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Walmart in-store Price Match Policy

Walmart Price Match: Today, one of the most popular options for both in-store and online shoppers is Walmart. You are undoubtedly on the right website if you want information regarding Walmart’s price-matching policy. The specific steps involved in the Walmart price match and adjustment policy have been set out.

About Walmart Price Match Guarantee

walmart price match

Every day, you can get things at Walmart for incredibly low costs. You can price match an item at Walmart to receive a partial refund if you ever discover it for less elsewhere. You can do this by speaking with a Walmart Customer Service representative and following their instructions.

Additionally, there are requirements that you must meet to price match. The most crucial one for price matching is the requirement that the product matches your order exactly and be in stock at the moment of price matching.

Walmart also offers a price adjustment service, via which you can receive prorated reimbursements. In the following scenarios, Walmart Price Adjustment is applicable;

You are eligible for a price adjustment if an item you bought from had its price reduced after you placed your order. This implies that you may request a refund for the price difference.

Asking for a price adjustment is possible if you just purchased from and the item is currently being offered for less money.

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Does Walmart Price Match Their Online Prices?

Yes, Walmart will price match their online prices in 2022. This means that, as long as your goods are the same brand, color, and quantity, you can get a lower price. 

Walmart will only match prices on items sold on, but only if they fulfill certain requirements and aren’t being sold by third parties or falling outside the online clearance price range.

Discover how to be eligible for the Walmart price match by reading our instructions below.

Products covered under the Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

Opened and unused products are typically subject to price increases. For most of its extensive product line items, Walmart typically permits price adjustments. Among the well-known instances are:

  • Appliances
  • Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s clothing
  • Automotive products 
  • Non-alcoholic groceries
  • Home Decor 
  • Furniture

How Long Do You Have to Make a Price Adjustment at Walmart?

You have seven days from the initial purchase date to file a claim for a refund due to a price modification. 

Even if the thing hasn’t yet arrived, you should phone Walmart’s customer support staff within seven days to claim the lower price if you are browsing online through and discover an identical item to yours at a lower price. Walmart won’t be willing to refund you for the difference in the items until then.

How To Perform Price Adjustments at Walmart?

It’s crucial to remember that the method utilized to make the first purchase affects the price adjustment process. 

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Only in Walmart stores may you receive a price adjustment if you purchased the item there. On the other hand, the customer service department at Walmart deals with price modifications for items bought online.

You won’t need to bring the item you just bought with you when making an in-store request. But appropriate purchasing documentation will be needed. 

The customer service desk or a self-service checkout line will handle the request. Once it is established that the item has a new price, the price difference will then be reimbursed using the original payment method.

Online buyers looking for price modifications must contact customer support within the allotted time frame to verify that the item’s price has been changed. They will also need to scan and upload the original receipts they used to make the purchases.

The consumer will receive their refund within ten days of the request being approved. If customers have trouble getting their reimbursements, they should contact their banks or financial institutions.

Will Walmart Make Price Adjustments Without a Receipt?

Sadly, without appropriate proof of purchase, Walmart will be unable to modify the pricing of the things you have purchased. A receipt from the original place of purchase or an invoice from an online order can serve as proof.

Proof of purchase is essential because it verifies the method of payment and the initial amount paid for the item before any adjustments. This information is necessary for the cashier to authorize a refund.

Does Walmart Do Price Adjustment for Online Orders?

This policy applies to any products that Walmart sells and ships on its website, Therefore, online purchases made from independent vendors are not subject to price adjustments. Price Match Rules

It’s important to understand the fine print of Walmart’s price match policy before taking advantage of it.

For in-store purchases

  • Price matching is unavailable in the 50 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
  • In contrast to and, Walmart does not match the prices of its competitors.
  • While Walmart stores participate in the online price matching program, the policy is limited to
  • Price matching is limited to a single item per day per customer.
  • Bundle discounts do not include buy one, get one free, or mail-in rebates.

For online purchases

  • Excludes items sold in limited quantities as part of a liquidation, closeout, reconditioned, or flash sale.
  • During the holiday shopping seasons of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Week, the price matching policy does not apply.
  • None of the above applies to orders sent to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.
  • To be clear, price matching only applies to the advertised price. The policy does not include additional discounts or coupons used throughout the purchase process.
  • The above-mentioned online merchants are the only ones qualified for price matching.

