How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft (2022 Guide)

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft?

A campfire’s use in Minecraft is varied. It’s mostly utilized as a decoration item that can illuminate the surrounding area and mimic real fires, which leave trails of smoke rising into the air which makes it more real. 

Its ability of it to illuminate the surroundings is comparable to a torch. It is, however, unable to be easily broken down and replaced by the inventory, making it ideal to light up the home you have built.

But enhancing the beauty of the area isn’t the only thing that campfires are great for! They can melt as many as three snow blocks that surround the fire.

 Additionally, campfires can also be used to generate heat to cook raw food items. Right-click on the flame to cook up to four food items and they’ll be arranged in the vicinity, and cook simultaneously. When they are cooked, the food will appear ready for you to collect after 30 seconds.

The smoke trail that rises from campfires can serve as signals to guide the way to get back home. In addition, they can be utilized to grow honey without the risk of being threatened by bees.

Make a Campfire in Minecraft (2022)

A campfire within Minecraft is a plethora of interplay with different objects that are part of the game. Check out the following table to look at the various options at your own pace. In the meantime, we’ll learn how to create a campfire and soul fire and the differences between the two.

What is a Campfire in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the campfire block is the name of a flame-based building block that could be used for cooking food use as a lighting source, and even emitting smoke signals. 

It’s similar to the real-world campfire, which uses wood to ignite itself. However, unlike the real world, the campfire of Minecraft serves as an endless source of heat.

campfire minecraft

Furthermore, Minecraft also includes a soul campfire variant. It is a classic turquoise flame that is commonly seen within the Nether Dimension. We’ve covered the distinctions between the soul and the standard campfire later in this guide.

How to Find Campfire in Minecraft?

The normal version of campfires is created in Minecraft at the following places: Taiga villages, Snowy Taiga villages as well as Ancient Cities.

It is possible to cut the campfire with your hands or employ a tool to take it away. For the soul campfire, it’s not a natural thing to create during the game. You must create it by hand using the methods described in the following paragraphs.

Trade with Villagers to Get Campfire

If you’re unable to locate a campfire in villages, you could make deals with villagers to get it. The apprentice-level fishing village villagers sell campfires regularly in exchange for the emeralds.

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Items Needed to Make Campfire in Minecraft

The following items are required to build a campfire in Minecraft:

  • 3 Logs
  • 3 sticks
  • A chunk of coal or charcoal (for the regular campfire)
  • Soul soil blocks(for fire in the campfire of souls)

Of all these, logs are among the easiest to get. Simply cut down a tree in Minecraft to get logs within a short time. You can then use the same log to create planks and, later, sticks very easily.

Take note of this in the crafting recipe to make campfires, you could also make use of stripped logs as well as stripped logs and stem blocks instead of the regular logs.

How to Get Coal or Charcoal?

Use our Minecraft and ore-distribution guide to find coal within Minecraft. You only require one coal piece for constructing the campfire. But if coal doesn’t work for you, you could make a smoulder of any log that you can find in the furnace, turning it into charcoal.

campfire minecraft

Both charcoal and coal serve as fuel for fires. But neither is more efficient than either. Therefore, you are free to select the one that is the easiest to get for you.

How to Get Soul Soil?

If you are planning to build an acoustic campfire then you will require soul soil to fuel the block. To locate this block, you must first create the Nether gateway and go into that Nether dimension. 

With just two minutes of exploration, you’ll be able to quickly find soul soil. The most reliable indicator for soul soil would be the colour of the flame that burns on it.

Soul Sand Valley

If due for some reason, you do not want to venture into the Nether there is a possibility to discover soul soil in the old city. We wouldn’t recommend you leap unless you are aware of how to overcome this Warden.

Minecraft Campfire Crafting Recipe

To make a campfire using Minecraft First, you need to put three logs on the lowest row of the crafting space of the making table. As we will observe below, the bottom row must be filled. 

After that, use charcoal or coal inside the centre cell and place the sticks on either side of the next row. In the final step, place one of the sticks in the middle of the row in the beginning, directly above the piece of charcoal or coal.

