Lowes Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy 2022

Lowes Price Match: With a wide selection of quality products and services at affordable rates, Lowe’s has established itself as a hardware industry leader and secured a steady stream of loyal customers. Lowe’s has guaranteed its consumers the lowest possible costs by matching competitors’ prices.

Customers of Lowe’s may be curious as to whether or not the store will match Home Depot’s prices. Here is what I have found out after doing some investigating.

Process for Price Match

Lowes Price Match

While many stores have policies similar to those of their competitors, it is still essential to learn and adhere to the details of any store’s policy regarding price matching.

  • Go to Lowes near you and pick out something you like.
  • Look for a similar product at a different store or on the web. For something to be considered “identical,” it must be of the same make, model, and serial number.
  • The item should not be excluded in any other way, so please double-check.
  • Find a salesperson and share your results with them. Suppose the item qualifies for a price match. In that case, the sales associate will give you a discount immediately (just bring in the relevant paperwork, local ad, photo, or screenshot of the relevant website or app).

Exceptions for Price Match

Let’s move on to the caveats of the price match policy now that we’ve covered the basics. The Lowe’s Price Match Guarantee does not apply to

  1. Service Pricing (Installation, labor, custom orders, and/or special orders)
  2. Unverifiable Prices
  3. Out of Stock Items (Items must be in stock at Lowes and its competitor)
  4. Clearance, Discounted, Damaged, Used, or Refurbished Goods/Merchandise
  5. Credit Terms, Loans, and or Financing Offers
  6. Free Items or Bundled Merchandise
  7. Discounts for Seniors, Military, or Employees
  8. Pricing or Printing Errors
  9. Coupons
  10. Prices from Bidding/Auction Sites (For example eBay)
  11. Items purchased outside the 30-day window

Oficial Website: www.lowes.com

Does Lowe’s Price Match Home Depot In 2022?

As of 2022, Lowe’s will match competitors’ prices like Home Depot. Proof of a lower price on an identical item from Home Depot is required for a price match at Lowe’s. This price guarantee applies only to in-stock, regularly priced items that are not currently on sale or discounted.

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Keep reading to find out if and how Lowe’s would price match after the fact, as well as how to price match Home Depot in-store and online.

What is Lowe’s Price Promise?

According to Lowe’s price promise, if a client finds an identical item in stock at Home Depot for a lower price, Lowe’s will be able to match the price and offer the customer a lower price.

The price that Lowe’s guarantees also includes the cost of shipping or delivery. Consequently, if an item is $30 on Home Depot plus $20 for shipping, the price at Lowe’s will be $50 to match.

The item must be in stock and shippable from Home Depot to the customer’s location, and it must be similar to the one sold by Lowe’s in terms of size, brand, and colour.

How Do I Price Match Home Depot at Lowe’s?

A consumer must present evidence of a lower price from Home Depot at the time of purchase to have Lowe’s match the price.

Proof of a lower price at Home Depot, such as a printout, screenshot from an app, or physical advertisement, will get you a price match at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s personnel usually need to go to Home Depot and verify the lower price before agreeing to match it.

After verifying the pricing, a Lowe’s staff member will alter your purchase price to reflect the lower Home Depot price per their price guarantee.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Home Depot for Online Orders?

Lowe’s can match Home Depot’s online prices and match them in-store.

Those who shop at Home Depot online can initiate a price match request by calling Lowe’s Customer Care at 1-877-465-6937 or 1-877-GO-LOWES.

Once you’ve requested a price match from Home Depot, the Lowe’s team will verify that the price promise covers the item you’re trying to buy.

If the lower Home Depot price is validated, the Customer Service representatives at Lowe’s will be happy to assist you with completing your purchase.

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Does Lowe’s Price Match After Purchase?

After purchasing at Lowe’s, you can request a price match from Home Depot. Lowe’s allows customers to return items within 30 days of purchase for a price adjustment, per company policy.

Home Depot’s price-matching policy is the same as Lowe’s; you must show proof of a lower price to get a refund.

If you bought an item at Lowe’s for $60 but found it for $50 at Home Depot, you’d be entitled to a $10 refund.

Does Lowe’s Take Home Depot Coupons?

Some Lowe’s customers have mentioned that the store will honour competitor coupons in addition to matching competitors’ prices, such as Home Depot.

Lowe’s periodically accepts coupons from rivals like Home Depot, Menards, and Ace Hardware to provide its consumers with the lowest possible costs.

Lowe’s may or may not accept competitor coupons at its individual stores’ discretion.

Lowe’s or competitor coupons can be used with the price match policy.

What Other Stores Does Lowe’s Price Match?

Lowe’s will meet or beat any local competitor’s price with the same item in stock for less money.

Lowe’s will match the prices of the following online retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Best Buy
  • Macy’s
  • Ace Hardware
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Tractor Supply
  • JCPenney

Does This Include Amazon.com?

Amazon is a necessary part of this.

This is why I advocate utilising the Amazon app when visiting Lowe’s so you can quickly check their price.

Visit the Lowe’s customer service desk when you locate a lower price, and they will honour it.

Please note that Lowe’s will only price match Amazon’s prices and not those of any third-party vendors on Amazon.

Lowe’s price match 30 days

The unfortunate Lowe’s pricing adjustment policy was eliminated in March of 2021. Some Lowe’s stores may still allow price adjustments after the fact, although this is an exception rather than the rule.

If you had bought anything from Lowe’s and then saw it on sale, you’ll have to get a refund and then repurchase it to take advantage of the lower price.

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What Other Stores Will Lowe’s Price Match?

Regarding similar products, Lowe’s will typically match the prices of local competitors. All kinds of stores count, from big-box chains like Home Depot and Ace Hardware to speciality hardware stores like Menards and even mom-and-pop shops.

Lowe’s can match the prices of several of its rivals, including Home Depot.

If you provide a legitimate receipt from an online retailer like Amazon.com, JCPenney.com, or Wayfair.com, Lowe’s will match the price.

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Finally, Lowe’s guarantees to beat competitors’ pricing on in-stock, same merchandise for your home improvement projects. Lowe’s will match the price of any identical item found at a competing retailer, such as Home Depot. If you find a lower price at Home Depot after making a purchase, you can request a refund for the difference through a price adjustment.

Remember that Lowe’s has the authority to confirm price matches before approving them. Since Lowe’s offers price matching guarantees, customers can shop with confidence.


Does Lowes Price Match?

Lowe’s will actually meet the price of any local or online rival.

Does Lowe’s price match Costco?

Lowe’s will match the price of non-damaged, non-preowned items sold by Costco in the immediate area.

Does Lowe’s price match Walmart?

Yes, Lowe’s will happily match Costco pricing.

Does Lowe’s price match Best Buy?


Does Home Depot or Lowes price match?

Have the Willingness to Attempt Something and Follow Through on It. The Home Depot will not only match the price of an item found at a local competitor’s shop (like Lowe’s or Ace Hardware) but will also beat it by 10%.

Does Lowe’s price match manufacturers?

No. Lowe’s only does price matching with other stores. An order placed directly with a manufacturer is not deemed retail because it is at the wholesale price.

How can I reach the customer care hotline?

For assistance from Lowe’s, dial 1-877-465-6937.