10 Best Minecraft PvP Servers Guide 2023

Minecraft PvP Servers: Are you the best Minecraft player? The most powerful Minecraft enchantments are generally known by the pros.

They also have access to a lot of potions and can complete the fastest speedrun seeds. 

These are all good examples of what you Can do to improve your Skills and become a better Minecrafter. 

Minecraft PvP Servers

There is no better place than the best Minecraft PvP server to do that. You can compete against other players around the globe by entering a series of challenges. 

You can also have fun with your friends if all that seems too overwhelming. 

These best PvP servers are essential to the Minecraft multiplayer experience. Let’s get started and let’s see what these servers are like!

Best PvP Servers to Fight Other Minecraft Players  2023

We covered Minecraft PvP servers Bedrock as well as Java editions. Each server’s address can be found under its description.

It will also include the edition it is compatible. Our list is not ranked.

You can use the table below, however, to find the Minecraft PvP servers you are interested in at your leisure.

1. PvP Land

  • Java Address: PVP.land

The PvP Land server is a great place to start in the player-vs-player world. It is a unique server that is exclusively dedicated to PvP games. 

The server has an open community where players can compete against each other and try to climb up the leaderboard. 

The server allows for seasonal resets and updates to keep it from becoming too overwhelming for new players.

PvP Land

PvP Land is unique because of its fighting bots. You can practice fighting the custom bots on the server before you get ready to face real players. 

These bots are meant to mimic real players’ moves and improve your combat skills.

2. Foxcraft

  • Java Address: play.foxcraft.net

This is the server for you if you are not a fan of resets and changes. Foxcraft has a reputation for running its world for many years. 

If you build a base and gather items in this server’s universe, there is a good chance that they will not vanish until at most 2024.

 The unfair game of power in the PvP server is a result of a lack of resets.


Because of the time and effort, they’ve put into improving their skills and getting ready to fight other players, many players are the dominant players on this server. 

It’s a great challenge to topple them from the top. 

You don’t have to do that, however, there are other classic game modes available, such as sky-block, prison, creative, and sky-block.

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 3. Purple Prison

  • Java Address: purpleprison.org

Purple Prison, which is a peaceful and popular PvP server, is our next entry. It features cells, yards, and prisoners. 

To earn in-game rewards, players can take part in daily PvP events that allow them to use server shops or auction houses.

Purple Prison

Purple Prison offers peace that is unique to any other PvP server. It is a server that allows you to fight other players. However, you have the option to not. 

Purple Prison has safe zones and designated sitting areas so you can just hang out and make new friends.

 4. Mineplex

  • Java Address: us.mineplex.com
  • Bedrock Address: pe.mineplex.com

Mineplex is one of the most popular Minecraft servers. Thousands of players log in every day to play Minecraft Java or Bedrock. 

Mineplex offers many games including survival, skywards, and clans. You will also find non-PvP games. 

The server’s main focus is on mini-games, and custom content, and not a large open PvP realm.


Mineplex is constantly adding new themes to celebrate every major holiday because of its growing community. 

You can find scary Halloween and wholesome Christmas. 

There are a lot of choices.Whether alone or with others, it has something for everyone to enjoy.You are free to select whatever suits your preferences.

5. PvP Hub

  • Java Address: pvphub.club (version 1.18)

Next is a Minecraft PvP server with several unique features. The UHC model is the most popular part of this server. This model is rare nowadays. 

This mode allows players to spawn at random locations in a Minecraft world. 

Then they get a few minutes to prepare before a full “last-person-standing” battle begins. This game mode is very similar to games such as PUBG.

PvP Hub

It also has many custom game modes such as bed-wars and PvP arenas. This server does have one major problem. 

This server only works on Minecraft 1.8. You must downgrade your Minecraft game before you can play on it.

6. Donut SMP

  • Java Address: DonutSMP.net
  • Bedrock Address: DonutSMP.net

Donut SMP is the next best Minecraft PvP server. It is an active hardcore server. 

If a player is killed, they cannot join the server again until two real-world days have passed. 

This server is only for those who can trust their combat skills and can survive against the cruelest players. 

This PvP server allows you to kill, grieve, steal, and even steal.

 Donut SMP

The server’s gameplay includes survival, anarchy, and hardcore. There are also Lifestealsmp, One Life, OneTrySMP, and vanilla game modes. 

Each of these game modes has very high stakes. Donut SMP is for players who want to test their combat skills. 

