5 best Minecraft Pixelmon servers 2022

Minecraft pixelmon servers: If you’re not aware, Pixelmon servers are Minecraft’s solution to the top GBA Pokemon game which is dominating the fanbase. Certain of them feature settings that are similar to the cities of Pokemon. Some servers also have full-blown games where you battle, catch and train Pokemon on Minecraft.

Although, as you would think, these servers keep everything within the confines of Minecraft biomes. Also, the Pokemons may indeed be a bit like their anime counterparts but the towns are still a bit squishy.

This unique blend of blocky and animated Minecraft worlds is accompanied by some nostalgia. Each Pixelmon server has its unique features, along with some of the most popular Minecraft Mods. So, let’s attempt to get them on the top Minecraft Pixelmon server!

5 of the most fun Minecraft Pixelmon servers to play

On these servers, gamers can compete with, collect, and train Pokemon in the vast realm of Minecraft.

1) Mox MC

Server IP Address: Moxmc.net

Mox MC is one of the Minecraft pixelmon servers that are located on the top of a dedicated Minecraft Pixelmon server list. On this server, every new player is received a free shiny Pokemon to start with just for joining.

Mox MC

Trading and battles for Pokemon are the mainstays of the server. Every week, the server hosts Pokemon ladder battles that are ranked in which players battle their most powerful Pokemon in ladder-based tournaments to be awarded prizes and unique shiny Pokemon.

2) Pixelmon Realms

Server IP Address: play.pixelmonrealms

Pixelmon Realms is possibly the most well-known Minecraft Pixelmon server. It is powered by Pixelmon Reforged.

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With a 5x Pokemon spawn rate available at this site, there’s no chance of getting bored waiting to find Pokemon. This server is an excellent option for people seeking to break the monotony away from Pixelmon.


The server also has economic stability as well as grief protection EV education, as well as use for the “wonder trade. “wonder trade” system.

3) GRM Pixelmon

Server IP Address: grmpixelmon.com

GRM Pixelmon is an enjoyable pixelmon server that provides a no-cost rank, backpack, and poke head to all who sign up. About gameplay, gamers can explore a range of areas inspired by Pokemon. Pokemon games, such as Johto and Kanto. Johto and Kanto regions.


The players can also take part in PokeHunts and explore the safari area and collect daily rewards and take part in server-wide events.

4) CyborgMC

Server IP Address: pizza.cyborgmc.com

On this server, Minecrafters participate on a replicated map of the real earth’s terrain, where they can hunt Pokemon and fight them against other players.


The cool thing about this particular server for pixelmons is the fact that Pokemon are logically found in certain regions of the globe. For instance, Charizard is known to occur near volcanic areas of the globe, while Ice-based Pokemon like Abomnasnow are often located in regions like the North Pole and the South Pole.

5) Complex Gaming Pixelmon

Server IP Address: hub.mc-complex.com

ComplexMC is among the most popular servers on Minecraft Pixelmon, with hundreds of gamers at all times throughout the day.


On this server players can turn into the Pokemon trainer they’ve always wanted to become, taking part in Pokemon battles, battling gyms exchanging rare Pokemon with other players, and much more.

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