20 Best Free Apple TV Games You Can Play – Guide 2023

Best Free Apple TV Games

Best Free Apple TV Games: There are a variety of ways that Apple TV stands out From the rest of the market. 

It can be used to stream 4K HDR Dolby Atmos content and control HomeKit-connected home appliances and more, Apple TV is a smart home device that Apple TV can do everything.

Additionally, thanks to the powerhouse A12 Bionic chip this smart TV can play some truly incredible games. 

Best Free Apple TV Games

If you’re looking to play video games with a big display, without having to pay for the top PS5 games These are the top 20 Apple TV games you can play for free today.

Best Free Apple TV Games You Should Try 2023

Although all of the Apple TV games listed in this roundup do not cost, you’ll have to pay a few dollars to unlock the full range of games. 

Since in-app purchases aren’t required and you can play the free versions for as long as you do not want to upgrade. 

Another thing to note before the game is that many games are compatible with not just Apple TV but also other devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac and making them the perfect match for the party. 

If you’re looking for games that work for all of these devices check out our list of the most popular games that work with iPhone, iPad games, and apps that work on Mac. 

With that said we’re ready to get going!

1. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is an epic platformer that has unique gameplay. 

The game focuses on aiding Rayman and his companions save Ancient eggs to breathe new breath on life into The Sacred Tree. 

With timeless adventures, over 55 characters and a variety of amazing worlds to explore This game contains all the elements to give you hours of entertainment.

In addition, Rayman Adventures is packed with more than 200 levels with various difficulties. 

On every level, you’ll confront a myriad of creatures and explore the enigmatic lands of hidden secrets. 

In the end, it’s not going to let you off the trap unless you put the right strategies into play.

Rayman Adventures does require you to connect an appropriate game controller to your Apple TV. But, we could play the game with an Apple TV remote as well.

Rayman Adventures

TV’s Apple TV remote as well.

Installation: free and a plethora of gems can be purchased at $1.99)

2. Crossy Road

Crossy Road can be described as the type of game you’ll never tire to play on the Apple TV. 

Although the graphics are easy to play and the gameplay is straightforward, it but it becomes addictive once you are in the rhythm. 

The endless arcade hopper has various characters like barnyards, animals robots, etc.

Therefore, you’ll be free to explore characters and then settle on one that’s compatible with your preferences. 

Keep in mind that playing endless arcade hopper requires being able to think from the top of your feet to outsmart your competitors. 

Or else, you’ll keep thinking about what caused the chicken to cross the road!

Crossy Road

Controller required? No, but can be used.

Install: (free, Fortune Chicken is available for $0.99)

3. Mushroom Wars 2: Tower Defense

If your quest is nothing less than a top tower defense strategy for a multiplayer game, it’ll be difficult to locate an even more thrilling experience than Mushroom Wars 2.

It’s true! This strategy game in real-time is an excellent combination of hero skill and tower defense elements of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena).

For the game, it’s all about increasing your base of fungi and hacking battle map items, and leading your huge mushroom army to victory.

To ensure that you don’t lose your grip, ensure that you call in legendary characters and utilize them strategically to take down rivals in co-op and multiplayer PVP modes.

With more than 200 difficult tasks You will have to constantly rethink your strategy to stay on the right side of the competition.

Mushroom Wars

Controller required? Yes

Install: (free, the dragon frame is available for $2.99)

4. Into the Dead

If you are a sucker for survival games, Into the Dead could be a great choice. 

Amid a brutal and gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse, where there are no second chances and you’ll need to put the “A” level to remain alive either by hook or hook or by crook.

The intense gameplay, the arsenal of weapons, high-quality graphics, and an enticing audio design makes it a standout zombie runner. 

So, what’s stopping you from trying to beat your friends at your personal best and compete with the world’s top players?

