What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server – 2023

Minecraft Hypixel: The world of blocky Minecraft has kept growing in popularity over the last decade without a hitch. 

A major part of the reason for keeping the Minecraft community alive goes to the top Minecraft server.

With unique mods and customized Minecraft biomes and some of the most powerful resource packs These servers take the normal Minecraft gameplay to a new level.

Minecraft Hypixel

However, one Minecraft server which stands out stands out is the Hypixel server. 

In operation for over 10 years, Hypixel is the largest server that has excellent content and a massive global community.

It comes with a range of mini-games, an array of adventure maps as well as everything that is expected from an efficient server. 

When you can get into the server, it’s difficult to go back to the normal Minecraft world. Minecraft.

So, let’s not fumble around and discover Minecraft Hypixel and how to join this awesome server.

Minecraft Hypixel: Everything You Need to Know 2023

We’ll first go over the main features of Hypixel before proceeding to the directions on how to join the server.

Follow this table to follow the steps needed to join the server if you’re looking for one.

We would recommend learning about the functions of the server before you do. In that regard, we’ll dive into it.

What is Minecraft Hypixel?

Minecraft Hypixel is the world’s largest Minecraft Java server with many thousands of users that utilize it every day. 

Hypixel began as an online Youtube channel as well as an assortment of maps that were custom-designed however, with four Guinness world records to its credit It has evolved into an independently-owned gaming company operating the massive server. 

Hypixel supports 18 languages and its user base extends beyond Minecraft.

Some social media channels are specifically designed for this purpose including community forums, as well as the income that can support an entire team of more than 60 employees. 

Its Minecraft Hypixel server’s growth is evidence that making an individual Minecraft server is definitely worth the effort. But that’s another story and one that we’ve prepared a thorough guideline for already. 

Let’s now go through the many amazing games you can play with this particular server.

Mini-Games You Can Play on Minecraft Hypixel

the Hypixel server is home to 19 mini-games for Minecraft gamers to play. Let’s review each one of them separately.

Bed Wars

Hypixel’s bed wars the game will place you with four other players on different islands. 

In this game, players must collect sources of resources as well as defend their bed. If another player takes out your bed can’t come back after you die. 

Therefore, the entire purpose is to protect and demolish beds to eliminate the other team.

Arcade Games

As the title suggests this game is a Collection of smaller games that are fast-paced and fun. 

There are swords, zombies fighting, building, and more, all with fun and fast-paced gameplay.

Build Battle

The Minecraft Hypixel game provides players a game theme in which they must create the most effective structure in the shortest time possible. 

Then, all the designs are voted on to determine the most effective design. 

If you’re planning on trying out this kind of game, some of the top Minecraft house designs could be useful.


Duels is a basic mini-game of PVP that features a variety of maps. 

This includes UHC, Skywars UHC as well as others that feature tournament-style gameplay in which players battle to be at the top of the leaderboard for the day.

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Arena Brawl

Like Duels, Arena Brawl is a PVP game in which players can compete against each other and even teams. 

What makes Arena Brawl different is the focus on swords and each is equipped with special abilities. the swords.

Mega Walls

The following mini-game offers similar gameplay as games such as Age of Empires. 

It takes a couple of minutes to gather resources and be ready for the game before the borders are dropped. 

Then, you must take on three teams to make it to the final moment as well as defend the castle. 

There is no rewind and each castle has an enemy that other teams must fight to get the victory.

Blitz Survival Games

This game which is similar to PUBG is purely focused on survival. It is possible to will be spawned with 32 or 16 players on the various map. 

As you imagine, you must take out other players to become the only survivor to be the winner of the game.

Turbo Kart Racers

The game takes traveling to Hypixel to the highest level, this game offers an entire racing experience within the realm of Minecraft. 

You will receive custom skins as well as resources and much more to improve your kart and be a winner.


