How to Fix Minecraft Not Update Error [Proven Fixes 2023]

Fix Minecraft Not Update Error

Fix Minecraft Not Update Error: The process of updating is an essential element of the Game. 

It’s crucial to update your game to improve the overall experience.

In general, Windows 10 users are having more issues than the other users on other platforms.

Fix Minecraft Not Update Error

I was also confronted with the problem a couple of days ago when I attempted to update Minecraft to the Windows 10 PC.

As I am a Minecraft player I was irritated by this error. Therefore, I began to discover the root of the issue. 

Fortunately, I was able to identify the underlying issue and some fixes.

How To Fix Minecraft Not Update Error? 

Restarting your PC is an efficient method of getting this issue fixed. 

It is possible to resolve the issue through resetting Minecraft. Reinstalling the game can be a option to Fix the problem.

 You should update your PC drivers for a perfect Minecraft Update.

Examining the problem’s underlying causes is important before we can find the solution.

 Fix Minecraft Not Update Error

We’ll start with the major topics without further delay. You can read the complete post to resolve the issue quickly.

Why does Minecraft Not Update Error Occur?

There are a variety of causes that can be responsible for this Minecraft Update issue. 

It is impossible to identify a single offender who is to blame for the occurrence of this issue.

If you download a new version of Minecraft and you are unable to update Minecraft. Certain players do not install the game on a reliable source. 

This also blocks the updating process. Older drivers on your PC can also be responsible for this issue.

Here is the reason behind Minecraft not update error:

Separate Version of Minecraft

Minecraft comes in a variety of versions, including Minecraft, instance. JAVA Edition Bedrock Edition. 

There are specific versions for each operating system as well. 

Many players mistakenly believe of thinking they’re looking for updates to a specific version of Minecraft.

Make sure to verify the version of the game before beginning the update.

Download Minecraft from an Unauthentic Source

Imagine that you go to the Microsoft store to download an update for Minecraft however, you aren’t able to update it since Minecraft isn’t listed in the list of downloads. 

This happens because you didn’t download Minecraft from a reliable source.

Outdated PC Drivers

The most current version of Minecraft will not work with Outdated computer components. 

Your computer’s drivers will no longer be compatible with the most recent games and updates if you don’t replace them.

Versions older than Drivers stop the update of Minecraft. This is why you should upgrade your drivers regularly.

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These are the most important causes of the update issue of Minecraft. One of the causes is the cause of the issue.

You may be contemplating how to get rid of this problem.

Don’t worry, bro. now is the time to begin to work on the solution. I always attempt to determine the reason first, as it simplifies the process. 

It is possible to find a solution by following the steps.

How to Fix Minecraft Not Update Error?

When you are aware of the root cause of the issue, it is much easier to fix the issue.

You will be given a path to get there.There are several ways You can use to solve the problem. 

Before we get to these strategies, you must first restart your computer or other devices to fix the issue.

This is regarded as the ultimate solution to every technical issue.

The majority of PCs have the Restart button. Press then hold to reboot the device. You can also restart your device on your own.

Here are the steps for Restarting your PC

1. Click on the Windows button on the keyboard.

2. Simply click on Power

3. Click Restart from the drop-down menu.

Fix Minecraft

4. Press the Enter key to start the PC.

After you have completed the Restart procedure, try updating Minecraft.

If you are still having issues, try the other methods that have been tested to fix the issue. 

Reset or reinstall Minecraft could be the solution Also, you should verify your drivers on your PC to see whether they’re compatible with the update or not.

Here are the Methods That You can apply for Minecraft not update issue:

Reset Minecraft

Resetting Minecraft can be the most efficient solution to the error message in updating. 

The game can resolve all internal problems and enable updating when you reset it.The steps listed below can be used to reset the game.

Here are the Steps to Reset the game 

1. You can go to The Setting option on your computer. This can be found by typing Setting in the Windows search bar or by clicking Windows + Ikeys together.

2. Choose to open the Applications menu from the menus for settings.

3. Click on the Apps and Features option found in the left corner of the navigation list.

fix minecraft

4. scroll down to the list of applications and look for Minecraft.

