Best Minecraft Towny Servers You Must Join Guide 2023

Best Minecraft Towny Servers 2023

Best Minecraft Towny Servers: Must Minecraft’s multiplayer servers offer an excellent escape from reality for everyone who plays. 

From playing around in Minecraft parkour servers to completing quests on map adventure There’s something to suit all players in this game. 

What if you could create a new living on one of the Minecraft servers? There is the possibility of having a house or a family and even being a part of an entire society. 

Minecraft Towny Servers

If you think this is all fantasy it is time to test the top Minecraft towny server. 

Based on the idea of games similar to The Sims the towny servers provide functional societies within the form of a town. 

From the economy to a partnership, the game recreates the way life is. 

In addition, unlike other simulations, the players who play on those servers are actual as us. 

So, let’s explore our list of the top Minecraft towny servers and check out what they can provide in 2023!

Best Towny Servers for Minecraft players to join

 Mox MC

Mox MC

Many servers feature a range of game modes available to their game modes as well the MoxMC is no exception. 

It’s among the most well-maintained and well-run servers on the market and users love the majority of the game modes available. 

Towny is among the top because of the many people who are involved.

One of the most popular servers, has plenty of games and players. 

For Towny Servers, it doesn’t get much better than this because there are tons of players (1,223 online now, according to and a dedicated team.



FadeCloud is a great option, especially when it comes to Towny Servers. 

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There are just five options on this server which include Survival, PvE Skyblock Prison, Skyblock, and Towny. 

That means each of them receives more focus than a larger server that can boost the quality of certain game modes.


MineRaze is among the top Towny Servers that are available since, unlike most servers, it is upgraded to the most recent version of the game nearly immediately. 
Java Edition 1.18.2 was just recently released and has been upgraded, and the upcoming updates will be the same.




the StickyMC only offers the following four options: PvE Economy Survival, Towny, and PvE. 

There aren’t a ton of players currently online (according to, but that means there’s plenty of space and freedom for players to build what they want for their town.

Start Living in the Top Minecraft Towny Servers

You are now ready to begin your new life on the top Minecraft towny servers. Some have Minecraft modifications to make life simpler. Some are built around top maps of adventure to provide a unique experience.

 One thing common to the various maps is the abundance of features that will keep your interest. 

However, if you’d prefer to make things your own hands you can set up the personal Minecraft server at no cost. 

Make sure you use some of the most effective Minecraft modpacks to simplify your life. 

You’ll need to install Forge within Minecraft to use these modpacks, and it doesn’t take too long. 

In case you’re new to these great Minecraft towns servers be sure to inform me which one of them you’d like to play by commenting below!

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Minecraft Towny Servers – FAQ

What are Minecraft Towny Servers?

Minecraft Towny Servers are multiplayer servers that use the Towny plugin, which lets people build and run towns in the Minecraft world.

How do I join a Towny Server?

Start Minecraft, go to the multiplayer menu, click “Add Server,” enter the server’s IP address or name, and then click “Join Server.”

What is the purpose of Towny in Minecraft?

Towny is a plugin that adds a town and country system. This lets players make towns, protect land, make alliances, and play in a way that is driven by the community.

Can I create my own town on a Towny Server?

Yes, you can make your own town on a Towny Server by claiming land, gathering resources, and asking other players to join your town.

Are Towny Servers focused only on town-building?

Building towns is a big part of Towny Servers, but they often have other things like economies, jobs, quests, and PvP areas to make the game more interesting.

Can I join existing towns on Towny Servers?

Absolutely!To join an established town on a Towny Server, you can apply or receive an invitation from a resident of that town. Towny Servers encourages people to work together and as a team.

How can I protect my town’s land from griefing and theft?

The Towny software makes sure that Towny Servers are safe. You can claim land and set rights to stop other people from making changes or getting in.

Can I engage in wars or form alliances with other towns?

Yes, Towny Servers often let towns join PvP wars and make alliances, which makes the game world more dynamic and engaging.

Can I play on Towny Servers in creative mode?

Different Towny Servers have different amounts of creative mode. Some servers have a building mode called “creative,” while others are mostly about “survival.”

Are there restrictions on town size or the number of towns?

Different Towny Servers have different limits on the size and number of towns. It’s best to look at the server’s rules for specific information.

Can I play on Towny Servers with my friends?

Absolutely! Towny Servers are made so that multiple people can play at the same time. This means that you can play with friends and work together to build and grow towns.

Can I transfer my town or progress to another Towny Server?

Most of the time, you can’t move towns or progress between Towny Servers because each server works on its own and has its own unique world and player data.

Are Towny Servers available on all Minecraft editions?

Towny Servers are mostly for Minecraft Java Edition, but there may be different versions of the Towny plugin for Minecraft Bedrock Edition or other options.

How can I find popular or recommended Towny Servers?

You can find famous or recommended Towny Servers by searching online forums, looking at websites that list Minecraft servers, or asking the Minecraft community for suggestions.