How to Make a Conduit in Minecraft (Guide 2023)

Conduit in Minecraft: The oceans of Minecraft are dangerous. You are at constant risk of drowning due to hostile mobs, unsafe structures, limited visibility, and limited visibility.

Some mobs will still be able to catch you unaware, even if you’re on a boat in Minecraft.

Most players avoid the water due to these numerous dangers.

 Conduit in Minecraft

You can still learn how to make Conduits in Minecraft to get special abilities that will keep you safe from drowning or death.

These abilities work in the same way as the best Minecraft potions but don’t expire nearly as fast.

This block can also fight for you. 

If you’re ready to gain incredible weapon and oceanic power, then let’s see how to activate a Conduit within Minecraft.

Make and Use a Conduit in Minecraft (2023)

To make and activate a conduit you will need several items. We have separated the guide into sections to make it easier for you.

You can explore all aspects of the conduit by using the table below.

What Is Conduit in Minecraft?

A Conduit, which is similar to the beacon in Minecraft and gives special capabilities to its owner, is a block with special abilities.

But Conduit can also attack other hostile mobs, which is unlike a Beacon. You can use it to boost your power and protect your home in Minecraft.

You may be asking yourself: What is the purpose of a conduit in Minecraft? And what powers do you get from using it?

You can activate a conduit to give it an area-of-effect status known as “Conduit Power”.

It combines the effects of Potion Water Breathing and Potion Night Vision to give you tremendous power underwater.

You can use any item or break the conduit once it is placed. 

Keep in mind, however, that when the conduit is destroyed it causes a small explosion similar to rare blocks.

How to Get a Conduit Naturally?

Unless you’re on custom adventure maps in Minecraft there is no way to obtain a conduit.

To create a conduit, you will need to first craft it using rare materials and then activate it.

These items are easy to find if you know how to search. It’s now time to examine the items that you will need to construct a conduit.

Items Required to Make a Conduit

These are the items you will need to make a conduit:

  • Heart of the Sea
  • 8 Nautilus Shells
  • Crafting Table
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Get Heart of the Sea

The Heart of the Sea, one of the rarest items in Minecraft, can only be Found in the buried treasure boxes.

It cannot be traded or crafted. We have a guide that will help you locate buried treasure in Minecraft. To find hidden treasures in Minecraft, you can refer to the link.

Conduit in Minecraft

No matter where it is found, all buried treasure chests have a Heart of the Sea. You can only get one of these rare items from a single chest.

To make multiple conduits in Minecraft you will need to find multiple buried treasure boxes.

Find Nautilus Shell

Find Nautilus Shell

The nautilus shells, on the other hand, are easier to find. These shells can be obtained by fishing, killing Drowned, and trading with wandering traders.

You will need 8 nautilus shells to make a conduit. This variety of options for obtaining the nautilus shell will be very useful.

Crafting Recipe of Conduit in Minecraft

Once you have all the necessary ingredients, it is easy to create a conduit. Open the crafting table, and place the Heart of the Sea into the middle cell of the row.

Next, surround the Heart of the Sea with nautilus Shells.

Fill the remaining crafting areas with nautilus shells. Once you are satisfied with the work, you can take the conduit out of your inventory and place it there.

Crafting Recipe of Conduit in Minecraft

You can’t simply place the conduit and then use it like other utility blocks in Minecraft.

To gain conduit powers, you must first create a conduit area and activate it. Let’s find out how.

How to Activate a Conduit in Minecraft?

These items are required to activate a conduit:

  • 9 water blocks (can be source blocks or waterlogged water, or flowing water).
  • 16-42 blocks prismarine, dark, prismarine, prismarine bricks or sea lanterns.

If you’re building the conduit underwater, you don’t have to collect water. You can find pristine or its alternatives in ocean ruins and monuments.

You can find them easily and block prismarine with any pickaxe.

