Buy Buy Baby Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy

Buy Buy Baby Price Match: Buy Buy Baby has prices that are the same as its competitors’ ads and online prices. With its promise to match prices, Buy Buy Baby will also change prices after a customer has bought something. But there are some things that the price match promise doesn’t cover.

Customers who want to use Buy Buy Baby coupons are also subject to the store’s rules about matching prices. Since the policy’s goal is to give customers the best price possible, there are times when coupons are more important than price matches. Here is a full explanation of how the policy works.

Does Buy Buy Baby Price Match?

Buybuybaby Price Match

Buy Buy Baby will match the prices that competitors show in their ads or on their websites. Customers who shop at Buy Buy Baby stores can ask the company to match a lower price. All a customer has to do is show a salesperson the price of a competitor in an ad or online.

Customers of Buy Buy Baby can also ask for a price match by phone. They can talk to a customer service representative by calling 1-877-328-9222. The representative will ask for a copy of the website link or the ad that shows the price.

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Does Buy Buy Baby Adjust in 2022?

Yes, Buy Buy Baby keeps changing its prices for its customers. The company will change the price up to 14 days after the purchase. Customers do have to give a copy of their invoice, receipt, or shipping confirmation.

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Buy Buy Baby changes its prices if a customer finds a lower price from a competitor after the fact. Customers can ask for price changes in person or over the phone. As long as they can prove that the lower price is true, they should get a refund.

Exclusions & Rules

The company only matches prices and makes adjustments for items that are the same and are in stock. The same brand, size, color, model year, and model number must be available from the competitor. Used or refurbished items that are the same but cheaper cannot be the same.

Buy Buy Baby does not match prices or change prices on items that are on sale, on clearance, or for a limited time. If a competitor’s ad for a sale says “while supplies last,” it is not covered by the price match guarantee. Price matches can be limited by the company as well.

Prices advertised during special events or holidays, like Black Friday sales, can’t be matched or changed. Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day are two big holidays that have big sales.

FAQs For Buy Buy Baby Price

Q.1 Does but buy baby price match?

Check out the Buy Buy Baby price match guarantee before you buy. The store promises to match the price of any item sold by a direct competitor that is the same (excluding clearance and closeout items).

Q.2 What if Another Retailer Makes a Pricing Error?

Price differences that are caused by typos or other mistakes on the part of a competitor are not covered by Buy Buy Baby’s promise to match prices. In these situations, the company does not have to match prices or make adjustments.

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Q.3 What About Manufacturers’ Coupons?

Buy Buy Baby will match the price of manufacturer coupons. So, a customer will pay the same price as the competitor and also get a discount from the coupon. But coupons from competing stores or brands that have stores can’t be used with a match.