– Enter Code to Activate Showtime Anytime on Streaming Devices – How to Activate Showtime AnyTime on Streaming Devices In this article, I’ll show you how to use the Activation Code link to start using the ShowtimeAnytime services. To do this, go to Enter Code on your Android TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Spotify, and your computer. Activate

  • Open the Showtime Anytime app on your phone as a first step.
  • You can watch any show that the Showtime Anytime app lets you watch on your device.
  • Sign up or log in to start the process (if you have an account).
  • Choose the TV provider or streaming service that works best for you.
  • You can see the activation code on the screen of your device. Just copy the code.
  • Next, open the link in any browser to get into Showtime Anytime. Type in the code.
  • Please enter the code for activation in the space that’s now open.
  • Finally, press the “Submit” button to finish the process.

How Can I Create Showtime Anytime Account?

  • It’s so easy to make an account! First, you need to make an account for Showtime Anytime.
  • Now, open this link in your browser:
  • Find your cable network on the menu and choose it.
  • Please fill in the blanks and give the information asked for in the next step.

Important: You must find your cable operator to use Showtime Anytime.

How to Use to Enter Code?

How to Use Activate to Enter Code

  • Follow the steps below to go to and enter the code.
  • Start by turning on your Smart TV or any device you have that can stream. Start the Showtime Anytime app.
  • Go to “Settings,” pick any program on your TV, and then click the “Activate” icon.
  • You must first log in to this app before you can get the code.
  • Now, go to Activation code to start the process.
  • You need to type in the code and click “Submit.”
  • When done, your screen will show the message “Activation Successful.”
  • Please do each step carefully to enter the code on the link.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime on Any Device?

  • You must have a Showtime Anytime account before starting the activation process.
  • Please choose a device to watch the showtime whenever you want.
  • When the device is turned on, please connect it to the internet or WiFi.
  • The next thing to do is to open your device’s App Store. Now, look through the Showtime Anytime app.
  • Now, you need to put the Showtime Anytime app on your device.
  • Then you’ll need to open the app on your phone and look at your Showtime Anytime Account.
  • You will now get an activation code on the screen where you log in.
  • Open the link Activation Code in the browser on your phone, PC, or laptop.
  • Now, please fill in the blanks with your login information.
  • Now, you need to enter the activation code on your phone.
  • Next, choose your TV provider, and then click the Continue button.
  • Okay, now you can watch any episode because the process will give you access to everything.
  • Please remember that all the above steps will work for the device that can use Showtime Anytime.

Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku TV

Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku TV

  • Follow the steps below to start the Showtime Anytime service on Roku with
  • Get to Roku’s main Menu. The Showtime Anytime will be on it. You can also look for it in the Roku channel store’s Movies and TV section.
  • You have to open and run it from the Main Menu.
  • Now, please choose where you get your TV service.
  • To use the Showtime Anytime services, you will need a code.
  • Please go to in your browser to activate Showtime Anytime.
  • OR you need to open the Showtime Anytime app and go to Menu> Settings > Activate Devices after downloading it.
  • Use your Live TV or Cable username and password to log in.
  • Please choose Roku Streaming Player from the list of options.
  • After you put in the activation code, you must now click the “Submit” button.
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How to Fix Showtime Anytime is Not Working on Roku?

Does the Roku device not work with Showtime Anytime? Please follow the steps given,

  • Your Roku makes it easy to add Showtime Anytime.
  • Click Settings and then System to get started. To restart your Roku device, you must click on System Restart.
  • The Showtime Anytime app needs to be reinstalled from the Roku channel store.
  • Go to the menu to start the ShowTimeAnytime app. You must now put in the Activation Code.
  • Open the site on your phone or personal computer to start using the services.
  • Now, sign in to your account with your TV network provider. Now, type the ShowtimeAnytime code into your TV screen.
  • If you follow the steps above, your Roku device’s Showtime Anytime error will be fixed.

