10 Best Minecraft Parkour Servers You Shouldn’t Miss 2023

Minecraft Parkour Servers: If you look at the world-building feature in Minecraft 1.18, the importance of parkour within the game is evident. 

When you’re trying to climb the most awe-inspiring Minecraft mountain or fighting against mobs from all over the world, fast construction and parkour are crucial to surviving. 

However, unless you’re in the top Minecraft parkour maps that are available, there is no way to learn and enjoy the thrilling gaming experience. 

Minecraft Parkour Servers

This is why we’ve listed the top Minecraft parkour servers to enjoy thrilling gaming within this post. 

They can be used to play with your other players, take on new adventures and develop your parkour abilities. Let’s get started!

Best Minecraft Parkour Servers 2023

The fall-related injuries and parkour generally are inextricably linked. Therefore, be aware of the numerous ways to avoid falling injuries within Minecraft. 

The list of options isn’t ranked. So use this table to look through every parkour server according to your own pace.

1. OPBlocks

  • Java Address: hub.opblocks.com
  • Bedrock Address: bedrock.opblocks.com

It lives up to its name Our first choice among the top Minecraft parkour servers is an overpowered (OP). 

It comes filled with customized game modes, including prison breaks as well as battles with bosses and even an individual skyblock. 

Beyond the games, there is an array of original mini-games for parkour, and nearly everyone comes with daily challenges that keep you engaged.


Like another well-known Minecraft server, OPBlocks is a welcoming and active server with responsive staff and high-quality content. 

If there aren’t enough challenges for you there are plenty of server-specific quests to explore.

2. Jumpcraft

  • Java Address: play.jumpcraft.org

The majority of servers offer parkour-related content as an added service, but it is not Jumpcraft. 

It offers over 800 parkour locations, and its creators are constantly adding each day with new parks. 

It allows you to compete against other players, take on challenges, and gain points to climb the ranks. 

It’s a server that can transform Minecraft into a parkour-specific game.

JumpcraftThe disadvantage of this server is that it’s only available only to Java players and isn’t as active as the majority of servers. 

However, if you invite the rest of your buddies to come along with it’s a great location to hang out. 

However, even without participants, plenty of parkour classes are available to keep you on the course.

3. Mineplex

  • Java Address: us.mineplex.com
  • Bedrock Address: pe.mineplex.com

It is also a part of our top Minecraft servers, Mineplex has been one of the more acclaimed servers within the Minecraft community. 

It is home to many fun mini-games, and exclusive content and is the highest-quality back-end. 

What it’s best known because of is a large number of players with which you can play and collaborate at any time.

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Mineplex Screenshot

In terms of parkour content, it’s one of the top Minecraft servers that offers tons of mini-games that are fun and dedicated courses. 

If you’re looking to have a wide range of options on and around parkour maps This is the server you must join. 

Don’t forget the number of active users on the server is an important benefit.

4. Minor

  • Java Address: zero.minr.org

The server we have included in our list of the top parkour servers is the 3rd oldest Minecraft server that has ever existed. 

It’s also dedicated to challenges and parkour. 

You’ll have access to numerous mini-games, a variety of parkour-related courses, and hundreds of puzzles to keep you entertained. 

The server hosts more than 500 challenges that will help you improve your Minecraft abilities.

Minr Minecraft Parkour Server

However, don’t be overwhelmed by the complexity of this server, as it has a section that is specifically designed for beginners. 

Therefore, whether you’ve played for a long time or you just began playing yesterday the server is there to help you improve your skills. 

If you can achieve an adequate score within the servers, the system lets you create new challenges for the future.

5. Happy HG Network

  • Java Address: mc.happy-hg.com

The next server we’ll be using isn’t an adventure parkour site However, if it were it, it would have been the most unique. 

It offers more than 100 parkour challenges and each one follows the same theme. There are parkour maps that are devoted to Minecraft biomes mobs and even food. 

Some of these servers come with special enchantments and provide players with unique jumps, sprints, and so on.

Happy HG Network

Apart from the traditional parkour experience, this server provides skyblock, survival as well as creative and puzzle game modes. 

Therefore, even while it’s not filled with players on it, it will do everything it can to entertain you during your breaks from the parkour.

6. Play In A Box

  • Java Address: playing box. mine hut. gg

The next top Minecraft parkour server appears to be like every other popular server on the internet. 

It offers a variety of game modes like the survival mode, PVP, SMP, and many more. 

However, the most fascinating feature of the server is that it lets players create their courses in parkour and post them to the servers. 

Others can also try the courses they have created by paying using game stars.

Play In A Box

The parkour community of the Minecraft server provides a memorable experience. 

If you’re planning to decide to build a personal Minecraft server for parkouring This is an excellent location to find out feedback from the community about your designs.

