Scheels Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy 2022

Scheels Price Match: Scheels does have a way to match prices. Scheels not only lets customers reach prices in-store but also lets them do it online, which is something that many of their competitors don’t do.

The article details how Scheels will match and change prices as of 2022. It will answer the most common questions about Scheel’s price adjustment policy and tell you if you should buy something from Scheels or not.

Does Scheels Price Match?

scheels price match

Yes. Scheels will match the price of a similar item sold at one of their competitors if you find it for less at a different store. Here’s what it means for Scheels to price match.

Company Scheels
Price Match? Yes
Time-frame Within two weeks or 14 days of purchase
Price Matches Claims to price match any of their online competitor retailers
Exclusions None. They price match all items as long as you have proof of the cheaper item. However, because each store is privately owned, the private owners can follow this policy how they see fit
Where to redeem Both in-store and online

Scheels Price Match Policy Details

Scheel’s policy on price matching lets customers compare prices in-store and online. Once you find an identical item at a lower price, you’ll need to show Scheel’s customer service or store employees proof.

There are no limits on which stores Scheel will match the price of, as long as you show proof of the competitor’s website or ad, which must then be checked. You can get a price match up to two weeks after buying something. Scheels also has a return policy that ensures you are happy with your purchase.

Does Scheels Price Match in 2022?

Yes, Scheels does have price matching! The company promises to match prices both in-store and online if you can show proof of a lower price from a competitor.

Does Scheels Price Adjust in 2022?

Yes, indeed! Scheels’s policy on price adjustments can be found on its website. This policy on price changes is the most recent one that the public can use.

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Scheels Price Match Policy explained

A Scheel customer service rep said that Scheels would match the price of any item, online or in-store if you can show proof of the lower price. If you want to price match online, the customer service representative said to send an email to a customer service representative, which you can do here.

Does Scheels price match Sales?

Scheels does let you change the price of sale items you bought up to two weeks after you bought them. If you decide not to keep the thing, you can return it for the total amount you paid for it.

What products are included under the Scheels price match policy?

Scheels says it will match the price of any item and promises that every customer will be happy. But be careful because each store is privately owned, so each owner can decide how to follow these rules.

What items are excluded under the Scheels refund and price match policy?

Scheels says that they will match the price of any item as long as they can show proof of a lower price. However, since each store is privately owned, it has been said that these private owners can interpret this policy however they want, which is a bit disappointing.

Does Scheels price match online?

Yes, Scheels will match prices in-store and online. It’s best to contact their customer service and show proof of a lower-priced item so they can help you change the price.

Does Scheels price match Amazon?

Scheels has the same prices as Amazon. The company says it will match the costs of any online store.

Does Scheels price match after purchase?

Scheels will match the price of an item you already bought. Still, they only guarantee this if it hasn’t been more than two weeks since you bought it.

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Does Scheels do delivery?

Scheels uses UPS, FedEx, and USPS to ship packages so that they can be brought right to your door. You can also have any packet sent to the store closest to your home if you’d instead pick it up there.

Does Scheels accept Paypal?

Scheels accepts credit cards and PayPal for sure. They will also give you a full refund if something goes wrong with your order on their end.

What is Scheels exchange policy?

You can find Scheels’s exchange policy on their website, but if you don’t want to go there, here are their rules.

  • The refund will not cover the cost of shipping.
  • Items must be returned as they were when you got them.
  • You must ship the item in a box approved by USPS and keeps the thing safe.
  • Shoes should be sent back in the shoe box and shipped in a proper shipping container.
  • The sales tax will be put back on the card used to pay for the item.
  • You can’t return or exchange ammunition bought at
  • If you made a particular order, you must bring it back to any of our stores. (Note: There is no cost for shipping.)
  • Certain broken items, like baseball bats and hockey sticks, must be returned according to the rules set by the manufacturer.

So does Scheels have the best price for you?

Scheels says they will match the price of any lower-priced item they sell in their store, so if you look at other stores in the same market, it’s safe to say that Scheels is a good choice.

Also, because they are privately owned, private owners can decide for themselves whether or not to follow these rules.

Tips To Save Money At Scheels With Price Match

You can save a lot of money on your favorite brands at Scheels. Scheels sells classic items like socks, underwear, and shirts, but they also offer discounts on name-brand items that you can’t get anywhere else. So, if you find something you want at a lower price somewhere else, don’t be afraid to ask about their price-match policy.

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Please bring in a flyer or ad from a competitor that shows a lower price, and Scheels will usually match it. This rule applies to in-store and online purchases through the Scheels website and app.

Scheels also has a loyalty rewards program called My Rewards. Every time a member makes a purchase, they can earn points. This policy is in place at all Scheels stores in the U.S., so if you’re shopping for something popular and seasonal, like Christmas gifts or beauty products, make sure to check it out.

Scheels customer Service

1 (701) 356-8264


If you want to save money on your shopping in a quick and easy way, you should check them out. Not only do they have the most price-matching options, but they also have the best customer service.


Does Scheels Price Match?

Scheels matches prices in 2022, and they have a policy that lets customers match prices in-store and online.

Does Scheels price match Amazon?

Yes, if Amazon is one of the listed competitors, Scheels will match Amazon’s prices.

Does scheels price match cabelas?

Member. Scheels has been great about matching prices. A few months ago, they matched Camofire’s price for a tripod. I just spent my last Cabela’s point, and I will close that card.

Does scheels do price adjustment?

For example, Scheels will match the prices of items from rival stores like Amazon. Both in-store and online, Scheels will match a competitor’s price. Scheels offers price match guarantees and lets you return, exchange, or change your purchase price within the first two weeks.