How to Make and Use Recovery Compass in Minecraft – 2023

Imagine exploring the many biomes of Minecraft along with the most significant magical effects on you. 

You are confident, strong, and confident in the game. However, suddenly, from the blue, a creature sneaks into your area just to explode itself and knock you off the cliff. 

You can now come back, but unless have written down the coordinates of your death, it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact location where you died. 

Recovery Compass in Minecraft

The nightmare that haunts players for a long time and we’ve finally found the solution we’ve been looking for. 

All you have to do is create a recovery compass in Minecraft and then sudden death will no longer be a problem. 

Sounds game-changing, right? Now, without further ado let’s find out how to build and utilize a recovery compass in Minecraft.

Recovery Compass in Minecraft  2023

This article will focus on the mechanism behind the newly included recovery compass. You can also utilize this table to move to its crafting recipe.

Be aware that everything contained in this article is built upon Minecraft Java Snapshot 22W14A.

Minecraft Java Snapshot 22W14A. The information in this guide is subject to edits and changes in the final version.

What is a Recovery Compass in Minecraft?

The game was updated with components of Minecraft 1.19 Update, and an ad-hoc compass for recovery is now an in-game feature. It can be used after restarting the game. 

It always points to the location of your previous death which means you can locate where you were before your death during the game.

If you’re still alive or have moved to an alternate dimension it will point in various directions.

Regular Compass vs Recovery Compass

A standard compass in Minecraft will point toward the world the spawn point. It is where you begin your journey in a brand fresh Minecraft world. 

If you want to alter the place it is pointing to you can make use of a loadstone to assign a different location for your compass. 

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In contrast, the recovery compass will point to your previous death spot. It isn’t possible to assign it to another place.

How to Make a Recovery Compass?

Construct a recovery compass, will require the following tools:

  • A normal Compass
  • 8 echo shards

It’s easy to create the normal compass using 4 iron ingots of Redstone dust. 

As it’s a 9 cell recipe, you will require a craft table for making it, as illustrated in the picture below:

Recovery Compass in Minecraft

How to Get Echo Shards?

Echo shards are the basis for crafting materials that only spawn in the chests of Ancient Cities. 

Therefore, first, you need to go to the ancient cities within the deep dark biome. 

After that, you must examine all chests in the biome until you’ve collected 8 echo fragments.

There’s no way to gain echo shards within Minecraft at the moment. Therefore, ensure that you are aware of how to beat Warden before you embark on this dangerous journey. 

Keep in mind that the chests found in Ancient cities can be used to obtain the most powerful equipment even at the beginning of the game. 

Therefore, if you’re confident in your abilities consider going to the dark places early too.

Crafting Recipe of Recovery Compass

Recovery Compass in Minecraft

After you have all the necessary ingredients Once you have everything, open the crafting table and put the regular compass in the middle of the cell. 

Then, you can surround it with echo shards filling the remaining cells. The result is the immediately available recovery compass.

How to Use a Recovery Compass?

In terms of its functionality, the recovery compass functions similarly to the normal compass. 

After waking, you will need to put it on and follow its arrow to get to the spot where you died. 

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If you passed away within a dimension other than your own you need to travel there to locate the location of your death.

Recovery Compass in Minecraft

Here are some things you should remember when making use of a recovery compass on Minecraft:

  • Contrary to the normal compass, it is a recovery compass that can work across all sizes.
  • As with other items like other items, it is also removed from the inventory if players die.
  • You don’t need to design it before dying for it to function.

Start Using a Recovery Compass in Minecraft Today

You are now prepared to beat the death of Minecraft and protect your inventory, even after respawning. All you have to do before you go is to show your courage in the dark biome. 

If you’re not sure you’re willing to fight the Warden in the upcoming battle, head on over and go through our Minecraft Enchantments guide to get yourself ready. 

If you’re not ready to get started, the most effective Minecraft mods are always available to assist. 

However, you’ll need to be able to install Forge within Minecraft for them to work. In addition, the recovery compass feature is something that players have been asking for for a long time. 

Now that it’s in Minecraft, which improvements do you want Minecraft to include in the coming updates? Let us know in the comments!

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Recovery Compass in Minecraft – FAQ

What is a Recovery Compass in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a Recovery Compass helps you find your death point and get back your lost things after you die.

How do I craft a Recovery Compass?

You need four iron bars and one redstone dust to make a Recovery Compass. Set them up on a crafting table with the redstone dust in the middle and the iron ingots in the corners and anywhere else there is room.

What happens if I die multiple times in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, if you die more than once, the Recovery Compass will always point to the last place you died. It doesn’t remember how people died in the past.

Can I use the Recovery Compass in any game mode?

You can use the Recovery Compass in all game modes, including Survival, Creative, Adventure, and Spectator play.

What if I died in the Void or Lava? Will the Recovery Compass still work?

Even if you died in the Void or Lava, the Recovery Compass will still work. It will point to where you died, no matter what the land is like or what happened.

Can I share the Recovery Compass with other players?

No, the Recovery Compass is a personal item that can’t be shared with other people. To find their death points, each person needs to make their own Recovery Compass.

Will the Recovery Compass work if I died in a different dimension?

Yes, the Recovery Compass will work in Minecraft in all of the different worlds. No matter what world you were in, it will point to the place where you died.

Can I customize the appearance or functionality of the Recovery Compass?

The Recovery Compass cannot undergo changes in its appearance or functionality.
Its goal is to lead you to the place where you will die.

Can I lose the Recovery Compass if I die again?

No, if you die again, you won’t lose the Recovery Compass. It will stay in your inventory and keep pointing to the place where you died most recently until you get back your lost things.