How to Make a Crossbow in Minecraft (Guide 2023)

Crossbow Minecraft: If you’ve ever encountered the violent mobs in Minecraft You may have observed that combat with hands isn’t always the most simple or best option. 

It can be particularly difficult when combating foes like those of the Ender Dragon as well as the Wither that can fly.

This is where the crossbow is useful. If you can build a crossbow using Minecraft it is possible to combat the toughest opponents on the battlefield.

Crossbow in Minecraft

It’s all at a comfortable distance. With the finest Minecraft enhancements, employed crossbows are extremely effective weaponry that can be found in the game.

The only thing you require to be able to use it is a steady target and you can get better by doing practice on these most effective Minecraft map adventures. 

Let’s not wait any longer and learn to build an archery crossbow in Minecraft.

Make and Use a Crossbow in Minecraft 2023

We’ve covered the places you can get a crossbow and also addressed essential crafting ingredients, enchantments, and much more in this guide. 

Use the table below to learn more about the crossbow recipe and the steps for making bows.

What is a Crossbow in Minecraft?

Crossbows in Minecraft

Like a bow, the crossbow is an armed weapon that can be used in Minecraft. 

The crossbow can be used to launch arrows or fireworks at your enemies From an extended distance.

The precision of the aim of this weapon is improved when it gets closer to your targets decreases.

Bow vs Crossbow: Which is Better

While they share similar functions and ingredients for crafting The bow and crossbow differ based on:

1. The crossbow deteriorates in its strength with a speed greater than it is. Also, without the repair effect of Minecraft, it could turn into an expensive weapon.

2. Crossbows require only a bit longer to load as compared to regular bows. They take 1.25 seconds to load a crossbow, and 1.1 seconds to load the regular bow.

While the difference isn’t significant, it can make a difference in the direst situations.

3. The crossbow is capable of dealing damage that is 6 points as well as total damage of 11 points.

The damage maximum is similar to the bow, however, its damage minimum is just 1 point.

4. In many instances, arrows lose their speed when fired with bows. However, this isn’t the case with archers shot with crossbows.

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5. In the end, the only crossbow permits the shooting of explosive fireworks rockets in Minecraft.

They can do a lot more damage to enemies and even cause harm to multiple targets.

How to Get Crossbow in Minecraft?

In addition to the traditional crafting technique, Minecraft also has several different ways to get a crossbow within the game. These are:

Chest Loot

Crossbows, as well as damaged enchanted crossbows, are available in one of the chests below:

  • Generic Chests of Bastion Remnant
  • Bridge Chests of Bastion Remnant
  • Chests of Pillager Outposts

If you venture out to go to the pillager outposts you could come across Allay on Minecraft as a bonus. 

It typically spawns in an enclosure around outposts.


It is possible to acquire a crossbow through trading with levels of journeyman fletcher villager to exchange Emeralds. 

If you’re capable of upgrading the fletcher’s level to Master level and you want to buy it to sell the enchanted crossbows.

Mob Drop

A crossbow is fundamentally a weapon. It’s therefore not surprising that Minecraft offers some violent methods to get the weapon. 

It is possible to kill these mobs to obtain the crossbow:

  • Pillagers It is possible to obtain regular or enchanted crossbows after taking out an armed pillager. 
  • The likelihood of dropping an enchanted bow is extremely rare. If it does drop, it will have several enchantments already applied to it.
  • Piggins If a Biglin wields the crossbow, you may kill them to acquire the weapon. 
  • The chances of it dropping is less than 10 percent. However, if you’re lucky, you could find enchanted crossbows.

Items Required to Make a Crossbow

The following items are required to build a crossbow in Minecraft:

  • 3 Sticks
  • 2 Strings
  • 1 Iron Ingot
  • 1 Tripwire Hook

To make sticks, you have to put two wooden planks next to one another vertically in the area of crafting. 

This will give you four sticks. We only require three for the crossbow. 

To make the strings, you need to locate and kill cave spiders as well as spiders to obtain the strings.

Finally, you must mine and melt iron ore to make the iron ore. There is only one iron ingot to create the crossbow. 

However, an additional iron ingot along with the stick that you made earlier can assist you to create this tripwire-like hook.

