How to Make a Spyglass in Minecraft – 2022

Spyglass in Minecraft: The Java version 1.17 20W45A snapshot, Spyglass in Minecraft is now available. It’s a component of the forthcoming Caves and Cliffs upgrade and should you wish to play with it this is how you can make or create Spyglass within Minecraft.

Players who are using version Bedrock version won’t be in a position to access this feature at the moment, however, those who have the Java version have access.

Available Platforms

Edition Platform Available
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PCs 1.17 and higher
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PCs 1.17.0 and higher
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PCs No
PlayStation Edition PS3 & PS4 No

Materials Needed To Craft A Spyglass

  • 2 Copper ingots
  • 1 Amethyst shard

Steps To Make A Minecraft Spyglass

1. Open the Crafting Menu

To begin, open your crafting table to see the crafting grid 3×3 that appears like this:

 Open the Crafting Menu

2. Add Items to make a Spyglass

The crafting menu is where you will be able to see a crafting section that is comprised of a three-dimensional crafting grid. To make a spyglass put one amethyst shard and two copper ingots within the 3×3 grid of crafting.

When creating a spyglass it is essential that the amethyst shard, as well as the copper ingots, be placed into the same pattern shown in the picture below. The first row must be one amethyst shard inside the next box. The second row must be a copper ingot in this second container. 

On the 3rd row, there must be 1 copper ingot inside the first box. It will be an example of the Minecraft crafting recipe for making a spyglass.

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. Add Items to make a Spyglass

After you’ve completed the area of crafting with the right pattern, the eyeglass will be visible within the box to the right.

Add Items to make a Spyglass

3. Move the Spyglass to Inventory

Once you’ve made the spyglass, you will have to add the item to your inventory.

Move the Spyglass to Inventory

Congratulations! You have created an eyeglass using Minecraft!

Minecraft Spyglass Command

You can also use a Give command to create binoculars within Minecraft. The spyglass command is accessible in the following versions:

Java edition

To execute the spyglass command within Minecraft start your chat window, and then enter the following command based on the version you are using.

Java Edition 1.17 and higher spyglass command

/give @p spyglass 1

How To Make A Spyglass Video Tutorial?


1. Can you put a spyglass on a bow?

Utilizing a magnifying glass your offhand , and using a bow with your dominant hand can create an effect of zooming when you fire your bow.

2. Can you mount a spyglass in Minecraft?

The spyglass can be attached to an archery crossbow.

3. How do you make a telescope in Minecraft?

The telescope you can find in Minecraft is referred to as an eyeglass. You can make it by placing two copper ingots as well as 1 amethyst shard on the table of crafting.

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