5. Choose Option advanced option below the name.

6. Click on The reset option and click it.

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fix minecraft

7. Select and click the Reset button on the right side of the screen to restart Minecraft.

Important to note that the Reset process will erase all data stored in the gadget.

These are the steps to Reset Minecraft. Then, go to Microsoft Store to update your game. Microsoft Store to download the latest version of Minecraft.

If you haven’t found the solution, then go to the following approach.

Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft

Uninstalling the game is an option to fix the problem. Sometimes it is that the game isn’t installed correctly, which means it’s unable to download the latest update.

Therefore, you must remove the game first, then install it. It’s an easy process.

Here are the steps for uninstalling the Minecraft game from your PC 

1. Search the bar of your computer.

2. Enter the word Settings or press Windows+I. The Settings window will appear in the display.

3. Choose your Applications to option from the menu.

4. Visit the Features and Apps section.

Fix Minecraft Not Update Error

5. Scroll down to Minecraft Then right-click on the icon. Uninstall button will be displayed.

  • Select the Uninstall
  • Permit to Remove.

Minecraft will stop being installed on the device. Then, you must delete all files stored on your computer.

 Here are the steps to delete Minecraft Data from your PC 

  • Press the Windows + E keys simultaneously.
  • Enter “%Appdata%” in the address bar.
  • Explore for Minecraft
  • Choose it, then press the delete button.

The data associated with Minecraft will be erased off your computer.

Then download and install Minecraft.

Here is the process of downloading and installing Minecraft 

  • Visit the Minecraft Official Website. Minecraft Website.
  • Find the most recent version of the game.
  • Download the desired version.
  • Click on the executable file and then allow the installation to begin.

Minecraft will be installed again on your computer.

Then try updating Minecraft. If you are still experiencing problems, you need to test your PC’s driver.

Due to incompatible drivers, it is possible to cause problems like these.

Let’s look at the drivers and update them when required.

Update PC Drivers

Drivers that are updated can improve your gaming experience. However, older versions of drivers can be an issue. 

Therefore, you must always stay current with the most recent version of the driver.

You can utilize a wide range of software to update drivers. However, I suggest updating drivers by hand.

Visit the Manufacturer’s site and look for updates. If you discover any updates, download them and then update them.

If you have Nvidia Geforce GPU and your GPU needs an update. Visit the Nvidia website. 

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Choose the GPU section and look for an Update. 

Be sure to choose the Update file that corresponds to your specific model of Geforce GPU. Then, update the driver.


Minecraft is among the most popular Online games, with thousands of players. 

Recently, however, players who use Windows 10 to update their game encountered some issues.

In this article, I’ve provided the best solution by doing some research.

I hope that you will find this article legitimate and helps you.

You’ll e to modify Minecraft quickly by using these techniques.

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Fix Minecraft Not Update Error – FAQ

Why is Minecraft not updating?

If your internet connection is unstable, there are issues with the launcher, caches, or temporary files, your Java version is out of date, or your firewall and antivirus settings are incorrect, Minecraft may not update.

How can I fix an unstable internet connection for Minecraft updates?

Start your router over, make sure your connection is stable, or connect to a different network.

What should I do if the Minecraft launcher is causing update errors?

Start the Minecraft app again or update it to the latest version.

How do I clear Minecraft caches to fix update issues?

Find the “caches” folder in the Minecraft software folder and delete its contents.

What if I have an outdated Java version causing Minecraft update errors?

Visit the official Java website and grab the latest version to update Java to the latest version.

Can antivirus or firewall settings block Minecraft updates?

Yes, antivirus or firewall settings might see Minecraft updates as possible security risks. Turn them off temporarily or change the settings so that Minecraft can update.

Should I reinstall Minecraft to fix update errors?

Reinstalling Minecraft should only be done if nothing else works. Try other ways to fix the problem before doing a full restart.

How can I check Mojang’s server status for Minecraft updates?

For server state updates, go to the official Mojang status page or follow Minecraft’s official social media pages.

What should I do if none of the solutions work for the Minecraft update error?

For more help, you can contact Minecraft support or go to the main Minecraft community forums.

Can I prevent future Minecraft update errors?

Yes, you can make update errors less likely to happen if you regularly update Minecraft, keep Java up-to-date, keep your internet connection stable, and change your firewall or antivirus settings as needed.