How to Make a Stonecutter in Minecraft Guide 2023

Stonecutter in Minecraft Guide 2023

Stonecutter in Minecraft: A stonecutter is an extremely useful tool within Minecraft that can be used to build different stone blocks. 

The most impressive thing about this tool is its capacity to utilize only a few resources to make blocks like slabs, stairs, etc.

In addition, you can also create unique stone blocks, such As polished Andesite and chiseled stone blocks, and much more.

Stonecutter in Minecraft

So, let’s take a look at the in-depth method of creating a stonecutter, and then how to make use of it.

How to Craft a Stonecutter in Minecraft?

Stonecutter recipes don’t require many materials and are easy to prepare. You will need three iron ingots and three stone blocks on a crafting surface.

1. To make stone blocks, first, gather three cobblestones.

Stonecutter in Minecraft

2. Next, you will need to mine raw Iron and then use the furnace to smelt it into an Iron Ingot.

3. Right-click on the crafting table to open your crafting GUI.

3. Fill in the GUI’s bottom row with one-stone blocks for each space.

4. In the middle of the second row, place the iron-ingot.

5. The stonecutter can be grabbed from the right side.

Stonecutter in Minecraft

How to Use the Stonecutter?

Utilizing a stonecutter is simple. All you have to do is to place stones on either on the GUI and then select the stone you need. 

Let’s take a look at the process of creating stone stairs with the stonecutter.

1. Put an individual stone block into the section that feeds the stonecutter.

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2. Select the staircase symbol located on the right side of the GUI.

3. Then, you can grab the staircase from the section for products to the left.

Stonecutter in Minecraft

The stonecutter is a tool to cut various shapes and variations on stone blocks, including Andesite, Granite, Sandstone, and more.

If you’re unsure of what blocks can be used to make the stone look at this list. This list will help you figure out the blocks that work for the stonecutter.

  • The stone varieties include cobblestone, stone stones that are smooth cobblestone, mossy stone, Blackstone, and all deep slate stones
  • Sandstones, cut Sandstones, and red sandstones
  • Polished and regular Diorite
  • Polished and regular Andesite
  • Block composed of quartz and smooth
  • Prismarine, Prismarine bricks, and dark Prismarine.
  • Bricks, Nether bricks, and stone bricks
  • Purpur blocks
  • Basalt
  • end stone and the ending Stone bricks
  • Every type of copper block like the exposed copper block, waxed Copper as well as cut copper.

stonecutter pic

It is important to be aware that you are able to use the stonecutter in order to transform the job of a villager to a mason. Then, you can make trades with the mason in order to gain experience points or other valuable items you require.

What is the Difference Between Using Stonecutter and Crafting Table?

While you can use the crafting table to transform stones into slabs or stairs, the stonecutter offers greater flexibility. 

For instance, you could utilize the stonecutter to create stone blocks that are chiseled and slabs, walls as well as stairs, bricks blocks of brick, brick stairs, and much more with stones.

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A differentiating feature is that crafting tables require higher material than stonecutters. 

For instance, you require three stone blocks on the crafting table to make 6 stone slabs. With a stonecutter, you will only require one stone block to obtain 2 stone slabs.

Stonecutter in MinecraftEven though the output is the same proportion in the above example but the requirements are reduced which makes it easier to design new products.

In addition, certain procedures, for example, creating an abrasive stone, require several steps on the crafting table. 

In the meantime, you can obtain the stone directly by using the stonecutter.

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Stonecutter in Minecraft – FAQ

What is a Stonecutter in Minecraft?

The Stonecutter is a utility block that lets players make different shapes and designs of blocks and things made of stone.

How do I craft a Stonecutter?

You need four stone blocks set up in a square on a making table to make a Stonecutter.

What can I use the Stonecutter for?

The Stonecutter can be used to make different kinds of stone bricks, slabs, steps, and other blocks out of stone.

How does the Stonecutter differ from the Crafting Table?

The Stonecutter is used for crafting with stone, and it gives you more choices and ways to make things than the Crafting Table.

Can I use the Stonecutter for other materials besides stone?

No, the Stonecutter can only be used to make blocks and things made of stone.

Does the Stonecutter consume any resources when used?

No, using the Stonecutter doesn’t use up any resources. It can be used to shape stone blocks without losing any of the stone.

Can I use the Stonecutter to convert one stone block type to another?

No, the Stonecutter can’t switch between types of stone blocks. It can only make different shapes and patterns with the stone blocks it has.

Can I use the Stonecutter to craft non-stone-related items?

The Stonecutter can make things out of stone only; it cannot create other objects in Minecraft.

Is the Stonecutter available in all versions of Minecraft?

The Stonecutter is available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Education Edition, but not in Minecraft Java Edition.