How to Make a Compass in Minecraft (Guide 2023)

Compass Minecraft: With an environment that seems infinite, Minecraft has few options to direct our journey. 

Sometimes, it may be difficult to find your home within Minecraft. However, there is a solution.

You just have to know how to create a compass in Minecraft to get rid of many of these issues.

Compass in Minecraft

It operates in the exact method on both Minecraft Java or Bedrock versions. 

We’re not just covered the crafting process but also the process of making the compass go to specific areas in-game.

The only thing you have to do before you start is to construct a house within Minecraft and then claim the bed as your spawn point and have the compass point to it. 

So, let’s not waste our time and discover how to create a compass in Minecraft.

Make and Use a Compass in Minecraft (2023)

This guide will focus on the creation and use of the Compass in Minecraft. 

We also have an entirely new kind of compass that was added to the game in recent times that indicates the location that the player’s last death.

Utilize our table in the following section to look through the various sections at your leisure.

How Does a Compass Work in Minecraft?

While the design of a compass within Minecraft is similar to the real-world compasses, the function differs. 

Instead of pointing in a particular direction, the compass in Minecraft is pointing toward the point where you spawn in Minecraft’s world.

This is the place where you are spawned on the planet when you first log in. 

You only need to move in the direction that the red pointer of its arrow is towards the world location of spawn.

compass minecraft

Since that point is located in the realm of the overworld and the compass is pointing randomly in directions when it is in the Nether and the End dimension.

 For the time of activation, the compass continues to point. It could be in your inventory, on your hands, or in an item frame.

The compass will always point to its designated point. 

You can set it to point to specific places with the help of loadstones however, more about the subject later.

How to Get a Compass in Minecraft?

Compasses are readily available in chests at the following places:

  • Shipwrecks
  • Stronghold Libraries
  • Villages with a Cartographer
  • Ancient Cities

Of these, villages of the cartographer’s homes have the best chance of being spawned with an item that is a compass inside it.

Trading for a Compass

You can trade with the villagers of a librarian who are experts on Minecraft to obtain a compass for gemstones. 

Contrary to what people believe the cartographer does not sell the compass in any way.

Items Required to Make a Compass

To create a compass in Minecraft You will require the following components:

  • 4 Iron Ingots
  • 1 Piece of Redstone Dust
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Use our Minecraft Ore Distribution Guide to locate the iron ore as well as Redstone within a short time. 

Be aware that mining iron ore is only a way to get raw iron. You must smelt it using a furnace or blast furnace to create the iron ore.

Crafting Recipe to Make a Compass

Once you’ve discovered the right ingredients, you have to put them together using a craft table to create a Compass within Minecraft.

For this, it is first necessary to put a small piece of Redstone dust inside between the two rows of cells of your area of crafting. 

After that, you must cover your Redstone dust in iron ingots along both sides, leaving two diagonal spaces in the area of crafting empty.

Compass In Minecraft

How to Make Compass Point to Bed?

For a compass to point in the direction of a bed or other custom-made location it is necessary to create a lodestone.

It’s a block of utility within Minecraft that allows your compass to point to the place where the lodestone is situated. 

It doesn’t consider the original world origin point once it’s linked with the stone.

Crafting Recipe for a Lodestone

To create a lodestone you will need to mix eight stone bricks chiselled together with the nephrite ingot. 

Utilize our link to quickly discover Netherite to use in Minecraft. In the case of the bricks, you can utilize the stone cutter to create them quickly and easily.

The recipe for crafting the lodestone can be found in the photo below. 

You must place the nephrite ingot into the middle, and then surround it with stone bricks chiselled.

Crafting Recipe Lodestone

Once it’s set then you need to make use of the compass located in the lacustrine to turn it on.

This is true even in the Nether as well as in the End dimension. 

If the loadstone is damaged and the connection breaks, it will fail and the compass will begin at the world spawning point. 

You could even use separate compasses to point toward different Lodestones. 

This is a great game mechanic to identify different areas within the game.

Change World Spawn Point

If you’d like to have a long-lasting method to ensure that your compass will point to a specific place, you can modify the world’s spawning point. 

To change it you’ll need this command

/setworldspawn x y z

Here, x,y, and Z are the coordinates of the location where you would like to set the spawning point. 

If you use “>” instead of in the location of coordinates then the point of spawning will be assigned to the current location.

