Homedepot Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy 2022

Homedepot Price Match: You can save a lot of money when you shop by matching prices. If you want to know if Home Depot has it or not, we’ve got you covered. This guide has all the information you need about their rules and policies for matching prices.

Home Depot has an excellent policy that gives customers 30 days to find a lower price. But they also have a lot of rules and exceptions that you should know about so that you don’t get confused. Customers can compare prices in-store or online at Home Depot.

What Is Home Depot Policy On Price Matching?

Home Depot Price Match

Home Depot has a good policy about matching prices, but it’s a little hard to understand.

Home Depot will match the price of any store’s products as long as the product is the same and both stores have it in stock.

But Home Depot won’t take your word for it; if you want them to match the price of a product, you have to show proof that you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

You can do this in some ways, such as by bringing in a printout, showing an ad, or sharing a link.

Also, don’t forget about shipping costs!

Home Depot will take that into account when matching prices. So, if you’re shopping online, don’t just look at the cost of the item.

We’ll discuss other, more detailed rules later in this article.

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Does Home Depot Match Price After Purchasing?

Home Depot says it will match prices for 30 days.

So then, what does that mean?

You can price match any product you bought from Home Depot in the last 30 days. That is if you have a receipt and proof that you can get the item elsewhere for less.

When you price match after you’ve bought something, they’ll give you the difference back.

One of the best things about their policy is this guarantee. Their 30-day guarantee gives you enough time to get your money back if you find a better deal.

Does Home Depot Price Match In-store?

Nearly all Home Depot’s physical stores will match a competitor’s price.

As we already said, all you have to do is show proof that the product is in stock and cheaper at a competing store.

Depending on how they interpret their policies, some places may make it hard for you to match prices from online stores.

They’ll probably agree with you if you talk to management about it. But only if you are telling the truth and can prove it.

People who price-matched in-store used to be able to get a special bonus at some places until recently:

Home Depot would match the price and take 10% off of it.

But it doesn’t look like this is still the official policy. It looks like you can only buy it in Canada now.

Does Home Depot Price Match Online Prices? 

Yes, the prices at Home Depot are the same as those on But shipping costs will be considered, and the items can’t come from a third-party seller.

The item must be in stock on the competitor’s website and be able to be shipped right away to your address. Also, you should know that they will match the lower price but not beat it by 10%.

Here’s how Home Depot price match works online:

Find a Cheaper Price: Check out your competitor’s websites to see if they have any products that are cheaper than what has to offer.

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Contact Customer Support: Use the website’s live chat to get in touch with customer service.

Describe the Product: Tell them about the item and the price difference. Give the employee any information, such as a competitor’s website, that they can use to ask for a discount and make money quickly.

Allow Verification Time: Give them a chance to check the price if needed. Then, if everything goes well, you’ll get the price matched.

Does Home Depot Price Match Plus 10 Percent?

Home Depot used to match prices plus 10% for a long time. But in 2020, they took away the 10% “price beat” from their policy on price matching.

But some Home Depot stores, especially in Canada, still offer a 10% discount on top of what’s already on sale. Also, asking for a lower price or trying to get one never hurts. Ask if they still price match plus 10% at your local store when you bring your proof.

Does Home Depot Price Match Target?

Yes, Home Depot and Target have the same prices. Home Depot’s price match and price adjustment policy says that they will match the cost of any in-stock item from any other store that is the same as the one they sell.

That includes anything you can buy at Target, as long as the items are the same and there are enough.

So, if Target has cheaper power tools or bathroom supplies, bring in the weekly ad or your phone to show the more affordable items.

Does Home Depot Match Amazon? 

Yes, Home Depot will match Amazon’s prices when you buy something online. But the item you want to price match must be sold and shipped by Amazon, not by a third-party seller.

Also, the items have to be the same in every way. Home Depot will also consider how much shipping will cost and if the item can be sent to your address.

When you buy something in-store, it’s up to the store manager at your local Home Depot to decide whether or not to match Amazon’s price.

Does Home Depot Price Match Appliances?

Home Depot does not match prices on appliances. Most home appliances are sold at warehouse stores that charge a membership fee. This means that they are sold at a discount.

Since Home Depot doesn’t price match deals already on sale, its store won’t price match home appliances like freezers, old refrigerators, home humidifiers, and more. But you might be able to work out a deal for free appliance removal or an extension cord for a fridge instead of paying around $25 for haul-away service.

Does Home Depot Price Match Costco?

Most of the time, Home Depot doesn’t match prices on items from Costco.

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that you need a membership to shop at Costco.

And Home Depot won’t match the prices of items sold at stores with memberships.

Also, since you have to pay to be a member, you could think of the prices at Costco as lower. Home Depot will also not match the price of items already on sale.

Does Home Depot Price Match Lowe’s?

Yes, Home Depot’s prices are the same as Lowe’s. Lowe’s is the second-largest store for home improvements and a fierce rival. To stay competitive, Home Depot will match the price of any identical items that sell for less at Lowe’s stores or on

That’s because Home Depot is the kind of store with the best policy for ensuring customers are happy with prices. Also, Home Depot will beat the price by 10% in places like Canada. But they won’t match deals like Lowe’s discounts for seniors. 