Types of Conduit Structures

There are three types of conduits that can be activated:

  • Structure of 16 blocks with 32 blocks power range in each direction
  • 30 block structure with a power range ranging from 63 to 63 blocks in each direction
  • 42-block structure with a power range of 96 blocks in each direction
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Conduit in Minecraft

The frame with 42 blocks has an additional advantage, in addition to the extended range.

This structure is the only one that allows conduits to be used to attack hostile mobs.

This only works if the mobs are within 8 blocks of the structure, and if they’re in the water or under the rain.

Make a Conduit Structure in Minecraft

You need to build a structure around a conduit to activate it. The structure must be built underwater and consists of five blocks along the conduit’s axis. Here are the steps:

1. Find an open area in the ocean. It should be at most 5 blocks in width.

Make a Conduit Structure in Minecraft

2. Next, draw a straight vertical strip of 5 prismarine blocks. Also, you can use prismarine bricks or dark prismarine.

conduit minecraft

3. Next, create two parallel horizontal lines starting at the top and ending at the bottom blocks of the vertical lines.

conduit minecraft

4. Connect the corners of the new lines to create a vertical line parallel with the first. The final structure should look hollow square.

You currently have a 16-block conduit structure. It has 32 blocks in each direction.

conduit minecraft

5. You can expand it further by repeating the above steps and making an intersecting hollow square on the opposite side (from the middle blocks).

This will create a 30-block conduit with a range of 63 blocks.

conduit minecraft

6. To make the most efficient conduit structure and fight mobs, connect the middle blocks on the adjacent sides with 3 blocks.

The final structure will contain 42 blocks (looks similar to the screenshot below), and its range can extend up to 96 blocks.

Activate the Conduit

The activation process is the same regardless of what structure you create for the Conduit in Minecraft. Let’s take a look at how it works.

1. To activate the conduit, first place any block on the top of the middle block. The middle block, regardless of the structure, is always the same.

middle block of the condui

2. Place the conduit over the newly-placed block. It will not activate immediately.

Unactivated conduit

3. Finally, remove the block under the Conduit. This will activate the Conduit immediately and allow it to start floating and emitting light.

Activated Conduit


Once you know how to use a Conduit in Minecraft, you can build it anywhere underwater and use it to your advantage.

It will kill any monsters that try to get close to it and let you live underwater without getting hurt or worrying about your health.

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Now you can see everything clearly underwater, no matter how deep you go. With conduit, you can now start building your houses and have a new life beneath.

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Conduit in Minecraft – FAQ

What is a Conduit in Minecraft?

A Conduit is a special block that uses the power of the ocean to help players who are underwater.

How do I craft a Conduit?

You need eight Nautilus Shells and one Heart of the Sea to make a Conduit.

Where can I find Nautilus Shells?

You can find Nautilus Shells in shipwrecks, treasure boxes, and sometimes as rare drops from mobs that have drowned.

What is the Heart of the Sea and how do I obtain it?

Players can find the Heart of the Sea, a rare item, in hidden treasure chests located in ocean biomes.

How do I activate a Conduit?

You need at least 16 blocks of Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, or Dark Prismarine around a Conduit to turn it on.

What are the benefits of having a Conduit?

If you have a Conduit, you can breathe underwater, you can mine faster underwater, and your eyes will be better.

How far does the Conduit’s power reach?

When surrounded by maximum-sized buildings, the Conduit’s power can reach up to 96 blocks in every direction.

Can Conduits be used in Survival mode?

In Survival mode, players can create and utilize conduits. They make it easier to build and explore beneath.

Can I use Redstone with Conduits?

No, conduits don’t connect with Redstone mechanisms. However, a Redstone signal can turn them on or off.

Are Conduits only useful underwater?

The design of conduits is for underground use.Using them on land doesn’t help in any way.

Can I have multiple Conduits in different locations?

You can have more than one Conductor, but their powers don’t add up. Each Conduit does its own thing.

Can I break and move a Conduit after it has been activated?

Yes, you can use a tool to break a conduit and move it. It will lose power and require someone to turn it on again.

Are Conduits renewable or finite?

There are only so many conduits, but there are many ways to get the things you need to make them, like Nautilus Shells and Prismarine.