10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers – 2023

Minecraft Prison Servers: The players who invest real money to improve their game on prison servers are rewarded with rewards. 

The rewards are not that significant, like higher quality items, access to special mines, as well as numerous other benefits. 

There are many Minecraft jail servers available to pick from. Each one can provide you with a profitable and fun experience. 

Minecraft Prison Servers

A majority of them come with sophisticated features that make the gameplay more exciting.

If you’re not sure what to pick then you’re in the right spot.

We’ve provided not just a few, however, but 10 of the top Minecraft Prison Servers that you are sure to enjoy and must test.

10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Let’s begin by introducing the top 10 Minecraft Prison Servers that you must test.

1. Purple Prison

IP Address: purpleprison.com

If you’re searching for an outstanding prison server What’s more impressive then Purple Prison? 

Purple Prison is a game mode where players can level up by building, mining trade with others and much more. 

It’s a simple way to start. Each day, for four hours the server hosts huge automated PvP games.

 Purple Prison

Purple Prison is the gold standard in Minecraft for Prison servers. 

Another reason that Purple Prison Server is that Purple Prison Server can be considered to be one of the most well-known prison servers is the fact that it has a clean community. 

This server has been very popular for a long time and numerous celebrities have joined to assist in bringing it to new heights. You must definitely give the server a go.

2. MC Prison

IP Address: mc.prisonfun.com

The list is not complete without a mention of one of the initial prison servers that helped get it all began. 

“MC Prison” is among the most well-known and popular prison servers. 

MC Prison

With this server’s flexibility, you can perform virtually everything you’d ever want to accomplish in prison.

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Security guards, cells for prisoner groups, and a lot more can be seen in the property. It’s very exciting, and it’s also one of the oldest prisons.

3. JailsMC

IP Address: play.jailsmc.net

A high-quality OP-Prison server that has no lag or bugs and a terrific team. 

When it comes to innovation the server is all-encompassing There are a lot of interesting things to discover. 

Even if you’re a skilled player, you’ll discover innovative and thrilling activities to explore with this map.


Explosive pickaxes, lightning-powered pickaxes, and a tool that could unleash hostile mobs that attack enemies are just a few of the amazing enchantments available in the game server.

4. OP Blocks

IP Address: play.opblocks.com

Op Blocks is a Minecraft prison that is made of candy. It might seem odd initially. But trust us when we declare it to be awe-inspiring. 

When you’ve reached the top and unlock a new and fun candy-themed mine.

OP Blocks

There’s nothing unusual about this server because everything is done very easily. If you’re seeking something original and intriguing This is the server for you. 

A lot of users have been enjoying it, and maybe you will, too.

5. Pluteria

IP Address : play.pluteria.com

Pluteria is another great prison server that we offer to players, and we recommend you consider giving it a go. 

It’s an amazing server that has numerous interesting aspects that keep players entertained for hours, including. Pluteria is an online Minecraft prison with some twists.


Players have the option of progressing through 10 distinct levels in this game that takes place in space. They can unlock planets on the way. 

The players will spend the bulk of their time in the planets, mining resources to exchange with money. This sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

6. MineSuperior

IP Address : minesuperior.com

MineSuperior is an internet-based network that belongs to the new generation. 

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It was designed with the needs of gamers in mind. Concepts are continually being developed.


The aim was making it as simple as is possible. In the case of games in prison it has proved to be a popular server.

7. PikaNetwork

IP Address : play.pika-network.net

If you’re new to the game and wanting to test some of the top prison servers that are available, this is the game to choose. 

You won’t be bored with PikaNetwork since new items and content are frequently added. Mini-games, events and even events are accessible at this site.


8. MineVille

IP Address : server.mineville.org

It’s definitely worth a look with frequent upgrades as well as a lively fan base. 

Custom enchantmentsand levels of players, crates and chests jobs, races as well as weddings, are accessible at this time.


9. Minecraft Central

IP Address : mccentral.org

Minecraft Central is a server which is proud of keeping its content up-to-date. It also announces new seasons regularly. 

It is recommended to try this server because it provides personalised content and reward for votes.

 Minecraft Central

10. TritonPVP

IP Address : play.tritonpvp.net

TritonPVP offers the best Skyblock experience that you can have.

It’s the only server in the world with modular islands, missions and visual borders and a store with a GUI.

This was the end of the story. 


There are some of the top Minecraft Prison Servers to try out and fall in love with. Share your experience in the comment section below. 

If you have an ideal prison server that is working well for you and your Family, please share it with us and everyone else.

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Minecraft Prison Servers – FAQ

What is a Minecraft Prison Server?

A Minecraft jail Server is a multiplayer server where players must rise through the ranks to escape a virtual jail.

What activities can I do on a Prison Server?

You can do things like mine, farm, finish tasks, take part in events, trade with other players, and more on a Prison Server.

How do I progress through ranks on a Prison Server?

To move up in ranks, you usually have to finish certain jobs or challenges, like mining a certain number of resources or making in-game money.

Can I play on a Prison Server with my friends?

Yes, you can play with your friends on most Prison Servers. By Connecting to the same server and interacting with them in-game, you can accomplish this.

Are there any PvP (Player versus Player) elements on Prison Servers?

Some Prison Servers have PvP places where players can fight each other. This adds more competition and excitement to the game.

Can I make my own buildings on a Prison Server?

Building may not be allowed in the prison area, but some servers have plots or places where players can build and show off their creativity.

Are there different types of Prison Servers available?

Yes, there are many different kinds of Prison Servers with different themes, ways to play, and extra features to meet the needs of different players.

Can I sell or trade items with other players on a Prison Server?

Yes, many Prison Servers have trading systems or shops where you can sell or trade things with other players to make in-game money or get resources.

Are there any rules or guidelines I should follow on a Prison Server?

To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and equitable experience playing, it is crucial to be aware of any specific rules that may apply to each Prison Server.