Here’s how your crafting recipe is to look like for the perfect campfire

Crafting recipe of campfire

However, If you wish to build a campfire for your soul, place the soil sand block inside the middle cell of the area for crafting. 

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The remainder of the recipe stays the same. When your campfire is lit you can make use of an electric fire starter or flint and steel to start it.

Differences Between Campfire and Soul Campfire

In addition to the visual distinctions apart from the visual differences, the soul campfire, as well as regular campfires, have these differences:

  • The soul campfire is lit by a lower amount of light than regular campfires. Its flame isn’t as bright.
  • Due to the higher brightness, The regular campfire will melt the ice blocks. However, the soul campfire can’t.
  • If you can create an enclave on top of the campfire The soul fire can do twice as much damage as regular fire.
  • The soul campfire is also equipped with an additional effect on the area that helps to keep Piglins from being able to get away from the fire.

Uses of Campfire in Minecraft

Once you’ve learned how to build the campfire and possibly picked a design to build your Minecraft home or base structure It’s time to consider the many uses for this block.


Since the campfire can provide infinite fuel, you can make use of the fire to cook raw food. In contrast to a furnace cooking food over the campfire isn’t dependent on additional fuel. It takes a little longer than an oven to cook food. Because you can cook up to four items at once without fuel the campfire is the most efficient option.

Damage and Mob Farms

Because of their capacity to cause destruction, you can utilize campfires to quickly eliminate mobs when the conditions are right. You can build an automatic mob farming farm on Minecraft by putting the campfire within the area of killing.

Harvest Honey from Bees

If you put an open fire under beehives or bee nests it is possible to collect honey bottles or honeycombs without causing any harm to honey bees. 

Make sure there’s no other obstruction between the bees’ homes. Find out how to build bee farms in Minecraft by following the guide.

Smoke Signals

When the fire is burning, it emits an odour that lasts for up to 10 blocks before disappearing. You can put a hay bale underneath the campfire to extend to as high as 24 blocks. 

If you put another block on top of that signal for smoke, the block will decrease the signal’s height dramatically.



Make and Use a Campfire in Minecraft Today

You now know all you should be aware of campfires and Soul campfires on Minecraft. Use our guide to show your group members how to build an outdoor campfire in Minecraft to aid in finding the other players on this most popular Minecraft server. 

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However, if you feel that it is too much effort then you could also follow our tutorial to transfer to another server in Minecraft. This will eliminate the requirement of communicating with one another and can make the process of meeting your companion faster. 

However, If you’re someone who would like to be in with the camping vibes, the most effective Minecraft modpacks could include a set of mods specifically designed for camping. 

It’s just a matter of finding the modpack that you like as well as setting up Forge on Minecraft to use it. In that case what kind of campfire is your favourite? Campfires with soul or regular? Comment below!


You’ve done it! You made a campfire. Now you can illuminate your surroundings or make it a symbol to direct you back to your home, melt the snow on your property as well as farm honey and even cook your food! You can also use it as a decoration item for your home to give it the look of a fireplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make a Soul Campfire?

Soul Campfires in Minecraft not only look cool. They can also be useful in keeping out any Piglins within the area by emitting bright blue illumination. In addition, unlike regular Campfires Soul Campfires do not melt ice and can also be used to illuminate structures in harsher temperatures. To make one, you’ll require three logs, three sticks from any kind of wood, and a small piece made of Soul Soil. It is available from the Soul Sand Valley, in the Nether. Here’s how you can make the Soul Campfire:

1. Make sure you have the right materials available and set up the crafting table.

2. Take three sticks in your collection to your table of crafting. The first stick must be in the middle cell in the upper row The remaining two sticks should be on the sides in the middle row.

3. Put one tablespoon of Soul Soil in the centre of your table for crafting, in between three of the sticks.

4. Take three logs or wooden blocks onto the lower row of your table.

5. A blue image of a campfire will appear just to the right of the table you are crafting on. Click it and drag it into your inventory.

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