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 Into the Dead

Controller required? No

Install: (free, a small coin pack is available for $0.99)

5. Jetpack Joyride

As someone with an obsession with the endless running game, I’ve always enjoyed having fun playing Jetpack Joyride which comes from the developers of the extremely famous Fruit Ninja game.

In this endlessly running game, you must beat the scientists to the very finish line by defying every obstacle. 

Due to the wide range of crazy cars to ride and the possibility of earning many achievements, and lots of power-ups to boost your strength, your never-ending running doesn’t become boring.

Do not underestimate the fact that Jetpack Joyride is also up to the job in terms of customization. 

This means you can personalize your appearance with fun outfits that stand out in the crowd. 

In the end, considering everything it is worthy of being considered one of the top games for free Apple TV games.

Jetpack Joyride

Controller required? No

Install: (free, a coin booster pack is available for $1.99)

6. Real Racing 

In the hope of providing an ultimate experience in racing Real Racing 3 deserves a serious review, especially if you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping racing experience Apple TV is on top of your list.

What makes Real Racing at the forefront is the growing collection of over 250 cars made by well-known companies like McLaren, Ford, Aston Martin, Pagani, and many more.

Take that together with the numerous legally licensed tracks that are located in more than 20 locations in the real world and you’ll have very little space for complaints. 

Another aspect worth noting is the possibility to take part in more than 4000 races, including cup races Formula 1 Grands Prix endurance races, and much more.

In addition, you can join any race and compete against AI-controlled races in the time-shifting multiplayer. 

Because Real Racing has social leaderboards that allow you to compete to the top of the leaderboards to make a mark.

Real Racing 3

Controller required? Yes, or a first-gen Siri remote

Install: (free, a handful of gold is available for $1.99)

7. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne belongs to the elite group of racing games on Apple TV. 

There is no excuse to not play this game. 

In this online, real-time multi-player racing simulation, players will be able to access over 300 authentic speed vehicles including Ducati, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Ferrari to Audi.

For a truly customized gaming experience, Asphalt 8 lets you not just customize your avatar, but also give an individual appearance to your favorite rides by using a range of stickers.

And when you bring dozens of professionally-designed tracks and over 400 career events complete with car mastery challenges into the mix, it makes for a strong case for your exclusive roster of car racing games.


Controller required? No

Install: (free, rookie credit pack is available for $1.99)

8. Hungry Shark Evolution

Ubisoft’s Hungry Shark Evolution is a thrilling action-packed shark game in which you’ll need to put full-on to take control of the extremely hungry shark.

In the wild sea rampage, survival is an arduous task until, of course, you unleash the monster versions of you. 

Beyond fighting with massive sharks, you’ll have the chance to discover the amazing underwater world and evolve iconic sharks.

The amazing graphics and sound effects add excitement to the underwater world. 

The only thing to consider is, how long could you keep those fearsome sharks out of your way?

Hungry Shark Evolution

Controller required? No, but it’s difficult to play without one.

Install: (free, 20 gems are available for $1.99)

9. Alliance: Air War

Do you want to play the simulation game? 

Alliance: Air War is an extremely-rated flight simulator game created to test your skills as a pilot in air combat like attacks on the fleet, on the ace the free-flight option, killing dogfighting, and much more.

You can show off your ability to dogfight against adversaries fighters with Vulcan weapons, missiles-guided missiles, machine guns, and more. 

Additionally, the game offers six different modes that offer a variety of tasks and leaderboards that allow you to compare yourself with the top players around the world.

In addition to gaming, learning about years of air combat innovations is quite an experience, particularly when it piques your interest.

Controller required? Yes, however, you can play with the first-gen Apple TV remote (Siri remote) in addition.

Alliance Air War

Install: (free, small fuel purchase is available for $0.99)

10. 2048

When you want to relax with a brain teaser, 2048 might be an ideal time to indulge. In this game of puzzles, all you have to do is join numbers and arrive at 2048.