7. Triumph

  • Java Address: org.triumphia.net
  • Bedrock Address: org.triumphia.net: 25848
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Due to the increasing levels based on level difficulties, it is one of the top Minecraft servers for learning parkour by starting from beginning to finish. 

There is also an in-game leaderboard as well as time tracking. However, you can also utilize its easy tracks to build your skills on three different levels.

8. Upcraft

  • Java Address: mc. upcoming.world


Today, with dedicated crypto-related browsers and a variety of crypto-related websites, it’s no coincidence that Minecraft servers are following suit too. 

Upcraft blends the world of blocks and blockchain-related conversations on this blockchain-based server. 

Most of its users are crypto-related, but its parkour-related courses are plenty to keep you busy even if you’re not one.

9. UltimisMC

  • Java Address: bms.ultimismc.com

This is among the most popular Minecraft parkour servers since it attempts to be as welcoming to Java players as is feasible. 

It runs on the most up-to-date Minecraft 1.18 version, however, it accepts players running older versions as well. Additionally, it’s among the few cracked servers. 

Even in the case that you’re unable to confirm the authenticity of your version of Minecraft because for some reason, however, you are still able to enjoy the server.


Beyond the usual game mods, it features an enjoyable parkour set that is a closed-range race. 

This means that you cannot just compete against scores or other players in real time. 

However, if you’re not sure of your abilities at the moment, you can try your hand at parkour courses that are regularly offered. 

Also, unlike many servers in our list UltimisMC’s courses aren’t simply a collection of blocks in the air. 

Instead, they focus on closed structures that make it less intimidating for novice players.

10. The Cyclone Network

  • Java Address: cylonemc.net
  • Bedrock Address: mc.cylonemc.net

Not to be left out, we’re wrapping up our list of the top Minecraft parkour servers using The Cyclone Network. 

There are plenty of game modes to play, including exclusive co-op parkour classes. 

With your friends, you are invited to join to experience a unique and unique shared parkour experience. 

If you’re prepared for it you can choose from four kinds of parkour courses that are individual and each has its particular difficulty degree.

The Cyclone Network

If you think you’re an expert player, even at the most difficult level, this server offers special jumps. 

There, you can test your skills by performing some of the more unusual parkour jumps. And in the end, none of my players made it to the final stage.

Test your skills on the best Minecraft Parkour servers

Now you have access to a selection of the top Minecraft parkour maps that allow you to improve your parkour skills and showcase them to your pals as well as the community. 

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If jumping around randomly without a goal isn’t what you’re searching for Our list of the most popular Minecraft survival servers may be the best option.

Whichever one you select, bear in your mind that none of the parkour servers is compatible with Minecraft mods.

In that regard Which parkour servers will you try? Comment below!

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Minecraft Parkour Servers – FAQ

What are Minecraft Parkour Servers?

Minecraft Parkour Servers are multi-player servers that offer parkour tasks within the Minecraft game. Parkour routes exist specifically for players to test their jumping and navigating skills.

How do I join a Minecraft Parkour Server?

Find the server’s IP address and enter it in the multiplayer area of your Minecraft client to join a Minecraft Parkour Server. Once you link up, you can begin playing and exploring the parkour courses.

Are Minecraft Parkour Servers free to play?

Yes, you can play on most Minecraft Parkour Servers for free. But some servers may charge extra money for extra functions or perks.

Can I play parkour on single-player mode?

Even though Minecraft Parkour Servers let you play with other people, you can also practice parkour by making your own maps or using mods made for solo play.

What are some popular Minecraft Parkour Servers?

Some popular Minecraft Parkour Servers are “HiveMC,” “TheArchon,” “Mineplex,” “Hypixel,” and “CubeCraft.”

Do I need any special skills to play parkour on these servers?

No, you don’t need any special skills to play parkour on Minecraft Parkour Servers. But you can get better at something over time if you work at it and don’t give up.

Can I compete with other players on these servers?

Yes, you can fight with other players on many Minecraft Parkour Servers that have leaderboards and timed challenges. You can see how fast and quick you are and try to move up the ranks.

Can I customize my character or the parkour maps?

Yes, some Minecraft Parkour Servers let you use skins to change how your character looks. Also, some servers have many different parkour maps with different themes and levels of challenge.

Are there any age restrictions for playing on Minecraft Parkour Servers?

Anyone of any age can play on Minecraft Parkour Servers. But it’s important to follow the server’s rules and guidelines and keep the setting friendly and respectful.

How can I ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on Minecraft Parkour Servers?

To have a safe and fun time, it’s important to follow the server’s rules, treat other players with care, and not cheat or hack. Also, be careful with personal information and only talk to people you trust.