How to Make a Spyglass in Minecraft- 2023

Spyglass in Minecraft: This tutorial will help you discover how to create the perfect spyglass in Minecraft 1.17Plus!

It’s a spyglass for Minecraft. Minecraft spyglass is like a telescope that lets you focus on a particular place. 

How to Make a Spyglass in Minecraft

It’s in Caves & Cliffs update to version 1.17. Java Edition 1.17 and Bedrock Edition 1.17.0.

What is a Minecraft Spyglass?

The Spyglass is a new tool in Minecraft that lets you see things that are far away.

This item was recently included in all game versions.

This includes Minecraft Java Edition, Bedrock Edition (Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation), Education Edition, and Pocket Edition.

When Was Minecraft Spyglass Introduced?

During the first part of the Caves and Cliffs update, Spyglass came out.

The Caves and Cliffs version was made available at the same time For all of Mojang’s games.

In the latest version of Minecraft for Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, and more, there are more choices, such as Bundles.

You can learn more about this Change here. Caves and Cliffs can be Found here.

Available Platforms

Edition Platform Available
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PCs 1.17 and higher
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PCs 1.17.0 and higher
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PCs No
PlayStation Edition PS3 & PS4 No

Materials Needed To Craft A Spyglass

  • 2 Copper ingots
  • 1 Amethyst shard

How to make a spyglass in minecraft bedrock

Once you have these things, you can make a spyglass by doing the following:

  • Open your Crafting Table or the 3×3 grid in your inventory.
  • Put the two Copper Ingots in the middle row’s left and right columns.
  • Put the Amethyst Shard in the grid’s middle box.
  • Don’t fill in the rest of the grid.
  • The spyglass will appear in the result box if you have assembled the puzzle correctly.
  • To finish making the spyglass, just drag it into your collection.
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Steps To Make A Minecraft Spyglass

1. Open Your Crafting Menu

Open Your Crafting Menu

To create a spyglass first you must access the crafting menu within Minecraft. It should show the identical grid that you see in the picture below.

2. Add The Copper Ingots and Amethyst Shard To The Menu

spyglass ingredients to menu

On the table of crafting place two copper ingots as well as an amethyst shard onto the grid.

It is necessary to add copper ingots as well as the amethyst ingot to the grid in the exact manner as shown in the picture below. 

In the First row, place one amethyst shard into the second box. second row, put down one copper ingot from the second box. 

In the third row, put in 1 copper ingot inside the second box. It is called the Minecraft spyglass recipe.

After you’ve added the objects to the crafting grid, as explained above, you’ll find an item called a spyglass to the right.

3. Move The Spyglass To Your Inventory

Spyglass To Your Inventory

Simply move the spyglass into your storage area so you can use it.

You’re done! Now you have an eyeglass! This Minecraft spyglass is like a telescope that allows you to focus on a particular area within your field of vision (FOV).

Check out the video above to witness the spyglass in action!

Minecraft Spyglass Command

You can also make use of the Give Command to create the spyglass within Minecraft. The command for making a spyglass is available in the following versions:

  • Java Edition

To execute the spyglass command within Minecraft start your chat window, and then enter the following command, based on the version you are using.

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Java Edition 1.17 and higher spyglass command

/give @p spyglass 1

How To Make A Spyglass Video Tutorial?

Spyglass in Minecraft – FAQ

What is the Spyglass in Minecraft?

The Spyglass is an item in Minecraft that lets players zoom in on faraway objects and buildings and look at them more closely.

How do I craft a Spyglass?

In a making table, you need to put together two Copper Ingots and one Amethyst Shard.

Can u craft a spyglass?

The Spyglass is a possible creation with 2 Copper Ingots and one Amethyst Shard. Copper should be relatively easy to find. To acquire Copper the players need to find Copper Ore underground. Then, they will smelt Copper Ore into a few Ingots.

Can I use the Spyglass to see through blocks?

No, the Spyglass can’t see through blocks. It can only zoom in and make things farther away look better.

What is the maximum zoom level of the Spyglass?

The Spyglass can zoom up to 6 times, which makes it possible to see faraway things much more clearly.

Can I use the Spyglass while moving?

Yes, you can use the Spyglass while you’re moving. It lets you see what’s going on around you even when you’re moving.

Does the Spyglass have durability?

No, the Spyglass is not strong enough to last. It can be used forever without needing to be fixed or replaced.

Can I enchant the Spyglass?

No, the Spyglass can’t be enchanted with anything in Minecraft right now.

Does the Spyglass have any special functionality during specific weather conditions?

Yes, if you use the Spyglass when it’s raining or thundering, it might help you find the new “Axolotl” mob by showing you where it is.

Can I use the Spyglass in other versions of Minecraft?

The Spyglass was added to Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, and Education Edition with the “Caves & Cliffs Update” (1.17). But this function might not be in older versions of the game.