10 Best Modded Minecraft Servers for Java Edition – 2022

Modded Minecraft Servers for Java Edition

Modded servers Minecraft: Minecraft’s servers for the community have been providing quality content to gamers for years. They offer unique adventure maps as well as brand-new Minecraft biomes as well as a variety of customized resource packs. 

However, the most thrilling Minecraft servers are those with the top Minecraft mods. Each server has special features and capabilities that standard Minecraft will never be able to offer. You can get specific Minecraft effects as well as weapons and, in some instances cars too in Minecraft. 

To save you time, we’ve compiled an inventory of the top modified Minecraft servers that will give you the best gaming experience of your life. So, let’s find out which of these top modified Minecraft servers meet the expectations of the media.

Best Modded Minecraft Servers  2022

Because of the programming capabilities, These modified servers are available only because of the capabilities they offer to Minecraft Java Edition. The servers listed on our list are not listed, so make use of the table below to find the server that is catching your attention.

1. Minescape

  • Server Address: play.gameslabs.net

The first server we have modified in this listing is Minescape. It is among the most popular Minecraft servers, and it adds various customized features to the game. 

It comes with customized bosses, new mob models as well as the Music synthesizer along with other features. If that wasn’t enough, the server also comes with various new additions each season on the server.


One of the unique aspects of the server is its first-person view of an immersive Minecraft world. In addition, it includes a variety of new abilities in crafting as well as combat and exploration that is not being found in existing Minecraft worlds.

2. AkumaMC

  • Server Address: play.akumamc.net

AkumaMC is an important Minecraft server that focuses a lot on having fun and teamwork. One of the unique features of the server is the presence of group-based games within a prison setting. 

When you, along with your group are up for the challenge you could even try to climb its leaderboard and win exciting prizes on the server.

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It offers daily contests, exciting rewards as well as the possibility of a store on servers. If you’re looking for the most effective prison server that keeps team play at the high-performance it is the server you must choose.

3. Hypixel

  • Server Address: mc.hypixel.net

There is no checklist of Minecraft Java servers that would be complete without Hypixel, the Hypixel is the biggest server ever. 

Hypixel is the only modified server that never runs empty of players, nor is devoid of content exclusive to keep players entertained. Hypixel has more than 19 mini-games offering almost every kind of game you can find on the internet.


It also has a forum, store as well as other things that will keep you busy beyond the game. There’s even a complete guide to ways to sign up for Hypixel Minecraft. 

Hypixel Minecraft server to simplify the process for players. It also has mini-games that are available on the server.

4. MC Complex

  • Server Address: hub.mc-complex.com

There are numerous stunning Pixelmon servers around the globe, but just a few offer the same user-friendly experience provided with MC Complex. 

It’s also one of the few servers that are reliable and compatible with Minecraft 1.18 and up. You must download the modpack before connecting to the server to get access to the Pixelmon component of it.

MC Complex

Beyond getting to meet those Pokemons You can also play standard game modes such as Skyblocks and survival but on distinctive maps. 

One of their latest maps was created using the Bikini bottom image in Spongebob Squarepants. If you’re looking to get an ounce of the nostalgia of your youth, the MC complex should be the best option for you.

5. Purple Prison

  • Server Address: purpleprison.org

It is rated as one of the top Minecraft Prison servers Purple Prison takes the popular game mode for prisoners to new heights. The thing that makes it one of the tops is the freedom it gives players. 

Beyond the standard norms of never being disrespectful, this server offers an enormous amount of creative freedom to players playing it and their activities.

Purple Prison

Like a real prison, you are required to mine on the server, with the risk of being murdered by fellow Minecraft players. 

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The shops and the limited PVP zones allow for a more comfortable experience. Beyond the gameplay, in prison, The server also organizes regular contests and events to keep things fresh.

6. Kuba’ Modded Factions

  • Server Address: Kuba.nitrous.it

Somehow, this Minecraft modified server is getting lots of attention on streaming websites like YouTube. Perhaps it’s because of the large server events that are uploaded to YouTube often. 

If you’ve ever thought of being a participant in the world of YouTube on Minecraft This server will give you the chance to be in the spotlight.

Kuba’ Modded Factions

In terms of gameplay, this server mimics the usual realm of the factions but includes customized recipes, brand new Minecraft ore, and plenty of PVP possibilities in the game. In addition, you can also earn special rewards, lore-related items, as well as a plethora of plugins. 

Remember that the server is running version 1.12.2. 1.12.2 version, which means it isn’t possible to expect terrains similar to Minecraft 1.18 seeds in this instance.

7. SmashMC

  • Server Address: play.smashmc.co

SmashMC is a modified Minecraft server that draws pieces of other servers and combines every one of them to its highest levels. It features Pixelmon, dungeons mob gyms in-game, skyblock, and many other mini-games. 

You can also purchase some of its incredible additional enhancements through their online store. However, the basic package that the server provides you is plenty for the majority of players.


A step above the game modes that are commonly seen on the various server, SmashMC boasts that it is being the location of the first warfare feature. 

It’s a game mode that lets you fight with other teams and players. Be aware that because of the limited resources it takes some time for players to sign in.

8. Bcraft Naruto

  • Server Address: mc.b-craft.org

The next mod we’ll be releasing on our Minecraft server is an original one. Its name says it all, it’s based on the famous anime Naruto and takes it very seriously. 

Once you are spawned in the game, you need to select a clan that you would like to be part of. After that, the game offers you Jujutsu-related training, as well as specific weapons and abilities. You can even create a custom AI training dummy that isn’t easy to handle.

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Bcraft Naruto

When your ninja education is done, it’s the time to get your weapons and strive to be the most powerful Shinobi on the internet. If you’re not acquainted with the world of anime this list of top websites to stream anime legally will assist you in getting straight on the right track.

9. Brawl

  • Server Address: brawl.com

Brawl is a wildly popular mod Minecraft server that has a wealth of content that is exclusive content. The majority of the server’s designs, as well as mods, are created from scratch which means that there’s an array of ideas here that you can’t find on another server. 

The only downside is that the number of users on the server is in decline. This means that you’ll need to recruit your team.


For the types of games you can play, there are can choose to play capture the flag, games of the party as well as war, raids, and a myriad of other thrilling survival games. 

Some games even permit you to make your weapons, similar to guns in Minecraft. However, all you have to do is to grind until you reach the server’s leaderboard after you’ve mastered the game.

10. Grand Theft Minecraft

  • Server Address: gym. network

Finally, we also have a GTA-based Minecraft server that’s not feasible without mods. It features vehicles, weapons, and other items from The Grand Theft Auto franchise, including various cities recreated within the blocky environment of Minecraft. 

Therefore, even though we’re not going to get GTA 6 shortly, however, the Minecraft community will keep us entertained until its launch.

Grand Theft Minecraft

For the game’s content, aside from your survival game and the amazing mini-games, you can also choose to participate in numerous games-related events. These events typically have exclusive prizes and occur every month, on our server.

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