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Does Home Depot Price Match Other Home Depots?

Yes, Home Depot stores will match the prices on for purchases made online but not for purchases made in-store. But it’s up to the store manager at each Home Depot to decide if they will match the prices of other Home Depot stores.

Depot Price Match Rules & Exceptions

Let’s talk about what products are eligible for price matching and what products aren’t.

Here are the rules for matching prices:

  • You can only match prices on items that are the same. They can’t look or be made differently.
  • You must prove that a competitor sells it for less than Home Depot.
  • Both stores must be able to sell the same things.
  • When you compare prices online, the other seller must be able to ship to you. And remember that Home Depot includes the shipping costs of a competitor in the price match.

Even though all of that is pretty clear, Home Depot’s policy also has a lot of other rules.

Here are some of the places where they don’t match prices:

  • Items from retailers and wholesalers with membership programs
  • Custom-made merchandise
  • Products that are on sale or in promotion
  • Items from discount sites and third-party sellers
  • Items that have been used or repaired
  • Auctions
  • Some competitors offer discounts on certain services (installations, assembly, etc.)
  • Home Depot won’t price match products that have been customized or set up by a competitor.
  • Wholesale trade quotes and discount pricing
  • Liquidation, Clearance, and On sale Prices
  • Bid and auction site prices are set by competitor Rain checks and price changes that go back in time—also products without names.
  • Taxes, shipping, and delivery costs are also added. Aside from this, products that cost more to ship
  • Home Services Financing offers credit and lease programs for products and services that are not clearly defined.
  • Home Depot’s Price Match doesn’t work for damaged, used, refurbished, reconditioned, or opened items.
  • Rebates, prepaid cards, gifts with purchase, gift cards, free offers, or bundle deals
  • Price Mistakes

As you can see, many rules are easy to overlook. So, if you aren’t sure if an item qualifies for price matching, you can check these lists.

How To Price Match at Home Depot?

Want to know how to compare prices at Home Depot?

The steps are slightly different whether you do it in a store or online.

Either way, you’re in luck because we’ve laid out the steps for you below.

How To Price Match Online?

Here’s how to compare prices when shopping online at Home Depot.

  1. Find an item online that you want to price match. Make sure you save a link to the page on a competitor’s website where the price is lower.
  2. Contact customer service through the live chat and ask if you can price match.
  3. Tell them what the product is and what the price difference is. Based on their rules, the employee will tell you if you can match the price or not.
  4. When asked, give the link to the competitor’s web page.
  5. Wait for Home Depot to put the discount into effect. You can buy your price-matched items once they do.

The customer service team will be happy to help if you have any problems. When I contacted them to write this article, they were friendly and willing to help.

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How To Price Match In-Store?

Next, let’s look at how you can compare prices at real-world stores.

  1. Get proof that the product you want to price match is cheaper at a competitor before you go to the store. You can show them a printout, a website, or an ad.
  2. Go to the Home Depot near you and talk to the customer service desk or an employee.
  3. Please tell them anything they want to know about the product.
  4. Give them time to check if they need to. If everything goes well, you will get a discount on the item.

And don’t forget that Home Depot’s price match guarantee lets you get the difference back up to 30 days after you buy something.

Home Depot Price Adjustment Policy

Home Depot’s policy on price adjustments says that if you buy something from them, you have 30 days to find the same thing for less elsewhere. Then you can ask for a part of your money back.

Let’s say you buy something, and then it goes on sale about a month later. You can bring the receipt to the Store and talk to the customer service person there. The Store will give you back the difference.

Changes to the prices at Home Depot?

Don’t worry. According to the Home Depot Price Adjustment Policy, there are many other ways to save a lot of money on hardware and home improvement products.

There is a credit card payment method that is best for price protection. The Credit Card company will give you back the price difference.

Using this, if you find a lower price for the product you bought within 30 to 60 days after you bought it, you can get your money back. With this method, you can get a partial refund if the price of an item you bought goes down after you bought it. 


Does Home Depot Price Match Walmart?

Yes, Home Depot matches Walmart’s prices.

Does Home Depot Price Match?

Home Depot does match prices. To be eligible, an item must be the same in every way. Some possible parameters are Brand, Size, Color, and Model Number. The item must also be in stock at both stores that match prices.

How does price match Work at Home Depot?

We will match the price if you find the same item in stock at a lower price at any other store. Just bring the ad, a copy of it, or a photo to the register to be checked. (This could mean the associate needs to talk to the competitor.)

Does Home Depot match price plus 10 %?

Retail Stores: Price Match and Beat by 10%:

If you find the same item in stock at a lower price at a local store or on their website, we’ll match the price and beat it by 10%.

Does Home Depot have a 30 day price match guarantee?

Price protection is available at The Home Depot for up to 30 days. If something you’ve already bought goes on sale, you can bring back your receipt and get the difference back.

Does Home Depot price match their own stores?

Whether or not Home Depot will match the prices on is up to the store manager in your area.

Does Home Depot price match instore online?

Yes, you can get an online price match if you shop at and then find a lower price online somewhere else. But when they figure out if they can match the price, they’ll consider shipping costs.