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7. Wild Prison

  • Java Address: play.wildprison.net

Wild Prison is a PvP Minecraft server that’s very competitive, as its name implies. The main prison theme is incorporated into the server, along with many custom features. 

To make your place in the world, you will receive tokens, unique pickaxes, and lucky blocks. 

Playing PvP and entering competitions provide players the chance to develop their abilities.

Wild Prison

The server offers PvP, as well as custom Minecraft enchantments and gangs.

There are also free ranks, unique pets, and even a few gangs. Wild Prison has a lot to offer. 

8. Hypixel

  • Java Address: mc.hypixel.net

The Hypixel server is a well-known name in the online community. 

It is one of the most popular Minecraft servers, with an incredible community and many game modes. 

This guide will help you get to know the server better. It has all you could want in an online Minecraft server.


With support for 18 languages and 19 game modes, the server can host players from all over the world. 

Hypixel’s creative server and the team can help you if you don’t already have a Minecraft team.

9. Galaxite

  • Bedrock Address: play.galaxite.net

PvP server focus is usually on Minecraft’s vanilla survival world. The best Minecraft prison server is an exception. 

However, this is no longer the case. Galaxite, a Bedrock Minecraft PvP Server, is inspired by a cosmic theme.

It has unique planets and alien structures and lots of active players.


It allows players to play “Prop Hunt”, Fill the Gaps, and a custom bed wars mode called “Planets”. 

The server also offers creative features such as player parties, seasonal updates, and an in-game battle pass that unlocks custom skins.

10. Complex Gaming

  • Java Address: hub.mc-complex.com

Complex Gaming is another Minecraft PvP server. It’s well-known for its many features. 

It boasts its Pixelmon server and realms. Vanilla, Tekkit, and FTB are all available. 

Each mode is filled with the best Minecraft Mods and they all create an enjoyable and unique Minecraft experience.

Complex Gaming

This server is unique because it has a Minecraft custom map. These maps are dedicated to pop culture icons such as Spongebob and Marvel superheroes.

Fight and Survive on these Top Minecraft PvP Servers

The best Minecraft PvP servers are now listed for your reference.Some servers are simply plain fun, while others are more competitive than others.

You can pick the one that interests your most. To get a performance boost, make sure you enable OptiFine in Minecraft Java. 

You can also run the best Minecraft shading to enhance the look of already stunning maps. 

There are many skilled players available to fight on each of these PvP servers. Some players find this the ultimate goal, while others find it overwhelming. 

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If you’re in this latter group, can create a private Minecraft server. Only a select group of players can play and compete here. 

What Minecraft PvP server is best for you? Let us know in the comments!

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Minecraft PvP Servers – FAQ

What are Minecraft PvP servers?

PvP servers for Minecraft are online multiplayer games that emphasize player-versus-player combat and offer users the option to participate in thrilling battles and challenges.

How do I join a Minecraft PvP server?

Open Minecraft, go to the online menu, click “Add Server,” type in the IP address of the server, and click “Join Server.”

What types of PvP gameplay can I expect on these servers?

Minecraft PvP servers offer different ways to play, like team fights, free-for-all arenas, capture the flag, survival games, and more. This gives players a variety of ways to play PvP.

Are PvP servers only about combat?

Combat is an important part of PvP servers, but some servers may also have custom maps, tasks, rewards, and even RPG elements to make the game more fun.

How do I find popular Minecraft PvP servers?

You can find popular Minecraft PvP servers by looking at websites that list servers, joining Minecraft groups and forums, or asking other players for suggestions.

Can I create my own Minecraft PvP server?

Yes, you can make your own Minecraft PvP server by following online guides and using server hosting services. But you may need technical skills to set up and manage a server.

Are there rewards or rankings on Minecraft PvP servers?

Many Minecraft PvP sites have ranking systems and reward systems based on how well players do. These can be things like in-game money, special items, titles, or entry to areas that only certain people can go to.

Are Minecraft PvP servers safe to play on?

Most Minecraft PvP sites try to provide a safe and fun place to play, but it’s still important to be careful. Be careful about giving personal information, and know that interacting with other players can pose risks.

Can I switch between different Minecraft PvP servers easily?

Adding multiple server IPs to your multiplayer server list lets you switch between different Minecraft PvP sites. This makes it easy to choose and join different servers so you can try out different PvP groups and ways to play.