The best Minecraft servers 2022

Best Minecraft Servers You Must Check Out

Their work and ideas are immortalized on the best Minecraft servers. Each server is an independent world of multiplayer, each with its own rules, game style, and communities.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best games, from stunning landscapes and structures to worlds that have completely new rules and game types.

Another thing to bear to keep in mind is that various servers may use different versions of Minecraft. Many servers have upgraded to the latest 1.18 patch, but a lot of other popular servers are still sticking with older versions of Minecraft at present. 

Check every server before logging in to make sure you know what you can expect. After that is done take a look at these amazing Minecraft servers.

Here are the best Minecraft servers in 2022.

The server we choose is based on the uniqueness of each server and active community, as well as the overall experience that one can be expecting. However, the list isn’t graded by any means. 

Use the table below to study every Minecraft server at your own pace.


IP: or
Server: Minecraft survival server

Minecraft servers Brawl

Mineplex is the biggest Minecraft server currently in operation. With several areas and zones to play an extensive range of types of games, Mineplex is populated by hundreds of players at any given time.

Mineplex is like a built-in studio MMO With its stunning details, making it one of the top Minecraft servers. The ever-present team of players and staff are extremely athletic and make sure that there is always a group who are willing to play. You could make Mineplex your only location and still participate in two-thirds of the events listed here.

Mineplex is also a fantastic location to play Minecart, a gritty version that is a re-creation of Mario Kart. With reconstructed tracks, power-ups, and Karting that don’t have karts, Minekart can be a welcome departure from other aggressive or pickaxe-heavy games.


Server: Minecraft battle royale server

Minecraft servers Grand Theft Minecart

If you’re an avid Minecraft player who misses the blast-bang-slash thrills of Call of Duty, Brawl is among the top Minecraft servers available. 

Consider your favourite FPS games and there’s an excellent chance you will find it on the list in the game: from Capture the Flag to Last Man Standing Brawl provides an action-packed game that will keep you entertained for hours. 

In reality, battle royale games such as Fortnite as well as PUBG have a lot of their origins back to the Last Man Standing Minecraft servers, meaning that you’ll always have the feeling of returning to the place where it all began.


Server: Minecraft survival server

minecraft servers minescape

Grand Theft Minecart connects two of the biggest games available on PC in one package: Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. Are you too old to walk into a brick-and-mortar section of GAME to play Los Santos with Trevor and friends? 

With houses to purchase as well as guns to shoot and a snarling police force to avoid, You can enjoy an amazing replica of your GTA experience right here. This makes this one of the top Minecraft servers to play on.


IP: mindscape. me
Server: Minecraft RPG server

Minecraft servers Minewind

RuneScape players can now enjoy getting their skills up at 99 levels in Minecraft on this carefully constructed Minecraft RPG server, designed to look and feel like an of the top Free MMOs. 

Two years of hard work have resulted in a replica of all mobs, locations, and abilities in RuneScape The game Minescape is drawn inspiration from each OSRS and RS3 which means that players from both should feel completely at right at home. was the first. It is in the process of being updated. However, the two servers are quite different at the present, so we recommend taking a look at both to figure out which is the best for you.

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Server: Minecraft survival server

Minecraft servers PixelmonCrafT

Do not expect an enjoyable experience on Minewind. Minewind server. Instead, you’ll find the most popular playground for players who are prone to grievers, players-killing, and deceit. 

The aim is to try to stay alive as long as you can It’s Minecraft in the end, after all – however, you’ll also encounter an endless number of Minecraft mobs as well as double-crossers and murderers.


IP: or
Server: Minecraft RPG server

One of the most popular Minecraft servers is based on the well-known pokemon-based Pixelmon mod and turns it into multiplayer. It is split into two servers. PixelmonCraft has been built on its Kanto as well as the Johto regions from the infamous Nintendo games. 

The brilliant minds of PixelmonCraft recreated the locations and towns from those games accurately however, they created as accurate a replica gameplay as possible. 

The animals in Minecraft are replaced by Pokemon and can be captured and utilized to fight. As you’d imagine there are gym bosses to battle, Pokemarts to shop at as well as long grass that you must stay clear of.

