Office Depot Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy 2022

Office Depot Price Match: Office Depot has some of the best tools and supplies for getting professional work done quickly and well. So today, we’ll look at their price-matching policy and detail it.

Have you ever wondered how much money you could have saved if you always bought the best deal? It can be a big mistake not to ask for a price match (or adjustment). 

This article will give you the correct information about when and how to price match effectively. So, let’s get right down to business.

A Guide to Price Match at Office Depot

Office Depot Price Match

Want to save money when you shop? This is how! If you do these easy things, you’ll almost certainly win. You have a good chance of getting a price match if you have a new item sold by at least one other store (read: competitor). 

Office Depot and Office Max stores, as well as, all use the same process to match prices. The person working at the store near you or the customer service hotline will be happy to help you.

Criteria or Measures of Price Match

First, the easy stuff! All of the items in a price match must be precisely the same. This includes the brand, colour, and model configuration, as well as any extras and the length of the warranty if there is one. 

Your product will only be eligible for price matching if all the criteria are identical. Also, both products must be in stock at both locations and ready to go at any time.

Suppose you want to match something that has a service plan (such as wireless devices, aka cellphones). 

The policy also says that the project, the provider, and every other detail must be the same. After any discounts, coupons, or savings are taken into account, the final price that will be matched will be that price. When figuring out a competitor’s price, you use the same rule.

Official Website:

Does Office Depot Price Matches Online?

Yes. They match the prices of their online competitors. But their website didn’t say anything about it, like how to do it. So I got in touch with customer service.

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Here’s what they said in response:

“You can contact our phone agents via 1-800-463-3768.”

So, if you want to ask for a price match online, you either have to do it through their Live Chat, or you have to do it between 8 am and 10:30 pm ET, which is when their chat is open.

Does Office Depot Offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They have a policy for price changes. If you buy something from Office Depot and the price drops within 14 days, you will get the difference back.

Price Match Criteria

Almost all companies that match prices have some criteria they use. Office Depot has a few rules for when it will reach a price. The customer service team at Office Depot will help you find the best price for Office Supply items by matching the costs of their competitors and more!

  • The thing must be the same. The model, size, and features of the item must be the same.
  • But it should also be in stock. Items that are out of stock are not price-matched.
  • Prices are the same for both the service plans and the computer services.

Price Match Process:

Even if you know what their requirements are, you should also know how they match prices:

First, you should double-check the item’s price and model number at Office Depot’s competitor.

You need one of the following things to ask for a price match at their store:

  • printed advertisement
  • printed in-store signage
  • receipt of item purchased
  • picture of in-store signage
  • online offer from a mobile device

You need any method on the list above, but not all of them.

But you should know that Office Depot has the right to call the competitor to confirm the price.


Now that you know how the price match works, you should also understand what Office Depot won’t match. Here are some things that can’t be matched in price:

  • Items from the Marketplace, sold by third parties, are not price-matched at Office Depot. This is true even if the identical item is sold on a competitor’s site or the Office Depot site.
  • Any advertising or pricing mistakes don’t count toward the price match.
  • We don’t match prices on items that are out of stock or on sale.
  • Check to see if the item is available at your competitors. If it is out of stock at the price match, Office Depot won’t match the price.
  • The price match doesn’t apply to special orders or orders for gift cards.
  • The price match doesn’t include deals for holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • tems from the Office Depot catalogue can’t be price matched.
  • Items from Office Depot’s Business Select line are also not price-matched.
  • The price match does not include tax promotions either.
  • Mail-in rebates from competitors are also not part of the price match.
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Price Adjustment Process:

Price adjustment happens if someone buys something from a store and the price decreases in the time given. If they have a policy for price changes, they can give you back the difference. There is also a way to change the price at Office Depot. Here’s how it works:

  • If you bought something from an Office Depot store and the price of that item went down at a competitor or at Office Depot itself within 14 days, they can price adjust for you and give you the price difference back.
  • Make sure the model number, size, and features are the same. It has to be the same thing.
  • If you find the same item at a lower price at a competitor’s store, you should bring a copy of the ad to their store as proof.
  • If the item is eligible, their employee will check and change the price for you if it is.

Price Adjustment Policy at Office Depot

A price adjustment is a special kind of price matching usually happens after the purchase. It’s best to give an example to show what I mean. 

Let’s say you bought a printer at your local Office Depot on January 1 for $220. The printer goes on sale five days later for only $150. 

Return to the store where you bought the item and bring back the original receipt with you for the $70. Lastly, talk to a store worker about how to get your refund.

If an item is bought through, the price of that item in any Office Depot or Office Max store should be shown. So, to get the difference back, you should ask the stores directly. 

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Most of the time, Office Depot’s catalogues and list of special offers are used to avoid price matching. So, as prices in the marketplace or with customers change, so do prices. Price matching does not take into account any of the things listed above.

Also, in-store deals won’t be matched in price through the customer service centre. It also includes products a third party sells on Office Depot’s official website.


After reading this article, you should know more about how Office Depot matches prices and makes changes. 

Having this information will make shopping much easier for you! If you still have questions about these rules or anything related to office supplies, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. 

We’ll answer your questions as soon as we can. Thanks for stopping by our blog today and reading our post.

FAQs For Office Depot price match

Does OfficeMax Price Match?

Yes, Office Depot and Office Max both match specific competitors’ prices.

Does Office Depot price match with Amazon?

Office Depot® and OfficeMax® stores in the 50 United States and Puerto Rico, as well as (“Office Depot”), will gladly match the price of a qualifying item sold in-store or online at Staples, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or, as well as copy and custom printing jobs from FedEx Office or The UPS Store (each ).

Which stores are considered competitors?

The following stores are considered competitors when it comes to matching prices. Shop at Staples, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or

When was Office Depot founded?

In 1986, Office Depot opened its doors.

When was Office Depot founded?

Office Depot accepts payment by:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Office Depot credit card
  • Masterpass