Rei Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy 2022

Rei Price Match: Want to start buying smart and save some money? Want to know if the REI stores you like offer price matching and price adjustments? All of these questions go together. How? Well, you’ll need to read on to understand that.

This article is a detailed look at REI’s policy on matching and changing prices. We’ll help you figure out what those words mean and how to use them.

REI Price Match Policy

rei price match

REI does not have a policy that says they will match a competitor’s price. They try to keep up with the industry and offer good products at the lowest prices possible.

Price matching is a great way to save money on things you buy at different stores because you can get the item at a lower price if you find it for less somewhere else.

Even though they don’t have a policy to match prices, they do have the policy to change prices. It’s clear from the official website. Keep reading this article to find out what kind of service they offer and how to use it.

Does REI Price Match?

There is no such thing as a REI price match, and they don’t even have a policy for it. But REI does try to keep up with the competition and offer high-quality products at fair prices.

Official Website:

What is the REI Price Adjustment Policy?

REI might not have a Price Match policy, but they do have a policy for changing prices. Let’s start by figuring out what price adjustment means.

The ability to change prices is a simple but instrumental part of REI. This says that if you buy something from REI and then find the same thing for less elsewhere, REI will refund the difference. You could show that to the REI store as proof. They will give you a partial refund right away.

This doesn’t mean they’ll give you something else or exchange your product. They will give you the money back. That amount is the difference between what you paid for the item and what it costs now.

Still, their policy has some restrictions. There are only 14 days to do it. It would help if you asked for the price adjustment within 14 days of making the purchase. If you ask after that, they won’t accept your request.

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The items could have come from either of the two REI shops. It could come from their store or their website.

But REI is a little tricky because the price adjustment policy is only available under certain circumstances. There are some things REI won’t price match, and there are limits to how this policy works.

Requirements for REI Price Adjustment

Since REI doesn’t have the policy to match prices in this section, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the items covered by their price adjustment policy.

  • The item must be bought on days without sales or discounts.
  • At the time of the request, an original bill must be made.
  • Requests made after 14 days won’t be taken into account.
  • We need a valid proof of adjustment without any sales or other deals.

Note that you can only get this if you’ve met all REI requirements.

Process of REI Price Adjustment

If you discover a product’s price has recently decreased, you can ask for a price change. There are two ways to do this with REI:


Go to the REI store closest to you with the original receipt and proof of ID. Tell their employee that the price of the item you bought went down and you need a price adjustment.

They will check all the information and decide whether or not your item is valid.


You could try this by submitting a request on their Customer Care page. Please enter the correct order number and all the information you need. You can also call them directly at 1-800-426-4840 or use their live chat feature.

After they check the product and price, they will give you a refund at the same time. This will be the same as the way you paid the first time. Remember that REI doesn’t have a price-matching policy, so you can’t compare their prices to those of competitors.

If your request to match the price is turned down, you can always return the item to REI, get a full refund, and order it at a lower price.

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What Exceptions REI Price Adjustment Policy have?

In this section, we’ll talk about the things that REI’s Price Adjustment policy doesn’t cover. It will tell you exactly what sizes of products REI will accept for price adjustments.

  • REI will have a list of competitors who are in the same business or a particular area.
  • Your product should come from a company on that list. The business should be legal and on the market.
  • The REI policy on price adjustments does not apply to items bought at the REI outlet.

It would help if you took care of these exceptions when you go to REI for a price adjustment. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard.

What is the Process of Price Adjustment at REI?

Now that we know what it means to change prices, we can move on. Read this section with that in mind. When you go to REI for a price adjustment, you should take care of the things on this list.

Most importantly, you can’t just say that their competitors were selling the same products for less. You will need to show proof.
REI will only accept your request for a price adjustment if the product is the same number, size, and colour as the one you bought.
If your claim for a price adjustment is valid, you will get a refund for the price difference.

REI will have every right to look into your claims about price changes. During the checking process, they will decide whether or not to accept your request. They will tell you what’s going on.

Why is There No REI Price Match Policy?

REI says that because they are a member-owned cooperative, they give discounts and dividends to their members first. You can get involved with this and join the REI. By doing this, you can use their membership in the co-op to your advantage.

Even though they don’t match prices, they have a policy for changing prices. It says so right on the website of company. So you can save more on your favourite items by taking advantage of price changes.

Unique Ways to Save At REI

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) is the go-to brand for people who love adventure, hiking, camping, or hunting.

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You want to know how to save more money when you shop at REI because you like to go on adventures, right? Read on if you want to find out more.

  • Sign up for the REI Newsletter and find out about all the latest sales and events.
  • Buy used gear from REI.
  • Shop during REI sales.
  • Membership in the REI Co-op.
  • Use REI’s discounts for buying in bulk.
  • You should rent your gear instead of buying it.
  • Ask REI for a check, or buy something with your reward points.


Customers keep coming back to REI because it has the best products. The company also offers discounts and deals from time to time so that they can sell the best products at the best prices. But many people want to know more about the REI price match. 

In this blog, we made it clear to readers that there is no REI price match policy. Instead, REI has a price adjustment policy, which has been talked about in this blog. 

The process is easy. Just prove the same product is cheaper elsewhere and show it to REI. They will check your claim and return the extra money you paid.


Does REI price match backcountry?


Does REI price match Amazon?

YES , will REI match the price of Amazon on a specific item that you have in-store?

Does REI price match Reddit?

REI does not price match.

Does REI do price match?

There is no REI’s Price Match policy, to put it simply. When you look on the Internet, it’s easy to see that there is no REI Price Match Policy. But the company wants to make sure that its customers get the best deal, so they make sure to sell their products at the best prices.

Does REI Price match?

No, REI does not have a policy that says they will match a lower price.

What is the time period for price adjustment?

It would help if you asked for the price change within 14 days of your purchase.