Activate Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire TV or Firestick using Code

  • Go to your Amazon FireTV or Firestick app to search for Showtime Anytime.
  • You’ll see a button down below. Click on it and then look for the Register or Download button (icon) to start setting up Showtime Anytime.
  • After the installation is done, click the Open button.
  • You must move on after clicking that button.
  • Get the Activation Code on the browser of your computer or phone. Then you must type the Showtime Anytime Activation Code into the blank on your screen.
  • Clicking “Submit” is the next step. Now you have to choose your cable TV provider and finish logging in to your account.
  • Showtime Anytime will be installed on your device after you carefully go through all the steps.
  • Now, turn on your Amazon Firestick and open the app to watch all of Showtime Anytime.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime on my PC or Laptop?

The steps below will help you use to turn on the app on your PC or laptop.

  • Start by going to your browser. Then go to by clicking on this link.
  • Find the LOGIN button and click on it.
  • It’s in the top right corner of the website.
  • Now, please choose the right TV service provider and enter the right Username/password.
  • Now, please click the tab that says Sign In.
  • After you sign in, you can start watching shows and episodes on Showtime Anytime.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime on Apple TV?

Please follow the steps and instructions to learn how to enter the Code on your Apple TV using

  • First, you need to turn on the Apple TV. Now, go to the Channel Store on your device and look for the “Showtime Anytime” app.
  • Once you’ve chosen the right content, you should click the “Activate” button.
  • Choose the provider of your streaming device or your Cable TV service from the menu on the activation screen.
  • Now you need to sign into your account using the information for your TV Network service provider. It will confirm that you signed up.
  • Now, go to this link in your browser: Apple TV Code.
  • The activation code will flash on your screen once you get to the website. Type that code into the box and click the “Submit” button.
  • You can now use Showtime Anytime on your Apple TV to get all its services.

Important: You must have the activation code to finish the Activate process.

Activate Showtime Anytime using on iPhone (iOS) or Android Device?

Please follow the Activate steps below to get it working on your iOS or Android device.

  • Go to the AppStore on your device and use the search option to find ShowtimeAnytimeApp. Get it now and put it on your computer.
  • Choose the one that says Choose the TV service that works for you. Use the sign-in information to get in.
    Now, open a browser on your PC, laptop, Android phone, or iPhone. Now, go to
  • Code and enter the link.
  • You will need to type the Activation code into the text box. Please ensure you enter the right code and click the “Submit” button.
  • You will now have to sign up with a Satellite Service Provider or Cable Service Provider.
  • Once you do that, you’ll get a message saying that your iOS iPhone or Android OS phone is now set up with a Showtime Anytime Account.
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How to Activate Showtime Anytime on Xbox One or Xbox 360?

Please use the link Xbox 360 or Xbox One and the steps below to activate Showtime Anytime on your device.

  • Now, turn on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One and go to the app store for the ShowtimeAnytime Channel.
    You must click “Play” or “Activate” from the menu.
  • Select the right Cable TV service from the drop-down menu, and the Showtime Anytime Activation Code will appear on your connected TV screen.
  • You can look for Code on your phone or computer. You can use Google Chrome as your browser of choice.
  • You’ll have to type in the code when you open the link.
  • It will tell you that your activation was successful and is now done.
  • You can now choose any Subscription or plan for your Xbox One or Xbox 360 to get all the benefits or features of Showtime Anytime.

How to Subscribe or Activate Showtime Anytime Streaming Services Via Spotify Premium for Students?

  • Your Student Plan of Spotify Premium will already include the Showtime Subscription.
  • If you are a student, you can get Spotify Premium for Student and subscribe to Showtime by going to
  • You need to link your Showtime account to Spotify Premium for Students and turn it on.
  • Now, you can open the Showtime app or go to from a device that can.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime on Oculus Device?

Get the app onto your phone. Then go to the Showtime Anytime app you downloaded and sign in. Now, go to the app’s Menu, click on Settings, and then click on Activated Devices.

  • You must now type in the code that appears on the screen of the device you want to use. Then click the button that says “Enter.”
  • If you haven’t already signed in to Showtime Anytime.
  • Then, you’ll have to sign in with your TV provider’s username and password, or you’ll have to enter your Streaming Service Account information.
  • Success will now show up on your device’s screen. You can now access the Showtime Anytime content. Enjoy!

