10 Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments You Must Use 2022

Bow Enchantments Minecraft: In comparison to tridents, swords, or axes, bows are regarded as undervalued as weapons in the game for Minecraft players. A lot of beginners are hesitant to make bows due to the extra effort required in making bows. 

With these bow enchantments, you will make bows an extremely powerful tool you can use in Minecraft. All you need to do to make it work is a sharp target. If you’re more interested in close-range fighting, the most effective weapons would be the best choice. 

It is possible to combine short and long-range combat with these top trident spells. Now that we have that information now, let’s get right to our selection of the most powerful bow enchantments Minecraft offers.

Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft (May 2022)

The bow enchantments below are compatible with the Minecraft Java as well as Bedrock versions that play the game. We’ve tested all of these enchantments using the most recent Minecraft 1.18 version and also. Therefore, you can be sure about the compatibility.

1. Punch


Every attack that is played in the game can cause some kind of push to the receiver which is known as knockback. The first bow enchantment punch boosts the knockback by three blocks. 

Because you can upgrade it at any time, you can utilize Punch II to push a game-playing entity for a maximum of 6 additional blocks using just one bow.

But, increased knockback won’t necessarily mean more damage. It’s still an excellent method to get out of difficult situations or to force crowds into specific zones. 

It’s like a sword-based spell known as knockback. However, due to the already established distance, the knockback effect becomes much more effective when you use bows, as you gain more time to flee, hide, or even make objects.

2. Power

Power on Bow

3. Flame

As the name suggests, flames set the objects to blaze. The fire lasts five seconds and can cause 2.5 hearts worth of destruction. 

It can be used to light campfires, TNT, and even candles. But, unlike fire charge or steel or flint, it isn’t able to light other blocks in flame. If you kill mobs with food with a flame, they will drop cooked meat, not normal meat.

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It’s the same with fire-based attacks that the flame enchantment does not affect mobs in the nether dimension. The damage they take is the same as arrows. The flame effect does not work for mobs if shot through water or rain.

4. Unbreaking

In Minecraft, certain items such as weapons and tools come with certain durability, and they are destroyed after a specific amount of use. 
Utilizing the enchantment that doesn’t break will make bows bow to last for longer. It also reduces the possibility of decreasing durability when you use the bow.
With three levels of upgrade and 3 levels of upgrades, you can be sure that your bow lasts for a long time, even in long and exhausting battles. There are many of the best bow enchantments available in Minecraft This one is likely to be the most straightforward to locate.

5. Mending

Similar to repairing, mending can also help your bow last longer. However, instead of increasing longevity, it lets you fix or replace the lower quality it. 

Repairs cost experienced orbs that you can easily gather when you kill mobs. This means that you can continue killing mobs as well as your bow can continue rebuilding itself. 

When combined with the ability to repair the bow, this magic can make your bow and other equipment almost impervious to destruction.

Be aware that you can’t gain experience to boost your level, at all until you’ve fixed the bow completely. If you own several objects that have been repaired The game will randomly choose and fix one. At times the game will select the object that doesn’t need urgent repair.

6. Infinity

Bow with Infinity

Infinity is not just one of the most effective bow enchantments on Minecraft but it is also the most well-known. Simply put, it gives you endless bows to make use of with your bow. 

It also prevents the bow from using any arrows. Keep in mind that you need to have at the very least one arrow available for this enchantment to work.

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To ensure fair play it is not possible to select an arrow that is fired in infinite increments since they’re not in your inventory at first. The same is true for this enchantment. 

It doesn’t work with spectral or tipped bows. Infinity is also not compatible with the ability to repair. It is possible to apply only one of these magical spells using your bow.

7. Curse of Vanishing

With all the amazing bow enchantments you can find in Minecraft There’s an enchantment that is negative and shouldn’t want. Curse of disappearing is among the most popular enchantments and it makes the bow disappear upon your death instead of dropping an object. 

It means that your enemies won’t be able to take your bow away, and you won’t be able to recover it once you’ve re-applied. It is necessary to rebuild it from the beginning. You also have to apply the enchantments again after the bow disappears.

The only instance this can be beneficial is to stop other players from taking your possessions in multiplayer mode. It is possible to place your bow inside the chest and drop it in a way to keep it from disappearing. 

This enchantment can be found on a lot of game items, and there’s no method to remove it. If you’re using any other enchantment, you should know how to get rid of the enchantments within Minecraftusing our extensive guide that is available here.

Bonus: Best Crossbow Enchantments

If you happen to possess an iron ingot and tripwire hook, you could make the crossbow instead of bows to make an upgrade. As you would expect, the power of a crossbow is greater than a regular bow. It also comes with many thrilling amusements. Here are some most unique:

1. Quick Charge

They have a reload speed as rifles do use in multiplayer games. This is why players cannot utilize it to blast mobs using archers. If you do apply the fast charge’s enchantment to the crossbow the enchantment will reduce the time to reload by as much as .75 seconds.

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At the level of three in rapid charges, the crossbow can become quicker than regular bows, which makes it the best weapon for range. 

If you’re using the Java edition, you can advance it to level 6 through the use of commands. After that the reload time disappears from the crossbow that is enchanted.

2. Multishot


Multishot is among the most well-known crossbow enchantments that can be found in Minecraft. It lets players shoot three projectiles simultaneously. 

But doing so will only take one item out of your inventory. This means that you can fire three arrows at the expense of just one arrow.

However, before you begin to bombard your firework rockets and arrows take note that this will reduce durability. 

If you make use of multishot with arrows, you’ll pay 3 durability points. Similarly, fireworks cost 9 points. Therefore, you must purchase the mending enchantment before you can create a crossbow.

3. Piercing


The final crossbow enchantment is available in Minecraft We have the”piercing” effect. It allows shoot arrows to penetrate through objects and continue to move until they strike another target. It’s an excellent way to take down several enemies simultaneously while also saving ammunition.

Try Bow and Crossbow Enchantments in Minecraft

You can now be the master of distant battle with these bow enchantments available in Minecraft. They will make a great addition to the massive caves and mountains that are in these top Minecraft 1.18 seedlings. Are you worried about security during battle? 

You can use the most effective armour enhancements to make it nearly impossible. After that, you only need to add practising your aim and you’ll soon be the same strength as Lord of the Rings Legolas however, in Minecraft. 

Once you’re prepared you can make the most powerful Minecraft potion to improve your character. Then, you can continue exploring your world. In regards to bow enchantments, you can share your other favourite enchantments with us in the comment section. In the meantime, have fun exploring! 

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