How to Make a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft – 2022

Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft: Mining Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft not surprisingly is a significant aspect of playing Minecraft. 

Mining is the process of discovering resources, collecting mobs, and even exploring areas such as the newly-discovered Deep Dark Caves Biome. Before you dive into an adventure in mining you must have the most effective tools. 

You must be able to build the diamond pickaxe within Minecraft. It is among the strongest pickaxes you can find in Minecraft. From finding diamonds to getting the most of this tool we’ve covered all in this article. 

This guide is available for all Minecraft editions, both Java and Bedrock versions. After we get that out of the beginning, let’s look at how to create an ax with diamonds in Minecraft.

Make Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft 2022

Before making the diamond pickaxe, we must first make several other pickaxes. But if you’re past the point at which you’re on your way take a look at our table in the following to jump to the steps needed to make diamond pickaxes.

Diamond pickaxes are among the most well-known Minecraft tool for the community and with every reason that is right. It is the second-strongest pickaxe just behind Netherite which is a sped-up version that is a diamond-shaped pickaxe. 

In terms of performance, it’s the third fastest. It’s a Netherite pickaxe is quicker than a gold pickaxe, while a Netherite pickaxe is the fastest on the market. However, many blocks that have been broken by the gold pickaxe won’t lose any items.

diamond pickaxe minecraft

Despite their efficiency diamond pickaxes is a must-have instrument you’ll need to play the game in survival mode. Let’s find out how.

What is a Diamond Pickaxe Used For?

A diamond pickaxe can be used for the following functions in Minecraft:

  • It is employed to extract obsidian. Other pickaxes aren’t able to make the obsidian drop after mining. It’s required to create an internet portal and then, later on, complete the game.
  • It is possible to effectively mine all the ore within the game. It is possible to use the Minecraft ore distribution guide to find out where to find the most well-known ore types. A diamond pickaxe lets you acquire additional diamond products easily.
  • With a diamond pickaxe, you can create a nephrite pickaxe. In the end, you will be able to mine other Nethertie items, which are the most powerful of all, with this pickaxe.
  • A diamond pickaxe is also an extremely high percentage of damage. Therefore, you could employ it as a weapon in a crisis.

How to Get a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft?

It’s not the only method to acquire a diamond pickaxe. It can also be found in the chest loot of the places listed below: End City and Bastion Remnants.

The disadvantage of these places is that you can get them later on in your survival gameplay. By that time you’ll be able to access diamond equipment in the majority of instances. Don’t lose hope now. If you put aside crafting and looting it is possible to get an enchanted diamond pickaxe by trading with the most skilled toolsmith villager.

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Command to Get Diamond Pickaxe

You can execute the following command inside your chatbox to receive an ax with diamonds without effort

/give @p diamond_pickaxe 1

The command mentioned above works on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions with cheating capabilities. To take it one step further, you can obtain a customized diamond pickaxe, with over 1,000 levels of efficiency by using the following Java special command

/give @s Minecraft:diamond_pickaxe{Enchantments:[{id:”Minecraft:efficiency”,lvl:1000s}]} 1

The pickaxe you pick up when you use this command will smash almost any block with just one touch.

Items Required to Make a Diamond Pickaxe

Returning to the past of craft, you’ll need the following tools to create a diamond-shaped pickaxe in Minecraft:

  • 3 Diamonds
  • 2 Sticks
  • Crafting Table

Sticks are an integral component in every pickaxe used in the game. They serve as the pickaxe’s handle and the other material functions as the head. The process of making sticks is placing two planks on top of each other within the crafting space. If you’re not aware of how to make planks by placing a wooden or stem block inside the area where you are crafting.

diamond pickaxe minecraft

The kind of wood you use isn’t a factor when crafting or using sticks as Minecraft takes them in the same way. After crafting sticks and sorting, it’s time to acquire diamonds. 

However, we must make some pickaxes first. Let’s find out how.

Make a Wooden Pickaxe

The very first pickaxe that we will need to build is a wooden one. Its sole use is the mining of stones. To construct a wooden pickaxe it is necessary to insert a plank inside each cell in the initial row of the crafting space. After that, you can place two bamboo sticks inside the middle of the third and second rows.

diamond pickaxe minecraft
If the pickaxe you made with wood is set, you can travel the globe and search for your stones. It’s one of the most commonly used blocks across the globe. 

Once you have mined it and found it, you’ll get the cobblestone. Three cobblestone blocks are needed for the next step.

Make a Stone Pickaxe

Once you’ve got enough cobblestones, go back to the table for crafting. First, you have to put a cobblestone piece in each cell of the highest row of the crafting space. 