This server demonstrates that Minecraft’s blocky design is the perfect place for Pokemon games. It’s similar to you’ve played the Pokemon game on the PC you always desired.


Server: Minecraft Among Us server

Minecraft servers Zerominr

Minecraft as well as Among Us are two of the most loved games on the market right today, and because Minecraft offers a wide range of possibilities for creativity as well as Among Us has such an extremely simple and elegant formula it was only a matter of time until the game of social deduction was added to Minecraft.

Although there are Among Us Minecraft maps accessible to play with your buddies if you’d rather play on a public server and play with the uninvolved players, The RGA Minecraft’s Among Us Server is open to everyone and does not require modifications or texture packs to play.

It’s a clever recreation of the Among Us gameplay is cleverly recreated, featuring the boss’s health bar on top that shows your performance, and tasks executed as accurately as possible You’ll plan your routes and clear out debris in chests, for instance – and even get a compass that will help you identify your task.


Server: Minecraft parkour server

Minecraft servers PirateCraft

The Minecraft server showcases its ever-changing nature. Zero. Minor is a parkour-based server – absolutely. With a variety of maps that are challenging crafting and killing can be abandoned in favour of running and climbing up an ever-more intricate web of towers and pathways. 

The trailer above, which is overly dramatic, showcases some of the more difficult routes, soaring upwards with jumps guaranteed to make many players scream towards their death.

Although it can be a bit frustrating at first, Minecraft parkour is an art to master however, with a bit of practice, it can be one of the most enjoyable delights. Zero. Minor is, without doubt, one of the most popular servers to play free-run.


Server: Minecraft RPG server

Minecraft servers Hypixel

Build, sail and plunder in PirateCraft PirateCraft, which is a server dedicated to the glorious era of scurvy and theft. PirateCraft is among the most exciting games we’ve been on. It also has a fully functioning combat system that combines ship and ship.

 Like the majority of Minecraft concepts of this magnitude, it’s a bit clunky however it’s a great idea. Ships can be constructed and transported across the ocean and cannons can be attached to the hull and later used to attack the enemy ships.

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On the land, a simple but functional economy mimics the trading and booty practices of the time, as well as players, can create their own Minecraft designs in safe zones’ to bunk and keep treasures. Safe Zones are secure from griefers, so you can construct as many as you’d like, without worrying about being ruined by others.

Piratecraft’s salty environment is what makes Piratecraft one of the top Minecraft game servers for roleplay. If you’re going to be playing as a pirate, there will be some angst If the player is located in the Safe Zone, other players may be able to take them down. 

Attackers can break’soft’ blocks and create a mess until they walk away or the opponent surrenders. In the same way, ships can be stolen if the owner is not present at the time of theft. If you’re in search of a PvP Minecraft server that has an added twist, this might be the treasure hidden in the ground you’ve been searching for.


Server: Minecraft skyblock serve

inecraft servers Minecraft Middle Earth

Hypixel’s Hypixel Minecraft server is filled to the brim with excellent mini-games like Cops and Crims, Duels, and a Murder Mystery.

The SkyWars gameplay mode offers a tense PvP version of the traditional Minecraft skyblock servers. There’s an incredible variety that makes SkyWars the Hypixel Minecraft server a great spot to fun time with your blocky buddies.


Server: Minecraft RPG server


If there ever was an iconic world that would eventually be immortalized in blocks with texture It is the world of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. 

The project, which is still in its infancy is mostly based on Peter Jackson’s filmic vision for Middle-earth. You can assist by helping to build the world of humans as well as elves and other creatures of smaller size if you adhere to the guidelines.


Server: Minecraft RPG server

Minecraft servers WesterosCraft

The line dance, the horse-taming also farming. Ranch craft is among the most popular Minecraft servers for those who want to get rid of the fights in saloons and shootouts that other servers with a Wild West theme, and instead focus on the simplicity of life in the country. 

Equine-related features are plentiful and exclusive to the server, it’s perfect for those who feel at ease riding in the saddle.

