Does Toys R Us Price Match?

Toys R Us Price Match: Yes, there are times when Toys R Us will match the prices of its competitors. Customers who have bought something from Toys R Us have 7 days to make a claim.

In the rest of this article, we’ll talk in more depth about how Toys R Us’s price match policy works and how potential customers can best use this to their advantage.

Toys R Us Price Match Policy

Consumers should know that a “price match” is when a company gives a refund or lowers the price of a product to make up for the difference when a competitor sells the same product for less.

When a store lowers the price of an item to match a lower price it had listed for the same item in the past or at a different location, this is called a price adjustment.

Does Toys R Us Offer Price Adjustments in 2022?

On its Canadian company website, Toys R Us says that prices will change in 2022. The American website doesn’t say anything like that, but the company policy may be the same in the US as well.

If a customer finds an item advertised by Toys R Us at a lower price online, in-store, or in print than what their local store is charging, the local store will drop its price to match the lower price.

R Us Price Match Exceptions & Rules

Gift cards or vouchers can also be an exception to the rule when it comes to price matching. Toys R Us won’t exchange or give back an item that was bought with a gift card or voucher points.

Toys R Us’s price match policy says that customers must go to their local store to use the service. If you want to compare prices on two products, they must be the same. They can’t be from different brands or be similar products from the same brand.

Also, customers who want Toys R’ Us to match a competitor’s price must do so within seven days of the date they bought the product from Toys R’ Us. The price that Toys R’ Us needs to match must come from a “Canadian retailer.”

When its stores reopen in 2021, all customers will have to wear a mask and keep a social distance, which is in line with U.S. and Canadian rules, if they want to ask for a price match or adjustment.

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Customers should also know that price-matching policies don’t apply when the price advertised by another company is part of a special offer or rate, like “buy one get one free,” “10% off,” or a “today only” deal. Toys R Us’s pricing policies also don’t let them match or change prices based on holiday discounts like Black Friday sales.

Toys R Us also doesn’t take into account products with wrong prices because of misprints, price changes at other stores, or price changes at Toys R Us itself. Items that are on sale at other stores but not in the price match offer are also not eligible.

Toys R’ Us’s price-matching and price-adjustment policies don’t apply to items that are bundled together, sold at liquidation sales, or bought with coupons or rebates and returned. This is because there are special circumstances that affect the prices of these items at the moment.

Lastly, if a gift card was used to buy an item, Toys R Us has the right to exchange or refund the cost of the item. Even though this may seem scary, customers should still go to their local Toys R’ Us to talk about other options or make sure that their gift card refund will be valid.

All of these rules and exceptions also apply to Babies R’ Us, which is a sister store to Toys R’ Us.

  • Item must be the same in every way, including size, color, model number, etc.
  • At a retailer’s store, you have to show a copy of the original proof of the lower-price ad.
  • The claim that the price is lower is checked out.
  • In the case of online advertising, the device needs to be there to show the ad for the item. For example, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • The number of items in stock is an important part of the price match process.
  • If the purchase has already been made, you have up to 14 days from the date of the purchase to return it.
  • At the Toys R Us stores where the item was bought, you have to show the original payment receipt.

When you buy something in a store, you have to show proof that it is what you say it is. So, to get the price match for that item, you need to go to a Toys R Us store near you.

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Does Toys R Us Do Price Matching?

One of the best things about Toys R Us is that customers can always get the best deal because the store will match prices. This can be done as long as the customer asks for it within 7 days of buying the item.

This lets customers get the same price at Toys R Us as they would at one of its competitors. This can be helpful because there are a lot of stores like Toys R Us that have lower prices.

At Toys R Us, you have to follow the rules to get a price match. Among these rules are:

  • Requesting at a Toys R Us store in person
  • Asking the store to match the price within 7 days
  • The thing must be the same.
  • The item must be priced normally

Here are the rules you must follow if you want Toys R Us to match the price of something you bought there. This is because Toys R Us can’t just match the prices of any of its rivals at any time.

If you want a price match, the item you want to buy must be the same, right down to the brand, style, and color. Toys R Us won’t price match items that are already on sale or clearance.

If you want Toys R Us to match the price, you should think about these things.

What Is the Toys R Us Price Adjustment Policy?

Toys R Us’s policy on price adjustments says that customers can get either a price match or a price adjustment. If you know that a competitor is selling the same item for less, you can change your price.

If you can prove this, you can buy the same item at that price at Toys R Us when you check out. This is the option to change the price since the price is changed for you when you buy the item.

If this is the case, the same rules for price matching apply, such as the item having to be the same and having a regular price. Toys R Us will change the price for you if your item meets all of the requirements.

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You can ask for a price match if you already bought the item but then saw it for less somewhere else. This is for when you have already bought the item but want a price match refund.

This is trickier because you have to ask for the price match in a Toys r Us store and do it within 7 days of buying the item. If not, it won’t be eligible for a price match, and you will have to pay the full price.

Does Toys R Us Price Match Online?

If you bought something from Toys R Us online but then saw it for less somewhere else, you may want Toys R Us to match that price. The sad truth is that Toys R Us doesn’t let you do this because it doesn’t match online prices.

All price matching for items bought in a store must be done in a Toys R Us store. Even though Toys R Us has a website, you won’t be able to get a price match for any of these items.

You also can’t get the same price on items sold by Toys R Us’s online competitors. If you want to match or change the price, the item must come from a real store.

Can I Get a Price Match at Toys R Us?

You might be able to get a price match if you bought something at Toys R Us but then saw it for less somewhere else. This is because there are times when Toys R Us will match the prices of its competitors.

Toys R Us will also change the price of an item if you know that a competitor is selling it for less. Just remember that this must be the same item and that the price must be the same as usual.

Toys R Us is not responsible for matching prices or making changes to prices that are on sale or clearance. The item must also be sold in a store, not just on a website.


Toys R Us has been making us happy for a long time. Customers are happy with them because they sell good products and they have policies to match prices.

Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Did they give you this service, and if so, did anything go wrong?