Amazon’s prices if they offer a better deal on the same item.

Does Barnes And Noble Charge For Preorders?

While Barnes & Noble may not equal prices, they compensate for it with stellar service. Preordering and reserving books before their official release date is one such function.

Barnes & Noble does not charge for preorders until the day the book is released. Therefore, there will be no charge made to your card if you preordered your copy of the book before its official release date.

However, if you preorder a book and decide you no longer want it before it’s published, Barnes & Noble will not give you a refund. Because of this, you may easily alter your purchase if you change your mind or discover a more appealing title.

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 Barnes & Noble Master Card Price Adjustment

Suppose you purchased a book from Barnes & Noble online and paid with a Mastercard or similar card issued by the company. And then you find that the book you just bought is on sale so that you can get it for even less money.

After that, the difference is refunded or redeemed within a specified time frame. If you paid with a Mastercard or another credit card, your refund would be processed by the card issuer or credit card company.

Barnes & Noble is therefore excluded from this return procedure. Instead, it’s the credit card corporation that processes the transaction. You can learn more about it here if you’re interested.


Barnes & Noble is a well-known, classic bookshop that caters to a specific customer base by providing them with specialized services like cafes, relaxing environments, and an excellent selection of books. This implies that, unlike stores like Walmart and Costco, they will not match competitors’ prices.

However, because of the rise of e-commerce and e-books, traditional bookshops are becoming extinct. Barnes & Noble needs to reassess its business model and find its position in the ever-evolving retail world to continue to thrive.


Does Barnes & Noble price match?

Price matching is not offered at Barnes & Noble.

Do Barnes & Noble price match Amazon?

I can tell from my investigation that they do not offer price matching services.

Does Barnes & Noble provide price adjustments?

In most cases, Barnes & Noble will handle the price adjustment itself.