Best Buy Price Match After Purchase 2022 (Updated) ❤️

Best Buy Price Match After Purchase: Due to the intense competition in the retail industry, large retail chains have adopted very lenient pricing adjustment policies to keep customers and stay one step ahead of their rivals.

So, if you bought something from Best Buy and later discovered it was available for less elsewhere, you might ask what Best Buy’s price adjustment policy is. Here is everything I have learned!

Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy In 2022

best buy price match after purchase

Customers may receive a partial refund under Best Buy’s price adjustment policy if a product’s price is reduced as of 2022 by Best Buy or a rival retailer. Depending on the goods and the customer’s membership, Best Buy gives customers between 15 and 45 days to request a price adjustment.

Continue reading if you want to discover more about Best Buy’s price adjustment policy conditions, how to submit a request for a price adjustment for a product, and much more.

Does Best Buy Price Match?

Company Best Buy
Price Match? Yes
  • At the time of sale
  • During the return/exchange period for Best Buy price drops
Price Matches:
  • Local retail competitors
  • Online retailers: Amazon, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, TigerDirect
Exclusions: Third-party sellers, clearance, refurbished items, credit card offers, gift card offers, special customer offers (membership program pricing, etc.)
Where to redeem: Online, Phone, In-Store

What Is The Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy?

Customers may find the greatest prices on the products they wish to buy according to Best Buy’s price adjustment strategy, which complies with the retailer’s Price Match Guarantee.

According to the policy, Best Buy guarantees that they will change the pricing to match a similar product at their local and online competitors when you buy a product from them in-store or online.

Additionally, Best Buy will refund you the price difference upon request if it goes on sale within the allowed return time after you purchase an item.

The price adjustment policy at Best Buy only applies to new items; clearance and open-box products are not included.

How Do I Request For Price Adjustment At Best Buy?

Best Buy will match some online retailers’ prices. Although there are just seven retailers on the list, they are all major players in the consumer electronics market and present a fantastic possibility of getting a lower price.

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Present a Best Buy staff with the product page from one of the websites mentioned above on your smartphone or tablet when shopping in-store, and they’ll immediately verify the price and earn you a price match.

For a price match request when buying online, you must phone them at 1-800-BEST-BUY. Best Buy will “then review and validate the price match request on a Best Buy device,” according to their website.

How Do I Show Price Adjustment Proof At Best Buy?

You can demonstrate price adjustment by telling Best Buy of the competitor’s website address and the product prices you want to purchase.

In addition, you might introduce a recent commercial showing the cost of a comparable product from a rival.

Can I Request For Price Adjustment After Purchasing An Item At Best Buy?

After purchasing at Best Buy, you can ask for a price adjustment. For basic members, Best Buy price adjustments can be made within 15 days after the original purchase.

Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus members get 45 days and an additional 30 days to seek a price match. Nevertheless, this time frame can differ depending on the item you bought.

For instance, regardless of your membership level, you can only ask for a price adjustment if you bought cellular wearables or a cell phone within 14 days of your purchase.

Therefore, before seeking a price adjustment, ensure the goods you purchase have a specified return and exchange time.

Does Best Buy Adjust Prices To Match A Warehouse Club?

If a Warehouse club is a local rival of Best Buy and its prices comply with Best Buy’s price standards, Best Buy will modify its price to match those clubs’ prices.

Best Buy cannot change the pricing online, via chat, or over the phone, if the Warehouse club’s website needs a login or membership ID.

Remember that you cannot submit a screenshot but a live offer with prices displayed (for example, by viewing the website on your mobile device).

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Can I Request For Price Adjustment Using The Best Buy Mobile App?

Since the pricing on the Best Buy mobile app is identical to that on and in Best Buy shops, you can use it to ask for a price adjustment.

The procedure for asking for a price adjustment through the app is comparable to asking for a price match for online purchases.

How Does Best Buy’s Price Adjustment Policy Apply On In-Store Pickup Purchases?

You can ask for a price adjustment when picking up a new item you bought from if the Best Buy stores are selling it for less.

You can receive the money-back by showing an employee the lower price listed on for the same item.

How Does Best Buy Price Adjustment Apply To Scheduled Delivery Items?

If Best Buy lowers the price of a product you ordered before delivery, they will reimburse you the difference in price, including tax, in full.

To request a pricing change, you must, however, contact the Best Buy Customer Service department by phone.

Please note that neither Best Buy shops nor email will handle price adjustments for certain products. Therefore, the price match guarantee’s standard requirements must be met.

3 Insider Tips for Success

1. Download the Amazon App

Using their free app is a simple way to check Amazon for a lower price (iOS, Android).

While in the aisle at Best Buy, use the app to scan the product’s barcode. You will pay a lower price if Amazon has it. No Prime subscription is necessary.

2. Sam’s and Costco are regional rivals

Surprisingly, Best Buy views local rivals Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club as warehouse clubs. So, if you discover a lesser price at any warehouse club, present the proof, and a “Blue Shirt” will approve it.

Look closely at the model numbers and SKUs because a product can appear similar to one from Best Buy while being created only for Costco.

Top Brands: Sony, Yamaha, Bose, Canon, LG, Apple, Vizio, Sharp, JVC, Canon, and Nikon.

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3. A Hack by a Local Competitor

Best Buy accepts price matching from ALL local stores, not just large chains, in contrast to the policy of many retailers.

It’s wonderful to have the choice to receive a price match if the local store has a considerably lower price and you happen to be close to Best Buy, even though you might want to support your neighborhood Ma & Pa stores.

Reader Question: Have you ever successfully used Best Buy’s price-matching policy? How much money did you save? If so?


Thanks to the company’s price adjustment policy, customers can purchase goods from Best Buy at a discounted rate equal to the costs of rivals like Dell, Amazon, and HP. 

Ensure you seek it within the product’s allotted return and exchange period and provide adequate proof to get the price difference reimbursed.

FAQs For Best Buy Price Match After Purchase

How long after purchase does Best Buy price match?

Most of the time, that window is 15 days starting from the day of purchase. It is increased to 30 days for our Elite members and 45 days for Elite Plus members for price matching. Visit the link below to learn more about our price match guarantee.

Can I price match after purchase?

Only the buyer may seek a price match after purchasing at a retailer for products delivered to the consumer (the person who was listed in the “Bill To” section of the order).

What is Best Buy’s price guarantee policy?

We price match products shipped from and sold by the following major online retailers at the time of sale:,,,, and We also price match products from local retail competitors (including their online prices).

Does Best Buy match lower prices?

Best Buy will gladly match any lower price you find from an acceptable local retailer, as well as from an internet retailer. The product’s brand, model number, and color must match exactly for the price to be matched.