How to Get and Use a Command Block in Minecraft – 2023

Command Block in Minecraft: Have you ever considered employing cheats, or actions to play Minecraft? They’re powerful, unique, and can change the game.

However, they are also limitations in many ways. First of all, you cannot make use of multiple commands at one time.

It is necessary to type each command every time you want to repeat the command.

Additionally, the chatbox where you type in commands doesn’t come with a separate user interface.

Command Block in Minecraft

It is possible to write an article about ways to enhance the commanding experience in Minecraft however there is already an answer.

If you can obtain a command block for Minecraft the rest of your life will be made much simpler.

It’s a special block that lets you create commands that are activated at any time you want.

Additionally, it’s the reason for the popularity of certain of the most popular Minecraft game maps. So, let’s discover how to obtain the command block for Minecraft.

Command Blocks in Minecraft: Explained 2023

The guide has been divided into sections for your convenience and covers everything from what constitutes a command block to various types of command blocks and their use.

Check out this table to study every section in your own time.

What is a Command Block in Minecraft?

The name implies that the command block is an in-game block used to perform instructions in Minecraft.

It isn’t obtainable in the survival or adventure modes in the absence of cheats.

It’s compatible with the game’s in-game Redstone system. Therefore, you can utilize the command block to control levers or mechanisms as well as other things.

In survival mode, the command block cannot be mined, blasted, or damaged by any means.

However, you can disable or alter it. For creativity, it can easily break or duplicate, spawn or remove a command block.

Types of Command Blocks in Minecraft

Based on the status of the blocks depending on their state, three types of command blocks can be found in Minecraft:

  • orange spark command block
  • Chain command block Green chain command block
  • Purple repeat command block

Impulse Command Block

This default command block executes and stops the input command.

Therefore, when you turn it on, the command will only be executed only once. It’s like using commands inside the chatbox.

Chain Command Block

Chain command block can be useful for combining commands.

When it is placed in a sequence it will execute the command only when the command block associated with it has completed its command.

Thus, the blocks execute one command after the other in a chain, and when they are they are placed in a series.

Repeat Command Block

The name says it all the block is infinite and repeats commands you typed in.

Due to the game’s fast speed that you can repeat an action up to 20 times within one second.

Get-Command Block On Minecraft Java (Windows, macOS, & Linux)

Command blocks have the potential to change the world which is why it’s recommended to create a brand new world to test their capabilities.

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But, you can make use of them In your existing world.

To comply with these instructions to get the command block for Minecraft Java on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

1. To start, click”Singleplayer” on the home screen ” Singleplayer” option on the main screen.

Minecraft SinglePlayer Option

2. Select then the ” Create New World” option that is located in the lower right corner.

Create new world in snapshot

3. Make sure you have the ” Allow Cheats” option turned Off. After that, click the “Create New World” button.

You can also switch your game’s game mode to be more creative for your comfort.

create world with cheats on Minecraft

4. If you’d like to disable cheating in a world that is already active you can use the world options. World options from the menu for pause.

Java MC lan world option

5. If you find yourself in a world where cheating is disabled, press the “T” key and enter”Cheat” in the next command. After that, you can press Enter.

/give @p Minecraft:command_block

Commands within Minecraft Commands in Minecraft are case-sensitive Therefore, ensure you copy and paste the exact command.

If you execute it correctly the command block will appear on your list of items.

Get-Command Block on Minecraft Bedrock (Xbox, PS4, & Switch)

Follow the instructions to install Minecraft Command Block on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or Series X & S, as well as the PC version of Minecraft Bedrock. 

The controls for each console may differ, but the method is similar.

1. To begin, you must open Minecraft and select the “Play” button on the home screen.

Java MC lan world option

2. After that, click the “Create New” button within the “Worlds” tab.

Create New world in MC Beta

3. In your game area, switch off the ” Activate Cheats” toggle within the cheats section and then click the ” Create” button. 

Make sure you alter your gaming mode from “Creative”. You can modify the game settings in your existing worlds, too.

Create cheats enabled world in Minecraft Bedrock

4. Once you’re in the world then click your ” T” button or the platform’s designated chat button. Within the chat, type the following command, and then hit enter.

/give @s Minecraft:command_block

The commands in Minecraft are sensitive to the spelling of the letters. Take special note of the capitalizations of the characters when you type.

Java MC lan world option

Get a Command Block in MCPE (Android & iOS)

Due to the openness of Minecraft, it is possible to get command blocks for portable consoles such as Nintendo Switch.

However, if you’re using MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) on Android, iOS, or iPadOS The steps could be slightly different.

Let’s take a look at the differences between them.

1. Then, you must open the Minecraft application and then tap”play” to play the ” play” button.

Get a Command Block in MCPE

2. Tap on the “create new” or ” Create New” button in the world’s menu. You may also choose to use the world you already have.

Create New world in MC Beta
3. In the game settings of the world ensure that you click the ” Activate Cheats” button. It is possible to activate this feature for existing worlds using the Pause menu.

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While you’re playing, make sure that the game mode of the world has been set to “creative”.

Activate Cheats on Bedrock

4. Then, in your cheats-enabled Minecraft world, click on your chat button located near the top of your screen.

MCPE Chat Icon

5. Enter the following commands into the chatbox, and then press”send.

/give @p Minecraft:command_block

It is sensitive to the case. This means that copy-pasting is the easiest method to enter it.

Summon Command Block in MCPE

How to Place and Use Command Block in Minecraft?

Because of the powerful impact due to its powerful effects, players are unable to make use of command blocks when during survive.

Therefore, we must first ensure that our world is in imaginative game mode. On a server with multiplayer, players require OP permissions to run commands.

In that case, you’ll need to execute this command to switch your game mode to a more creative one:

Creative game mode

You can then browse through a block and then place the command block using the right-click or by pressing the secondary key.

Once you’ve learned how to make a command block in Minecraft Let’s look at its interface to know how to utilize it on Java as well as Bedrock editions.

Command Block UI on Minecraft Java and Bedrock

UI of Command Block in Java

The command block has the same features in each of the Java as well as Bedrock editions.

The UI is different little between the two versions. We’ll review the options you have access to:

1. Commands: Here, you can input the different commands in the game to use the commands that Minecraft supports.

2. Block: Type It allows you to change and set the type of the command block, from the default “impulse” to “repeat” or “chain”.

3. condition: If a command block is conditional, it will only execute one command when the previous command was successful in execution.

4. Redstone: If you’d like to run the command block inside the Redstone system, you could utilize this option to make it run exclusively using Redstone power.

Exclusive Options

The command block of the Bedrock edition offers a few alternatives to the regular ones. Let’s look at what each signifies:

Execute at the First Tick:

This option guarantees that the command that is on the repeat block is executed immediately after it is activated. 

There isn’t any time delay.

Delay in ticks: 

When a repeat command block is used, or a chain commands block, this parameter describes the amount of time that must pass before a command is executed.

 On a repeat command block, it indicates a delay in between each repetition of the command.

Hover note:

The comparatively easy option allows you to identify every command block. 

You can, however, make use of this feature for messages to show the names of the sender’s name in the chat.

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Command Block UI for Bedrock

Get and Use Command Blocks in Minecraft

You are now able to easily access command blocks within Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition.

You can modify your custom maps, make a private Minecraft server as well as improve the quality of your life overall.

One of the most enjoyable methods to make use of commands is to create an ideal circle in Minecraft.

However, even with these capabilities, there’s no way to make use of them without having to learn Minecraft commands.

There’s a better alternative that is Forge, one of the most powerful Minecraft Mods.

All you have to do is install Forge within Minecraft to play the mods and have even more capability over the Command Block.

So what are your thoughts to use the command block in your life? Comment below!

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Command Block in Minecraft – FAQ

What is a Command Block in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a Command Block is a special block that lets players run advanced commands, add custom features to the map, and automate jobs.

How can I obtain a Command Block in Minecraft?

By default, Command Blocks are not in the collection of a creative player. You can get them by using the “/give” command or by looking for “Command Block” in your inventory while in creative mode.

Can Command Blocks be used in survival mode?

Command Blocks can be used in survival mode, but you can only get them by using orders or the creative inventory.

What are some common uses for Command Blocks?

Are Command Blocks only available in the Java Edition of Minecraft?

Can Command Blocks be activated by players?

Yes, players can turn on Command Blocks by hand, with redstone, or by chaining together orders from other Command Blocks.

Can I share Command Block creations with others?

Yes, you can give other people your Command Block works by giving them the command code or the world file that has the Command Blocks in it.

Can Command Blocks cause lag or performance issues in Minecraft?

Yes, Command Blocks can cause lag or speed problems if they are used too much or not well. It’s important to carefully plan and optimize command systems to reduce any bad effects as much as possible.

Are Command Blocks only available in creative mode?

Command Blocks are mostly used in creative mode, but you can also use them in survival mode if you got them from creative mode or orders.

Can Command Blocks be used to cheat in Minecraft?

Command Blocks can be used to cheat, but it depends on what the service or player wants to do with them. They can make custom maps and artistic projects more fun to play, but using them in multiplayer should follow the server’s rules.