Activate Showtime Anytime on my Samsung TV

  • Go to the link for Code.
  • Open up any web browser on your computer or phone.
  • Visit as the next step. Activate Enter Code.
  • Then please click the button that says “Submit.”
  • Now type in your login information and choose the right TV Service Provider.
  • After you’ve checked that your information is correct, click Next.
  • You can now go to Showtime.Com/Samsung whenever you want.
  • A message about the Widevine video plug-in will show up on the screen. It is a plug-in that Google made.
  • To install this plug-in, please go to
  • You’ll find this optimizer and then put it on your computer.
  • On your Samsung TV, you can now watch Showtime.

Features of Showtime Anytime?

Showtime Anytime has a lot of features, which we’ll list here.

  • You can change the network to fit your needs.
  • You can now watch it whenever you want.
  • Parents can watch what their child does.
  • Showtime Users can use the service on any device they want.
  • They can work on many devices, like TVs, PCs, laptops, etc.
  • It sends the user back to the page where they started.
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What is the difference between Showtime Anytime and Showtime Streaming?

  • Both Showtime anytime and Showtime streaming let you watch hit movies and TV shows from the United States and other parts of the world.
  • If you want to watch Showtime on your TV, you can use the login information from your cable company.
  • You need to download the Showtime app if you want a new subscription or don’t have cable.

Troubleshooting Error in Showtime Anytime Activation

If you have any trouble getting Showtime to work on any of your devices, especially your TV, please follow these steps:

  • Change the aspect ratio on the TV’s settings page and connect the two devices with an HDMI cable.
  • The TV’s resolution shouldn’t be set by hand; it should be set to auto mode.
  • (On the TV, go to “Settings,” then “Audio and Video,” then “Resolution,” and then click “Auto.”) If everything is working right, you’ll see a message on the home screen of the TV that says “Showtime Anytime Activation Code.”

I am not getting activation code from Showtime Anytime

Please look at the steps below if you’re having trouble with Showtime:

  • Make sure you’re on the right website URL. Check to see if the URL is misspelt: it’s code.
  • Make sure the website works.
  • Check the code for activating Showtime Anytime twice to ensure it is correct.
  • If your code doesn’t work, you must ask for a new one, which will be sent to you.
  • If the error still happens, you could try turning your device off and on again. (settings > system > Restart)
    If you turn on Showtime on any of your devices, you can have a great time watching great movies and have as much fun as you want.

Which devices supports Showtime Anytime

Here is a list of the devices that can be used with Showtime Anytime.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Firestick
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox 360
  • Xfinity
  • Tubi TV
  • Pluto TV
  • Roku Device
  • YouTube
  • Xbox One

How to Download the ShowtimeAnytime App?

  • To stream content from ShowtimeAnytime, yourA device must have the ShowtimeAnytime App.
  • After you’ve put ShowtimeAnytime on your device, you can go to to get the Activation Code.
  • Now, you can sign up for Showtime Anytime online with your device.

Please follow these simple steps to add Showtime Anytime to your online widget.

  • Look for the Channel Store app on your device.
  • Look for an app called “Showtime Anytime.” Click Continue below the “Movies & TV” option.
  • Now, click the Next button.
  • Just click “Add Channel.” Please download the app Showtime Anytime to your phone.

How to Watch Showtime Anytime on Multiple Devices at Once?

You can turn on showtime on your computer and other devices at any time by taking a few easy steps.

Visit the official site at to turn on your Apple TV, Xbox One, firestick, Android TV, Smart TV, and other devices.

Do you want to follow them on various social media platforms to get latest news and updates:

  • Official Website: /
  • For activation: www.showtimeanytime/activate / Showtime.Com/Activate
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:
  • Pinterest:


  • It lets you turn on and start Showtime Anytime.
  • Now that you know how to do it, you can watch shows and movies.
  • Remember that not all devices can use the digital service for streaming. Enter code.
  • You will get a message if your TV Service Provider does not allow authentication.
  • You should contact your TV provider if you don’t remember your password or your login name. Your TV provider will be able to help you with Showtime Anytime.