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You can utilize Siriremote Siriremote to move tiles as well, when tiles that have identical numbers touch each other, they join to form one. 

It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? That’s why it’s a top choice for family gaming.

Controller required? No

Install: (free, ad-free version is available for $2.99)

11. Minion Rush

If you’re looking for a family-friendly, endless runner game, then Gameloft’s Minion Rush could be an ideal match for your celebration. 

With this video game, you’ll delight in chasing minion players on several hidden missions. 

You can choose to avoid dangers inside the laboratory, slicing through the streets, or even launching into the hideouts of supervillains There are plenty of exciting new adventures and challenges that will test your running skills. 

Additionally, you can gain new stories and rewards through completing special challenges. 

Each secret you discover will allow you to become an expert minion. 

In addition, Minion Rush also offers an array of options for customization, allowing you to design costumes that you like. Start playing Minion Rush to see how far you get.

Minion Rush

Controller required? No

Install: (free, a stack of tokens is available for $1.99)

12. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a highly addictive physics-based driving simulation. 

The game’s driving theme is the brave racer from uphill named “Newton Bill” who is determined to conquer the most difficult hills. 

It is equipped with a variety of hill-climbing settings, it’s capable of keeping the game’s predictability in check. 

The thing I like the most about the game is the garage mode, where you can alter your vehicles to suit your personal preferences. 

Plus, Hill Climb Racing also has an array of vehicles like police cars, motocross bikes and monster trucks, fire trucks, and much more to allow you to test various vehicles. 

Go for a ride and I’m betting you’ll be awed by every minute that you climb.

Hill Climb Racing

Controller required? No

Install: (free, 150,000 coins for $1.99)

13. Mars: Mars

An immersive space adventure like Mars: Mars deserves a place in this vast collection of the top games for free Apple TV games. 

The reason it is a noteworthy inclusion is the massive red planet that has a lot of hidden secrets. 

If digging into the mysteries and uncovering what’s to offer enthralls the player, Mars: Mars won’t require much time to become one of your top games. 

Yes, you can also take selfies of Mars’ amazing sightings and share your experience with your family and friends ones on Instagram.


Controller required? No

Install: (free, Ufo is available for $0.99)

14. Playdead’s Inside

I don’t believe there are enough indie adventure games that compete with Playdead’s INSIDE. 

The dark and narrative-driven platformer is made to push your mind’s wheels to the test. 

If you’re fascinated by solving puzzles you’ll find it perfect for you. Moreover, this 2D puzzle platformer is well-crafted with a plethora of artwork and animations. 

With the soothing ambient music included solving problems is fun.

Playdead’s Inside

Controller required? No

Install: (free, the full version is available for $6.99)

15. Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape

Don’t get bored of being an endless runner It’s time to face the never-ending hopper. 

In this endless game of hopping, you’ll help the hero hopping as Hoppy is unfortunately caught up in false accusations, and ends up in jail. 

Hoppy is looking for you to assist him in avoiding bail and getting off into the mountains. 

When he makes an uncontrollable race for freedom, bouncing and sliding over the city’s skyline in the hope of avoiding criminals and police, put all your killer strategies to aid him in his quest.

City Escape

Controller required? No

Install: (free, the micro pack of gems is available for $1.99)

16. Hit Tennis 3

Then, I’ve chosen Hit Tennis 3 for those who aren’t able to get enough tennis games. If you’re among those, then you need to place it in your list of games to play. 

The game is fairly simple in that you simply need to swipe or flick to strike the ball. But, don’t take the game lightly since it can take some time to learn. 

Notably, Hit Tennis 3 features 24 tournaments across 8 different locations. If you win a tournament, you’ll receive lots of cash and a huge trophy.

Hit Tennis 3

Controller required? Yes, or a 1st-gen Siri remote

Install: (free, 30 tennis bucks is available for $0.99)

17. Sonic CD Classic

Are you looking to revive your passion for SEGA classic console games? If so, Sonic CD, which is part of the SEGA Forever classic games, is the one to play. 