Users can claim land and create their ranches, breed horses, and cultivate crops to their hearts’ content. Additionally, Ranch n Craft is one of the most tranquil servers available, with a mostly no-frills community and an army of helpful moderators.


Server: Minecraft RPG server

Minecraft servers The Mining Dead

If Middle-earth is our favourite fantasy Minecraft server, then WesterosCraft could be our current great. Starting from the Wall from the Wall to The Red Keep at King’s Landing WesterosCraft is a large server, with the majority of the Game of Thrones landmarks recreated in stunning details. 

The majority of the areas are based on the designs of the show which makes the server a journey into HBO’s fantasy world. Kings Landing is especially awe-inspiring.

As with Minecraft Middle-earth, it’s still in the process of being developed, with the work being completed towards the Lannister base in Casterly Rock. If you can distinguish the location of your Winterfell as well as your Dreadfort it is possible to take part and help build the next castle of the dead and the oppressed.


Server: Minecraft survival server

Minecraft servers HiveMC

PvP and PvE Combine in this massive all-server recreation that is based on The Walking Dead from AMC. The Walking Dead. You can fight craft, fight, and survive on the vast map combating walkers as well as other players. 

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The action unfolds like a Minecraft game based on DayZ where players are doing whatever they can to survive It’s a Minecraft Survival server that is of a new size. It also includes key scenes from Mining Dead and features key locations from the TV shows like The Prison, Woodbury, and Alexandria.


Server: Minecraft minigames server

minecraft servers archon

Being one of the biggest and most effective Minecraft servers There are always things to play on HiveMC. 

From the classic hide-and-seek game and survival game to hide-and-seek, HiveMC has a variety of games to choose from. In addition, this highly active community is coming out with new minigames, and even maps for these – constantly. To keep up-to-date on the most up-to-date developments, go to their website.

The Archon

Server: Minecraft skyblock and faction servers

minecraft servers manacube

Archon HTML0 Archon is home to a huge number of gamers who enjoy frequently up-to-date Minecraft game modes. 

It’s also one of the most well-known Minecraft factions servers as well as Minecraft skyblock servers. It also has prison, robbery as well as outlands mode game options.


Server: Minecraft skyblock, faction, parkour, creative, and survival servers

Manacube can be described as one of the few large Minecraft factions servers that have no pay-to-win components, thanks to its recently well-balanced shop. Also, it has a huge Minecraft skyblock server as well as parkour, survival, and other innovative servers.

If you’re looking to play something a bit different, its Islands game mode will have you the challenge of surviving on an island that is mostly submerged and avoiding the corrosive water. 

There’s also Olympus which is a server for prisoners where you’re assigned a private plot of land rising in rank as you earn money, and unlocking different, more profitable areas.

Fallen Kingdom

IP: play.fallen
Server: Fallen Kingdom

For fans who have been around for a long time of CaptainSparklez is a Minecraft server that lets players build defences for castles as well as train their troops to attack an opponent’s defences. 

Through customizing resources you can recruit troops to combat enemies using resources from mining or by upgrading items through the blacksmith. There are numerous raids your troops can take part in. If this type of thing appeals to you, CaptainSparklez has a collection of videos for development that explain each feature in-depth.

How to join a Minecraft server?

To join a Minecraft server, look for a server you like similar to the ones listed below and get an IP address. Begin the game, then click multiplayer, then click “add a server”. Then, enter the IP address and name of the server.

Make sure to press ‘done’ prior back to your server’s list and selecting your preferred server. Hit the join server button, and you’ll discover an exciting new world of blocks, as well as people who love the blocks.

Do you think that the list of top Minecraft servers made you the same excitement as us? Incredible new worlds are combined with fun and diverse games, but you must make yourself look your best on every new server that you come across with the most stunning Minecraft Skins. 

Don’t forget to create Minecraft even more enjoyable by using our list of the most effective Minecraft modifications You’ll never be able to look back once you’ve tried all those great adjustments and tweaks. If you’re not worried, we have a few minigames to try out, as well as new worlds that are blocky to explore.

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