How to Make Tripwire Hook?

Tripwire Hook Crafting Recipe

To create tripwire hooks you must combine three basic ingredients on your making table. 

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You must place the iron ingot, a stick, and the plank on top of each other in a vertical arrangement. 

The plank could be made comprised of any kind of wood used in the game. Look over the recipe below to create your tripwire hook.

Crossbow Crafting Recipe in Minecraft

After you have all the necessary ingredients that you require, you must combine them to create an archery crossbow within Minecraft. 

To make this happen follow these steps:

1. Then, put two sticks in the middle of the front row of the area for crafting. After that, place a string directly beneath every stick in the next row.

2. Then, put next, place the iron ingot into one of the cells in the middle previous one and hook the tripwire beneath that in the next row.

3. Then, put the final wooden stick inside the middle of the row that is at the bottom of the area for crafting. 

The crafting area should appear like this and your crossbow should be prepared.

Crossbow Crafting Recipe

How to Make Ammunition for Crossbow?

A crossbow with nothing to fire it with is not useful to use in Minecraft. 

Therefore, let’s swiftly look at how to make each of its ammunitions, i.e. the firework rockets and arrows.


Crafting Recipe of Arrows

For making an arrow you’ll need the components of flax and the stick as well as an arrow feather in the area where you are crafting. 

If you’re able to create the most effective Minecraft potion and you can make the arrows into tipped ones.

Firework Rockets

Crafting Recipe of Fireworks Rocket

When you are ready to use your crossbow and you are ready to go, you can make use of the following enchantments to push the bow further

It is also possible to apply the Curse of Vanishing on the crossbow, however, most users stay clear of it because of its negative effect. 

Also, keep in mind that the multishot and piercing enchantments are mutually exclusive. 

Therefore, in the normal world, it is only possible to make use of one when using an archery crossbow.

Crossbow in Minecraft Game Video

Make and Use a Crossbow in Minecraft Today

Just like that you’re now prepared to build an archery crossbow within Minecraft. 

With a crossbow, it is now possible to explore the Biomes in Minecraft without the worry of getting injured. 

After some time, and a bit of practice, you could attempt to take on Warden. 

We’ll not suggest you attempt this without creating the potion to heal within Minecraft. 

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There is no assurance of success, despite having the best tools and weaponry.

At times you may need to depend on the most efficient Minecraft commands to help you out. 

In the end what weapon do you prefer? Crossbow or bow? Let us know in the comments!

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Crossbow in Minecraft – FAQ

What is a crossbow in Minecraft?

The crossbow is a long-range weapon in Minecraft that enables users to shoot arrows with power and accuracy.

How do I craft a crossbow?

You’ll need 3 sticks, 2 strings, and a tripwire hook to make a crossbow. Set these things up on a work table so that they look like a crossbow.

Can I enchant my crossbow?

Yes, you can put magic on crossbows in Minecraft. You can make your crossbow work better with enchantments like Quick Charge, Piercing, and Multishot.

How do I load and shoot a crossbow?

Right-clicking while holding a crossbow will open the menu for loading it. Drag an arrow from your inventory into the slot after that, after which you should close the window. Right-click the mouse again to fire the crossbow.

Can crossbows be used underwater?

In Minecraft, crossbows can be used under the water. But the arrows will move slower and have less range than when you shoot from the ground.

Can I use fireworks with a crossbow?

In Minecraft, yes, you can put fireworks on a crossbow. The fireworks will shoot into the sky when you fire the crossbow, creating a stunning sight.

How do I repair a crossbow?

You can fix a broken crossbow by putting it together with another broken crossbow on a making table, anvil, or grindstone. You can also fix it while getting experience by using the Mending spell.

Are there different types of arrows for crossbows?

Yes, crossbows can be used with many different kinds of arrows. Some, like ghostly arrows and arrows with tips, do something different when they hit their target.

Can I use the crossbow for enchanting purposes?

No, crossbows can’t be used to make other things more powerful. Most of the time, they are used as tools in battle.

Can I use the crossbow for automatic shooting?

Yes, a crossbow with the Multishot enchantment may fire many arrows at once, enabling you to hit multiple targets or fire a barrage of arrows.