Bonus: Make a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

In reality, the majority of Minecraft players require aid when trying to find their lost resources after dying. 

In this regard when you download Minecraft 1.19, the Minecraft 1.19 version has added an updated Recovery compass.

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compass minecraft

It can be made by combining echo fragments using a normal compass. 

This compass is pointing in the direction of the place where you died at the time of your last death. 

It’s an excellent tool to find resources even if it’s difficult to remember where you went to die.

How to make a compass in minecraft java

You’ll need the following supplies in Minecraft Java Edition to make a compass:

1. Four ingots of iron
2. Redstone dust fragment one

Here’s how to create a compass in the Java Edition of Minecraft:

1. Activate the crafting desk.

2. The center and corners of the crafting grid should be filled with a square of the four iron ingots.

3. In the center of the crafting grid, place the redstone dust.

4. The compass will show up in the result box if you’ve appropriately positioned the items.

5. Add the compass to your inventory by moving it.

You’ve just finished making a compass in Minecraft Java Edition.

The compass will point in the direction of the world spawn point and can guide you in navigating and returning to your starting point or other chosen points of interest.

How to make a compass in minecraft 1.5.2

In Minecraft version 1.5.2, you will need the Following items to make a compass:

1. Four pieces of iron.
2. One redstone dust

In Minecraft 1.5.2, here’s how to make a compass:

1. Open up your work table.

2. Put the four iron ingots in a square shape in the middle and corners of the making grid.

3. Redstone dust should be put in the middle of the making grid.

4. The compass will appear in the result box once all the pieces are in the proper positions.

5. Move the direction to the list of items you have.

Now you know how to make a compass in Minecraft version 1.5.2.

The compass will orient you toward the location of the world spawn point and can aid in navigating you back to your starting point or to other interesting locations.

Make and Use a Compass in Minecraft Today

Once you’ve learned how to create a compass using Minecraft and you’ll never need to be lost in Minecraft Biomes for the rest of your life. 

You can create the top Minecraft home designs around your globe without having to think about finding them. But, travelling to remote places is a different topic.

Alternately, you could use these top Minecraft modifications to help you solve this issue.

However, you’ll need to be able to install Forge within Minecraft so that you can properly run them. 

So What are you planning to use your compass to do? Let us know in the comments!

Compass in Minecraft Video


Congratulations! You’ve made compasses! 

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Compasses are excellent to find out where you are and how you can get home However, make sure you be aware of the direction in which your house is located.

Compasses are a bit out of date in their use through the years, however, they are still utilized to create maps as well, and are enjoyable to play with. 

Enjoy exploring!

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Compass in Minecraft – FAQ

What does a compass do in Minecraft?

In the video game Minecraft, players can use a compass as a navigational tool to find their way back to Where they started or to a specific point of interest, such as a structure Or location.

How do I craft a compass?

You need four iron bars and one piece of redstone to make a compass. Set up the items on a crafting table or the making grid in your inventory to make a compass.

Can I use a compass to find other players?

No, a compass in Minecraft doesn’t point to other people. Instead, it points to the world spawn point. The compass in Minecraft cannot track other people; it can only assist in navigation and movement.

Does a compass work in the Nether or the End?

No, you can’t use a map in the Nether or the End. It won’t work in these dimensions because they have different rules for how to move around.

How do I reset the compass to point to my spawn point?

The compass automatically points to the world start point. If you want it to point somewhere else, you can sleep in a bed to change your spawn point, and the compass will change to match.

Can I enchant a compass?

You can’t change the way a map works in Minecraft. You cannot add any upgrades or enchantments to the compass.

Can I use a compass to find specific structures?

No, a compass does not take you straight to places like villages, dungeons, or strongholds. But you can find these buildings with the help of outside tools or mods that give you coordinates.

Can I use a compass to find diamonds?

No, you can’t use a compass in Minecraft to find diamonds or other special resources. Its major goal is to make it easier for you to navigate and return home.

Can I use a compass in multiplayer?

Yes, both single-player and multiplayer games can use a compass. It works the same way in single-player and multiplayer games: it points to the world start point.

Are there any alternatives to the compass for navigation?

In fact, there are numerous ways to navigate the world Of Minecraft. Some players use maps, numbers, or outside tools like mods and plugins to find their way around and mark important spots.