Nordstrom Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy 2022 ❤️

Does Nordstrom Price Match?

Nordstrom Price Match: Do you enjoy designer apparel, accessories, and eyewear as much as we do? If so, Nordstrom is the ideal location for you. You shouldn’t spend more than required just because you like to look nice. Being resourceful and taking advantage of Nordstrom’s price-matching policy to receive a discount is one method to save (while still shopping).

The next question is how such a price match or adjustment functions and how you might take advantage of it.

Stay with us and read on to learn when and how to receive a discount at Nordstrom. In addition to outlining the DOs, this page lists the DO nots and any relevant exceptions.

Nordstrom Price Match Guide

nordstrom price match policy

First, good news: Nordstrom will match prices! Their promise to provide competitive pricing is fulfilled in two ways. First, if you discover a qualifying item for less at a rival, they will price match it at checkout.

In this situation, you receive a reimbursement for the difference in price that resulted from the transaction. As a result, Nordstrom also offers tools for price matching and adjustment.

Price Match/Adjustment Time
14 Days
Where Can I Price Match?
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
Visit the website

What Are the Nordstrom Price Match Conditions?

The following requirements must be met for Nordstrom to price match.

  • The two objects must be an exact match, including size & colour.
  • The product ought to be in stock both at its rival and Nordstrom.
  • You must provide a current advertisement or a functioning link to the competitor’s product page to receive an in-store price match or adjustment.
  • does not handle automated price matches and modifications produced by third-party platforms.
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The Criterion of Price Match

Before jumping right into the process, let me explain the fundamental criteria for price matching. You need to be aware of a few points in Nordstrom’s price match policy.

Select Competitors – Only a small number of rivals’ pricing will be matched by Nordstrom. You may find a complete list of them farther down in this article.

Identical Item –The prices of just identical items are matched. Equal refers to the same thing, same colour, and same size.

Availability – Both Nordstrom and its rival must have the item in stock and ready for prompt pickup.

Price Match Process at Nordstrom

As I indicated before, there is a small technique you must adhere to accomplish the same.

Eligibility –Check to see if your product qualifies for a price match.
Provide Proof –Find a store employee and explain that you wish to match a competitor’s price (you can also do this at the checkout line)
Present them with evidence of the pricing difference. Any current marketing material or active website link will do.
Verification –The employee will examine your request.
Refund – After approval, the price will be reduced to match that of the competition.

Any request for a price match from Nordstrom may be verified and rejected at the retailer’s sole discretion.


As usual, not all items’ prices are comparable or even at all. You must consider the following exclusions when asking for a price match or price adjustment from Nordstrom.

Personal – Requests for price matching from automated or third-party sources are not accepted.
Limited Quantity –  There can only be one price adjustment per item.
Designer Items – Designer items bought on sale are generally not eligible for price matching or modifications.
Special Sale – No discounts will be applied to items that are a part of a Limited-Time Sale, Extra Savings, Anniversary Sale, Daily, or Beauty Deal.
Market Place –Independent vendors in online markets like Amazon, Walmart, or eBay.

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Prices that result from a mistake will also not be price matched.

Nordstrom Price Adjustment Process

The less well-known little brother of price matching is price adjustment. It occurs when you learn that a recent purchase has been discounted by Nordstrom or one of their carefully chosen competitors.

You must submit your request for a price adjustment within 14 days of the date of shipment or purchase for it to be granted. Additionally, the item must meet all the other requirements for a price match.

You have three choices when asking for a pricing adjustment.

  • Online – Visit this page to file your request
  • Phone – Call 1.888.282.6060
  • Email – Email your request to [email protected]

Competitors That We Are Price Matching

Many of Nordstrom’s rivals match its prices, and it frequently makes price adjustments. Retailers and vendors make up the two categories that make up the list.

Let’s start by examining the merchants:

  • Amazon (Sold & Fulfilled)
  • Zappos
  • East Dane
  • Finish Line
  • Foot Locker
  • Mr. Porter
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Neiman Marcus
  • ShopBop
  • Net-A-Porter

On the vendor’s end, Nordstrom will match or alter the prices of any vendor whose goods are sold in their stores. This comprises the following, without being limited.

  • Kate Spade (
  • Nike (
  • Free People (


If you’re unfamiliar with Nordstrom’s Price Match policy, let me explain that it requires matching prices with other retailers when their goods are less expensive.

No one will do it for you, so this is a perfect option to save the inconvenience of carrying your goods back and forth. Therefore, the next time you see something you like at Nordstrom but don’t want to pay too much, first verify with Nordstrom’s policy on price matching.

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Does Nordstrom Price Match?

If you find a lower price anywhere, Nordstrom will match it. We’ve included a comprehensive overview of the industry rivals in this post.

Will Nordstrom match a competitors price after my purchase?

Yes! As long as the item is available in stock at both retailers, you can claim a price match for 14 days after the shipping.

Does Nordstromg Price Match Amazon?

Yes! You can request a price match for up to 14 days following the shipping if the item is in stock at both sellers.

Which Competitors Does Nordstrom Price Match With?

Nordstrom matches numerous competitors. Among the most popular options are Amazon, FootLocker, and Zappos. Visit our article for a complete list of eligible participants.

Nordstrom canceled my order without a reason, what should I do?

This might have occurred because a product’s correct price is higher than indicated on the product page. If you already completed the transaction at the incorrect price, Nordstrom will cancel it and let you know. You could contact their customer service representative at 1.888.282.6060 if your order were cancelled without warning.

What kind of proof do I need for a price match at Nordstrom?

To ask Nordstrom to match a price, you must provide a valid link to the product website or a current advertisement from a rival retailer.