Sky wars is an update to the well-loved game mode known as Skyblocks. In both games, players can spawn on a floating island with only a few resources.

In addition, you must keep yourself from falling to drowning in Minecraft and other games, but you must also kill other players to become the last person standing.

UHC Champions

UHC is a basic hardcore survival mode in which you will find different recipes and exclusive limitations in a customized Minecraft world. 

In this, as with regular Minecraft in the mode of hardcore, you’ll need to endure for as long as you can.

Cops and Crims

A spinoff of an earlier “terrorist and counter-terrorist” concept of the game The Cops and Crims is a tactical shooter within Minecraft Hypixel. 

Each team is equipped with weapons, pistols, and grenades that have the goal to explode or destroy bombs at the end of every round.

Paintball Warfare

It’s a fast-paced shooter mini-game. Each team is assigned certain colors, with a certain amount of lives collectively. 

One team is trying to kill their opponents and gain the most lives they possibly can until the player can respawn on the opposing team.

Smash Heroes

A popular and exciting Hypixel Minecraft game is Smash Heroes. In this game, players can choose any of the heroes that have customized abilities that you can upgrade. 

Then, they must fight combat in the arena with others “heroes” to be the last person or team left.

Murder Mystery

Bringing back memories of games such as Among Us, this mini-game from Minecraft features three types of gamers:

the murderer innocent, and the detective. 

The murderer attempts to murder everyone. The detectives and innocents attempt to find the killer and defend one another.

The TNT Games

This unique Hypixel server game can be explosive in nature as well as the gameplay.

There are several ranges of TNT-based games on offer, and each one will try to make you and your pals up.


Of all the games available offered on the Hypixel Minecraft server, Quakecraft is the most rapid-paced. 

It is possible to select either a deathmatch or point-based game. In either case, the team with the fastest and most precise killing team wins the game.

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If you think that the Warden from Minecraft is terrifying the game might not be for your tastes. 

It lets players enter a realm of vampires in which you can join those who are dark or take on to stay alive while the vampires attempt to take you down.

The Walls

The PVP Minecraft Hypixel game offers players 15 minutes of practice, which is then a grueling fight. 

For the first 15 minutes, players can build defenses, and create armor and weapons. 

Once the battle begins and continues to rage on, the game will not end until the opponent team is completely defeated.


Then, of course, there is the Warlord mini-game which is among the most acclaimed features of Hypixel.

Hypixel server. With its very unique three-dimensional weapons as well as custom sound effects and a distinct resource pack which is an entirely new game in Minecraft. 

It also has different game modes such as domination, team deathmatch, and capture the Flag.

How to Join the Minecraft Hypixel Server?

The procedure for joining the Hypixel server is the same as the way you join every different Minecraft server. 

Be aware that it’s exclusive to the Java version of the game. So here are the steps needed to join the Minecraft Hypixel server.

1. Start by opening the Minecraft Java game, and choose”Multiplayer. “Multiplayer” option from the main screen.

Minecraft Hypixel Server

2. If you do, Minecraft will warn you about the dangers when you join a third-party online server. 

Select”Proceed” after reading the warning. “Proceed” button after having read the warning.

Minecraft Hypixel Server

3. Click on then the “Add Server” button at the bottom left edge of your screen. 

You can also click”Direct Connection” if you prefer the “Direct Connection” button if you don’t wish to keep the server on your list.

Minecraft Hypixel Server

4. Every Minecraft server has its server address. Hypixel’s Server address is ” mc.hypixel.net”. Copy and paste this address to the “Server Address” column. 

The server’s name may be whatever you like, however, make sure you have the “Server Resource Packs” toggle set to “Enabled”. 

After that, press the “Done” “Done” button, and you’ll be able to join the Hypixel server.

Minecraft Hypixel Server

How to Play Mini-Games on Hypixel Server?

If you are the first to join Hypixel for the first time Hypixel server, it may seem a bit intimidating. Therefore, follow these steps to get into the realm of Minecraft Hypixel.