In this classic game, you’ll travel through time to save Amy Rose and recover the legendary Time Stones. 

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Keep in mind the fact that D. Eggman and his evil Metal Sonic’s creation Metal Sonic will never cease to throw obstacles and never miss an opportunity to throw your entire game into chaos, which is why you need to be vigilant.

Sonic CD Classic

Controller required? No

Install: (free, premium upgrade for $1.99)

18. Highway Crash Derby

And lastly, Highway Crash Derby is all about driving your speedy vehicle on the highway and attempting to cause the maximum destruction to cause chaos. 

Of course, it’s a reel world, there is nothing that can hinder anyone from turning into the most brutal racer on the track. 

The longer you’re alive, the better you’ll earn. 

Although it’s not able to go in a head-to-head battle with Real Racing 3 or Asphalt 8 it will not disappoint even if you only want a decent car racing experience with a few different cars.

Highway Crash Derby

Controller required? No

Install: (free, 400 coins are available for $1.99)

19. Pako Forever

Pako Forever is another one of the top games for free Apple TV games you can play now. 

The game is packed with intense racing and vehicle chases. 

You’re on the loose from the police inside your car, and you’re determined to do everything to get away from the long arms of law enforcement.

Many unlockable vehicles and levels are endless leaderboards, and much more. Pako Forever is a game that should be played with your Apple TV.

Pako Forever

Controller required? No

Install: (free)

20. Beach Buggy Racing

If you like racing games that are fun and casual, Beach Buggy Racing will likely be your favorite Apple TV game. 

It has cartoon-like graphics and is suitable for kids younger than So, no matter who’s playing it on this Apple TV, this game is sure to find a spot. 

The controls are easy to use and numerous power-ups enhance the game’s experience.

 Beach Buggy Racing

Controller required? Yes, or a 1st-gen Siri remote

Install: (Free)

Top Free Games for Apple TV Lined Up for You

You’re done! That’s it for this comprehensive list of the top games for free Apple TV games. 

We hope you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. 

Before you embark on a lengthy gaming spree make sure to tell us which games you’ve been able to find a place in your collection. 

In addition, if you would like one of your most loved games to be included in this compilation let us know about them also.

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Free Apple TV Games – FAQ

What are Free Apple TV Games?

You may download and play “Free Apple TV Games” for no charge on your Apple TV.

How do I find Free Apple TV Games?

Go to the “Games” area of the App Store on your Apple TV to locate free Apple TV games. Look for games with “Free” in the title to download and play for no cost.

Are Free Apple TV Games good quality?

Yes, there are a lot of good Free Apple TV Games to choose from. Even though the quality may range, you can find fun games that don’t cost any money.

Can I play Free Apple TV Games offline?

Yes, you can play a Free Apple TV Game without an internet connection once you’ve downloaded it.

Are there different genres of Free Apple TV Games?

Absolutely! There are many different kinds of free Apple TV games, like action, adventure, puzzle, sports, racing, and more. Everyone can find something they like.

Do Free Apple TV Games have in-app purchases?

Most Free Apple TV Games are really free, but some may let you buy extra material or features inside the app. The basic game play is still free, though.

Can I sync my game progress across multiple devices?

It’s up to the game. Some free Apple TV games let you keep playing on other Apple devices by sharing your progress through iCloud.

Are there multiplayer options in Free Apple TV Games?

Yes, you can play many Free Apple TV Games with more than one person at the same time. You can play with friends or fight against other players online.

Can I delete and reinstall Free Apple TV Games without losing progress?

Most of the time, yes. You won’t lose your progress if you delete and reinstall a game that syncs with iCloud or has a built-in save option.

Can I play Free Apple TV Games on other Apple devices?

Since they were created particularly for Apple TV, free Apple TV games might not be accessible on other Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad.