How To Make Sticky Pistons In Minecraft – 2022

How To Make Sticky Pistons In Minecraft?

In this video tutorial, you’ll be taught how to create sticky pistons using Minecraft.

The HTML0 Minecraft Sticky piston can be described as a type of block which is like the Minecraft piston in the sense that it can push a block or player when activated by Redstone. But, a sticky piston will pull the block back once its Redstone indicator is switched off.

Available Platforms

Edition Platform Available
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PCs Yes
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PCs Yes
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PCs Yes
PlayStation Edition PS3 & PS4 Yes

Required To Make A Sticky Piston

  • 1 Slimeball
  • 1 Piston

Steps To Make A Sticky Piston

1. Open Your Crafting Menu

To create a sticky piston it is first necessary to start your crafting table within Minecraft. There should be an identical grid in the picture below.

Open Your Crafting Menu

2. Add The Slime Ball And Piston To The Menu

In the crafting table include the piston and slimeball onto the grid.

It is important to add the items on the grid precisely as illustrated in the picture below. In the 1st row, put 1 slimeball inside the second box. In the second row, put one piston into the second box. It is what you will need to do for Minecraft the recipe for sticky pistons.

page add slimeball and pistons to menu

Once you’ve added your items to the grid of crafting in the manner described in the previous paragraph, you’ll see the sticky piston inside the box to the right.

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3. Move The Sticky Piston To Your Inventory

Then, move the piston to your inventory, so you can utilize it.

how to make sticky pistons in minecraft

That’s it! It’s that simple! Minecraft sticky piston type of block that is like the Minecraft piston in the sense that it pushes the player or block when activated by Redstone. However, a sticky piston will push the block back once its Redstone trigger is shut off.

how to make sticky pistons in minecraft

Minecraft Sticky Piston Command

You can also make use of giving commands to create sticky pistons in Minecraft. The command for sticky pistons can be found in these versions:

  • Java edition
  • Pocket edition
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Educational Edition

To use the command to activate the sticky piston within Minecraft you need to open the chat window, and then enter the following command based on the version of Minecraft you’re using.

Java Edition 1.13 and higher sticky piston command

/give @p sticky_piston 1

PE, Xbox One, Switch, Win 10, Education Edition

/give @p sticky_piston 1 0

How To Make Sticky Pistons In Minecraft Video Tutorial?


1. How do you activate sticky pistons?

It could be the lever, button observer, or an ordinary Redstone block. Placing a Redstone brick under or near the piston will cause it to be active for the duration of time.

2. How do you craft a sticky piston?

Within the crafting menu, there should be an area for crafting that is composed of a three-by-three crafting grid. To create a sticky piston put 1 slime and a piston into the 3×3 grid of crafting.

3. Can u make sticky Pistons with honey?

sticky pistons can be created using honey.

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