1. When you first join the server, you will be able to see several gamers in the lobby that you are in. 

In this case, you’ll be able to click right-click on the player that is to the left of you to access brief instructions on how to use the server.

Minecraft Hypixel Server

2. After that, you must proceed to the enormous Nether Portalsurrounded by various statues. 

Additionally, you can explore the remainder of the area according to your interests.

Portal in Hypixel Minecraft

3. Every statue in the portal symbolizes one of the many game modes we’ve explained above. 

The game’s name as well as the number of players watching the statue. Click on the statue of the game that appeals to you the most to play a game.

Hypixel Game statues

4. Alternately, you could equip and make use of this Compass within your collection to swiftly choose any of the Hypixel games. 

When you are logged in to an online game, the host will guide players on how to play.

minecraft hypixe

Start Playing on Minecraft Hypixel Today

Now, you’re ready to join Hypixel, the always-popular Hypixel server to begin your brand new Minecraft life. 

Make sure you invite your friends and family to experience the incredible modes and games on the server. 

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Its unique features have been possible through the aid of numerous Minecraft modpacks. 

You can download some of them for the same experience in the offline realm. 

However, make sure you’ve got Forge running in Minecraft on your computer since it permits the game to run mods the game. 

When you add stuff on top of Minecraft it is recommended to install the Optifine plugin for Minecraft to boost performance and a higher FPS. 

No matter if you play online or offline, Optifine can also help to improve your gaming experience by incorporating some of the top Minecraft shaders. 

Once you’ve gotten that being said I’m excited to return to the Skywars game of Minecraft Hypixel. 

Which mini-game are you most excited about playing with this particular server? Let us know in the comments below!

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Minecraft Hypixel – FAQ

Is Minecraft Hypixel free to play?

Yes, you can play Minecraft Hypixel for free.

How do I join Hypixel server?

Open your Minecraft game, select “Multiplayer,” then “Add Server” and enter “mc.hypixel.net” as the server address to join the Hypixel server.Connect to the server after clicking “Done”.

Are there age restrictions for playing on Hypixel?

To play on Hypixel, you don’t have to be a set age. But Minecraft itself is for people aged 7 and up.

What are some popular game modes on Hypixel?

SkyBlock, BedWars, SkyWars, Murder Mystery, and Build Battle are some of the most popular ways to play games on Hypixel.

Are mods allowed on Hypixel?

Hypixel lets you use certain mods that don’t give you unfair benefits or break the rules of the server. Make sure to look over the server’s rules and limits about mods.

How do I create or join a guild on Hypixel?

On Hypixel, type “/guild create [name]” in the chat to make a guild. To join a guild, you can either get an invite from a person already in the guild or ask the guild leader for an invite.

Can I trade items with other players on Hypixel?

Yes, you can trade with other Hypixel users. To start a trade, type “/trade [player]” into the chat box.

What is the Hypixel Anti-Cheat system?

The Hypixel Anti-Cheat method actively detects and prevents cheating. This makes sure that everyone can play fairly.

Is customer support available on Hypixel?

Yes, Hypixel has customer service to help players with their questions and problems. You can contact the help team through their forums or official website.

How often does Hypixel release updates and new content?

Hypixel puts out updates, bug fixes, and new content on a regular basis to keep the game fresh and interesting. How often changes happen can vary.

Are there any parental controls or safety measures on Hypixel?

Hypixel uses safety measures and chat filters to make sure that players can play in a safe setting. Parents can also set up limits for the accounts of their children.

How many players does Minecraft Hypixel have?

At any time, Hypixel has at least 30000 players on the server. Thus, making new friends is not a problem.

Is there a Bedrock Hypixel server?

The previous time, Hypixel had a Minecraft Bedrock server. It’s now exclusive to the Java version of Minecraft. It’s due to the differences in modding in Minecraft Java as well as Bedrock.