How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition 2023

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Cat Minecraft: If you’re a Minecraft participant you could be a cat-person or a wolf. If you’re not in the latter group then this guide is designed suitable for you. 

Minecraft’s cats aren’t just cute, they also serve to deter mobs and also to get easy loot, and give some life to your Minecraft home. 

That’s why we have come to show you how to manage cats in Minecraft. 

Cat in Minecraft

However, this isn’t all. We’ll go over how to locate your cat’s companion and what you can feed the cats, and how to create it to appear in Minecraft. 

The guide works with each version of Minecraft Java as well as Bedrock edition as well as with the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 upgrade. 

So, let’s discover and control cats in Minecraft immediately!

Tame a Cat in Minecraft (2023)

Cats are just one of the numerous mobs that are passive in Minecraft that interact with players. Many mechanics are based on cats in the game. 

Therefore, we’ve broken our guide down into various sections to help you comprehend cat characters in Minecraft. Use this table to discover all things about cats:

Within Minecraft, Cats are usually born after every minute of real-world time. It’s only possible when the location is located close to a village and is home to less than five cats. 

In terms of location, Minecraft refers to the nearest two blocks surrounding the player. You can usually spot a cat at these places:

  • Villages
  • Swamp Huts


Minecraft Village

Cats can be found in Minecraft villages that have at the very least five beds in their homes. The required number of beds is four for the Bedrock edition. 

The beds have to be registered, i.e. the villager has to have been sleeping on them the night before. The village cats may be of any shade. 25% of these cats could be kittens or kittens.

 Witch Swamp Huts

Witch Swamp Huts

Every swamp building in Minecraft is spawned with at the very least one cat. 

The cat will always be black in the color of your choice It is also possible to create more cats inside the hut by placing an area of grass around it. 

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But, on the Java version, the spawning process doesn’t occur if there’s already an animal within 16 blocks from the building.

How to Spawn a Black Cat in Minecraft?

There are 11 kinds of cats available in Minecraft that including Tabby, Tuxedo siamese, red British shorthair, Calico Persian Jellie, ragdoll as well as black. 

Of the 11 cat breeds or skins that are available in Minecraft siamese is the rarest skin of cats that is available in Minecraft.

In the next step, from them, you can organize the scene to create the black cat spawn. Black cats can reproduce in two ways:

  • If the spawning area is inside or within 16 blocks of horizontal space around a swamp hut, then every cat that is spawned in that region will be black.
  • When a cat has a feces spawn in the night there’s a 50percent chance of being black.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Taming cats in Minecraft is like controlling the animal. You simply have to keep feeding it until it has a collar around the neck. 

Follow these steps, and your cat will be there within a matter of minutes:

1. The first step is to visit a nearby water body to fish. Minecraft cats like eating raw fish and cod that is raw. 

You can fish with an angler rod or jump into the water to manually discover and collect food for your cat.

cat minecraft

2. After that, you must gradually take a step towards untamed or abandoned cats. You can’t re-tame the cat who’s already been handled by a different player.

how to tame cat minecraft

3. To control the cat in Minecraft it is necessary to feed the cat raw cod or raw salmon by right-clicking, or by using another activation key.

It could take three to four fish however, you must continue feeding the cat until the heart appears at the top of its head.

The cat will begin wandering around the area, and you’ll have managed to control it.

cat minecraft

What Does a Tamed Cat Do?

As previously mentioned it will be wearing a collar on its neck after it’s been tamed. Then, you can have the cat sit with the second action key you have to it. 

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It will stay in that position until you permit you to let it move. 

If your cat doesn’t sit in a position, it’ll be able to wander around the area surrounding you. It will climb over beds, chests, and active furnaces.

Keep in mind that, unlike wolves, cats aren’t able to attack other hostile groups. 

However, that doesn’t mean you must be able to. Cats in Minecraft are protected from falling damage. 

Furthermore, there are cats like the ghost and creeper both scared of the cat. In some cases, the cat can be your bodyguard.

Gifts for Players

One of the most under-appreciated features that cats have in Minecraft can be cats’ ability to offer gifts to players. 

If a person sleeps next to a cat that is tame or a cat, the cat may give it a gift when it wakes up. 

This isn’t true if the cat is instructed to sit, or in the case of a sleeper during a storm in the daylight hours. 

The cat’s reward to you may be any of the following:

  • Rabbit’s foot
  • Rabbit hide
  • String
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Feather
  • Raw Chicken
  • Phantom Membrane

The odds of getting an item from the cat According to Minecraft Wiki estimates range from approximately 70%. 

However, of all the gifts that can be given Phantom membranes have the lowest likelihood of being spawned.

Find and Tame a Cat in Minecraft Today

If you’re looking to make an acquaintance to play within Minecraft or you’re looking for ways to keep creeps from your home, cats are waiting to assist. 

Once you’ve figured out how to manage a wandering cat in Minecraft and you’re ready to build a home for two of them to reside in. 

It is possible to use these top Minecraft house ideas for inspiration, or download pre-made homes using these top adventures maps. 

If you’re like me and want to find more mobs the Frogs in Minecraft are an excellent option. 

They’re distinctive and highly energetic, and they can bring the atmosphere of a mangrove swamp to any home design idea. 

In the end, what are your most loved pets in Minecraft? I am on Team Cat. Tell me yours in the comment section below!

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Cat in Minecraft – FAQ

How do I tame a Cat in Minecraft?

You have to find a Stray Cat in a town and feed it raw fish to get it to trust you.

What are the benefits of having a Cat in Minecraft?

Cats scare away Phantoms and creepers, and they can also be a good friend.

What do Cats eat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, cats don’t need food. They don’t need to be fed because they can get food on their own.

Can I make my Cat sit or stand in Minecraft?

You can sit or stand your tamed Cat by right-clicking on it while your hand is free.

How many fish does it take to tame a cat in Minecraft?

20 fish

Can I change the color of my Cat’s collar?

No, a Cat’s type determines the color of its collar, which can’t be changed.

Can I leash a Cat in Minecraft?

No, in Minecraft you can’t put Cats on a lead. If you train them, they will follow you around.

Do Cats despawn in Minecraft?

No, a Cat that you have tamed will not disappear. Unless it is killed, it will stay in the game world.

Can I make my Cat sit on a specific block or furniture?

No, you can’t tell cats in Minecraft to sit on certain blocks or furniture.

Can Cats be healed if they are injured?

Yes, you can treat a sick cat by giving it raw fish or salmon. This makes them feel better.

Can I take my Cat to the Nether or the End?

You can’t take cats to the Nether or the End. Only in the Overworld can they live.

Can Cats be given armor or accessories?

No, in Minecraft, cats can’t wear armor or other items. You can’t change how they look.

Can Cats be ordered to attack hostile mobs?

No, cats don’t fight mobs that aren’t friendly. They are not active beings, so they won’t fight.