After that, you can place a wooden stick into the middle of the remaining two rows (as shown below). The arrangement of sticks is identical in the crafting recipes for all pickaxes.

diamond pickaxe minecraft

After making the stone pickaxe, head through the caves in search of the iron mine. It’s a relatively regular ore that you discover most often at heights of Y=16. It is possible to use the Minecraft 1.18.1 ore distribution guides for more assistance. After the iron ore is mined it releases raw iron. Be sure to gather 3 or more pieces of iron that are in the raw before you leave.

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Make an Iron Pickaxe

After you have collected the raw iron, it is necessary to melt it into steel ingots with an iron furnace or blast furnace. You could also make use of planks of wood as fuel for the same. 

If the iron ingots are 3 in your inventory, place them in each of the cells on the top row in your crafting space. After that, place wooden sticks into the middle of the third and second rows to finish the recipe.

Make an Iron Pickaxe

You may have noticed that you require a pickaxe for upgrading to a more powerful pickaxe. Fortunately, this rule does not apply to those who are moving towards the gold standard. 

It is possible to utilize either iron or gold pickaxes for mining diamonds. This is the easier one to acquire while the former lasts longer.

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds are most often generated at a lower level than Y=16 in Minecraft. The rate at which they generate is highest when you are near the Y=-64 which is also known as what is known as the Bedrock layer. 

Therefore, if you’re in the right place it is likely that you will come across the diamonds in time or not. Our guide on finding diamonds on Minecraft includes a variety of useful techniques to accelerate the process more. You can utilize it to locate enough diamonds to fill your entire equipment.

diamond pickaxe minecraft

If mined the diamond ore block immediately falls diamonds. Therefore, it is not necessary to melt it like iron. It is possible to use the fallen fragments of the diamond to your preferences. Three diamonds are needed to create the diamond pickaxe.

Other Ways to Obtain Diamonds

Due to the inclusion of Warden Warden Minecraft 1.19, A lot of players do not consider exploring the mines in-depth secure. If you’re among the players, you can earn diamonds by looting chests at the below places:

  • Mineshaft
  • Bastion Remnant
  • Desert Temple
  • Buried Treasure
  • End City
  • Jungle Temple
  • Nether Fortress
  • Shipwrecks
  • Stronghold
  • Villages with Ironsmiths

In this regard, villages are the safest way to search for diamonds on Minecraft. Use our list of the best Minecraft villages to locate one that has many ironsmiths, and possibly diamonds.

Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe Crafting Recipe

Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe Crafting Recipe

If you’re reading this guide in the order you’re aware of the process of crafting diamond pickaxes isn’t too different than other pickaxes. 

To create a diamond-shaped pickaxe, first, you must put a diamond in every cell of the upper row of the crafting area. Next, put sticks in the middle of the third and second rows to complete the recipe.

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Then, you’ve created a diamond-shaped pickaxe with Minecraft. The pickaxe can be dragged into your inventory and begin making use of it.

Best Enchantments to Use on a Pickaxe

Use the following enhancements to make your diamond pickaxe more effective:

  • Efficiency V The Efficiency V increases the speed of mining using the pickaxe.
  • Fortune III: It boosts the number of things that are removed when mining a block.
  • Repair: With it, active the pickaxe utilizes XP orbs to repair itself.
  • Silk TouchThis lets you mine whole blocks and delicate objects. For example, if mine diamond ore using the silk touch enchantment it releases an ore-based block rather than the diamond.
  • Unbreakable The HTML0 code increases the strength of an item, by reducing the chance of it sustaining the brunt of the damage.

How to Get a Netherite Pickaxe?

How to Get a Netherite Pickaxe

 After you’ve made the diamond pickaxe using Minecraft but it’s not the right time to stop. The next step is to upgrade the pickaxe to a Netherite one by using the smithing table.

You must place the diamond pickaxe as well as an item made of Netherite Ingot in the smithing tables to improve the quality of the pickaxe. To obtain Netherite ingot, you can find it by following our guide. Nephrite ingot, utilize our guide to discover Netherite inside Minecraft. It is already equipped with the diamond pickaxe for mining Netherite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are All the Pickaxes in Minecraft?

✔ In Minecraft, there are pickaxes made of iron, stone, wood diamond, gold, and Nephrite.

Q. What is the Fastest Way to Get Diamonds in Minecraft?

✔ If you don’t find a village with ironsmiths, mining vast free traps of dripstone is one of the best methods to locate diamonds.

Q. Does Diamond Pickaxe Break?

✔ Diamond pickaxes are the second-strongest pickaxe you can find. However, it has a limited endurance that decreases with every time you employ it. Therefore, it’s recommended to use it in conjunction with repair enchantments or enchantments that aren’t breaking.

Q. What Is the ID Number for a Diamond Pickaxe?

✔ The ID number in the game’s technical version for diamond pickaxes is 278. It can be used when making custom commands for pickaxes.

Q. Can You Find a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft?

✔ Diamond pickaxes naturally occur only in Bastion Cities of Remnants as well as End. The chests can be looted for regular diamond pickaxes as well as enchanted ones.

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