How To Make Chain In Minecraft (Minecraft Chain Tutorial)

How To Make Chain In Minecraft?

Chain In Minecraft: To hang bells and lanterns, a Minecraft blockchain is used.

These chains can be connected horizontally so that one can walk on them. This article will show you how to create chains in Minecraft.

How To Make Chain In Minecraft

You must craft chains in Minecraft. Let’s talk about how to make chains in Minecraft.

Available Platforms

Platform Supported Version
Java Edition ( PC/Mac) Yes (1.16)
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes (1.16.0)
Xbox 360 No
Xbox One Yes (1.16.0)
PS3 No
PS4 Yes (1.16.0)
Wii U No
Nintendo Switch Yes (1.16.0)
Windows 10 Edition Yes (1.16.0)
Education Edition No

Items Needed To Make Chains

  • 1 Iron ingot
  • 2 Iron nuggets

Steps To Make Minecraft Chains

1. Open Your Crafting Table

Let’s first open Minecraft’s crafting table. The grid should be the same as the one in the image.

Open Your Crafting Table

2. Add Items To Make Chains

Open the crafting menu and add the iron ingots and 2 iron nuggets onto the grid.

The grid must be completed exactly as shown in this image.

Place 1 iron nugget into the middlebox in the First row. Place 1 iron ingot into the middlebox in the 2nd row.

In the third row, place 1 iron nugget into the middle box. This is the Minecraft chain recipe.

Add Items To Make Chains

Once you have added the materials to your grid, you will see Your chain in the box to the right.

3. Move The Chain To Your Inventory

You must include the chain in your collection once you’re done creating it.

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Add Items To Make Chains

Congratulations, You made a chain in Minecraft.

Minecraft Chain Command

To create a chain in Minecraft, you can also use the Give statement. These editions include the chain command:

  • Java edition
  • Pocket edition
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition

Open your Minecraft chat window and type the following command to run the chain command.

Java Edition 1.16 and higher

⏩ /give @p a chain 1

PE, Xbox One, Switch, Win 10 1.16 and higher

⏩ /give @p chain 1 0

How To Make Chain Video Tutorial?


I hope you have answered all your questions regarding Minecraft chains. Enjoy the game even more!

Enjoy your gaming experience!

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 Chain In Minecraft – FAQ

What are chains used for in Minecraft?

 Chains can be used as both decorations and tools. They can be used to make chandeliers, jail bars, suspension bridges, and more.

Can You Make Chains In Minecraft?

You can create chains in Minecraft. However, this is only possible if the game is being played on specific platforms. Chains are not supported on platforms like the Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360. To make chains in Minecraft, you will need to play it on Java Edition or Nintendo Switch.

How Do You Make Chainmail In Minecraft?

Chainmail armour cannot be crafted in Minecraft. To get the armour from blacksmith villagers, you will need to trade it.

Can I use chains in redstone contraptions?

Chains enhance redstone mechanisms, such as piston doors, redstone clocks, and secret entrances.

Can I use chains to transport minecarts?

Players can hang minecarts from ceilings using chains, which enables efficient transportation methods.

Can chains be used as curtain rods in Minecraft?

Yes, you can use chains cleverly as curtain rods to give your builds a unique look.

Are chains compatible with other redstone components?

People can effectively integrate chains with other redstone components to build intricate machines and systems.

Can I guide striders using chains?

Yes, you can connect a chain to a lead and use it to guide striders, making it easier to get around lava lakes in the Nether.

Do chains have any special properties or interactions with water or lava?

No, chains don’t react to water or fire any differently than any other Minecraft block.

Can chains be used to create traps for hostile mobs?

Yes, you can use chains to trap and move hostile mobs quickly through mob fields.