Which Online Retailers Will Walmart Price Match?

Hypothetically, you decide to buy something from Walmart even though you know you can get it cheaper elsewhere. 

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In that instance, you can use Walmart’s policy of matching competitors’ prices. It’s important to know which stores are included and which aren’t.

Currently, Walmart only matches the prices of 28 other online retailers.


Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy?

As long as Best Buy is a local competitor to your Walmart, you can count on a price match. You can compare rates at nearby Best Buy locations and then ask Walmart to change their pricing if you find a lower one.

Walmart will match the price of any local Best Buy if a customer can show a lower price from that shop. Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy? It has all the information you need.

Contact customer service and ask for a price match or price adjustment based on the amount of the difference between our price and Best Buy’s.

The Walmart associate will either call the competitor or look at the competitor’s website to determine if the price match is valid.

When a worker verifies the price difference of an identical item with a nearby Best Buy store, the store will provide a discount.

Does Walmart Price Match Target?

Products sold on will only be matched with products beginning in 2022. It would help if you contacted customer service before placing a purchase. 

Target will not match prices for items on sale or in ads unless the advertised price is guaranteed to be the same as the original price.

During the 14 days following your purchase, if you locate the same item at Target for a cheaper price, you can return it to any Walmart and show the cashier where you paid the lower price.

The item you want must be sold on both and at the time of your request. Does Walmart Price Match Target? It has all the particulars.

Price matching requests for individual items are limited to one per customer per day unless the item is purchased in bulk for resale purposes.

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

If you find an item on at a lower price than at Walmart, the store will match the price. To qualify for a price match, items must be of comparable size, quality, and color. 

Given that Walmart does not offer in-store price matching, customers who wish to have their prices matched must do so by contacting Walmart Customer Service.

If you see an item on at a lower price, you can get it from Walmart at the same size, quantity, and color for the same price if it is in stock on Walmart’s website. See if Walmart will beat Amazon’s prices by reading the full story here!

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Even more so, Walmart will only price match one item per customer per day and will not price match Amazon Prime or Prime deals.

Call Walmart’s customer service before placing your order online to see whether they will price match Amazon.

A representative from customer service will look into whether or not the item qualifies for a price match and get back to you with their decision.

Does Walmart Adjust the Price of Sale Items?

Items like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not subject to price changes. Walmart exempts some sale items to stop buyers from taking advantage of the steep discounts and unfairly receiving refunds. Additionally, after a product has been purchased from Walmart, the price of special buys, Value of the Day goods, clearance discounts, and limited-edition purchases cannot be changed.

What Are the Limitations to Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy?

The following restrictions on Walmart’s price adjustment policy can prevent you from making a change in pricing.

  • To start, no items purchased more than 7 days before the claim is filed eligible for price adjustments under the terms of the policy.
  • Additionally, the regulation does not apply to goods sold by independent contractors on the Walmart Marketplace website.
  • Due to different state legislation, Walmart does not permit pricing adjustments for alcoholic products.
  • Any membership discounts and promotions offered are not eligible for price adjustments if you have a Walmart Plus membership.
  • Also, keep in mind that products that are broken, used, or refurbished are not subject to price adjustments.

Walmart Customer Service

1 (800) 925-6278

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Customers must be aware of pricing changes to benefit from the Walmart Pricing Adjustment Policy and save money. 

Customers won’t be informed of this cost-cutting initiative or when prices decrease. Therefore, your responsibility is now to exercise greater caution to get any potential reimbursement.

FAQs For

Does Walmart Provide Price Match?

According to the company’s current policy, “yes,” Walmart will price match.

Does Walmart Provide Price Adjustment?

Walmart offers a price adjustment service via which customers can receive discounts.

Does Walmart do Price Match In store?

Products bought in stores cannot be price matched on A price match is available if an item’s in-store price is cheaper than its online price on

What is the updated policy of Walmart in 2022?

According to their new policy, Walmart will no longer offer in-store price matching as of 2022. If you have a discount app, you must scan the product’s code and follow the on-screen instructions.

How long do you have to come up with the price difference?

Through Walmart’s price adjustment policy, you have seven days to produce the price difference at a Walmart store or on