how to make a bundle in minecraft – 2023

How to make a bundle in minecraft: Bundles in Minecraft are items used to store items. 

Bundles can help players manage their inventory, allowing for the mixture of different types of items within a single inventory slot. 

how to make a bundle in minecraft

This article will demonstrate how to make and use bundles in Minecraft. Without further delay let’s dive right into the details.

Available Platforms

Edition Platform Available
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PCs 1.17 and higher
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PCs 1.17.0 and higher
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PCs No
PlayStation Edition PS3 & PS4 No

Materials Needed To Build A Bundle

  • 6 Rabbit hides
  • 2 String

How to Craft Bundles in Minecraft?

Before we can begin using bundles in Minecraft the first step is to create the bundles. Follow these easy steps to create an awesome bundle.

1. To make a bundle, you’ll need six pieces of hiding, and two lengths of string.

2. Once you’ve collected these items then you can put them on the crafting table.

3. Set up 1 string in the third and first slot in the uppermost row of the table for crafting.

4. Place 1 rabbit hide into the first and third slots of the middle row on the table to craft.

5. For the final step of crafting to finish the crafting process, place one rabbit hide in each of the three slots on the lowest row of the table.

Craft Bundles in Minecraft

6. After placing all the above items in the order outlined in the previous paragraphs when you have placed all the mentioned materials in the order discussed above, you will receive one package.

7. You can repeat this procedure in as many instances as you wish to receive different bundles depending on your requirements of yours.

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How to Use Bundles?

After we’ve created bundles with Minecraft Let’s discover how to make use of them.

1. In Minecraft each bundle, there is a capacity of 64 “bundle slots”.

2. The items inside the bundle will take slots just as they would in an ordinary inventory.

how to use bundles- minecraft

3. For instance, an item that stacks up to 64 will take up one bundle slot. Similar to the item that stacks up to 16 will occupy four bundle slots.

4. Things that don’t stack will take up all the slots, filling the whole bundle.

5. Although you can’t stack bundles you can arrange them in between one another, a procedure which is also known as nesting.

6. In nested bundles, the bundle inside has 4 slots, in addition to the slots already filled by the items within the bundle.

7. You can add items to bundles by selecting the bundle in your inventory. Then, click on the item you would like to place into the bundle.

8. You can also take the item and then mouse-click the item.

9. It is possible to nest bundles within one by first opening up the bundle that is the primary one. After that, right-click on the bundle that is to be nestled. Now you have a nested bundle.

10. It is also possible to use bundles to get rid of the final item from the inventory.

11. If you make use of the bundle without registering it in your inventory area, your items will be removed from the inventory.

Steps To Make Minecraft Bundles

1. Open Your Crafting Menu

To make a bundle first, you need to access the crafting menu within Minecraft. The same grid as the picture below.

Open Your Crafting Menu

2. Add The Rabbit Hide And String To The Menu

On the table for crafting In the crafting table, add the hide of 6 rabbits and 2 string dust onto the grid.

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You need to include the rabbit hides as well as string exactly as illustrated in the picture below.

In the first row, place 1 string down in the first box, one hiding rabbit inside the second box, and then 1 string in the third box.

Rabbit Hide And String To The Menu

On the second row, put down 1 hide for rabbits in the first box and 1 hide for rabbits inside the third box. 

In the third row, place in the 3rd row 1 hide for rabbits inside the 1st box, one rabbit hide in the second box, and one rabbit hide inside the third box. 

Here is how to make how you make the Minecraft Bundle recipe.

3. Move The Bundle To Your Inventory

Then, bring the bundle to Your inventory, so that you can make use of it.

Move The Bundle To Your Inventory

You’re done! Now you have the bundle! It’s a bundle! Minecraft bundle is an item of storage that lets players organize and stack items that are in their inventory. 

The bundle was included in 1.17, the Caves & Cliffs update 1.17.

Minecraft Bundle Command

It is also possible to use the Give Command to create bundles within Minecraft. This command can be accessible in the following versions:

  • Java Edition

To execute the bundle command within Minecraft start your chat window, and then enter the following command based on the version you are using.

Java Edition 1.17 and higher bundle command

/give @p bundle 1

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Bundle in Minecraft – FAQ

How do you use a bundle in Minecraft?

Drag your bundle on the item you want to keep inside it. This allows you to keep up to 64 objects that can be stacked inside your bundle.

How do bundles work?

Bundling is the process of putting various of their products or services in one package, usually at cheaper prices than they charge their customers to purchase every item on their own.

How do I craft a bundle?

Six rabbit hides laid out in a two-by-three grid on the making table are needed to make a bundle.

How many items can a bundle hold?

Up to 64 things of any kind can fit in a bundle.

Can I store different types of items in a single bundle?

Yes, you can store items of different kinds in the same pack. It can be used as a movable storage box.

Can I access the items in a bundle without placing it down?

Yes, you can right-click on a bundle while it’s in your inventory to get to the things inside.

Can I drop a bundle with items inside?

Yes, you can drop a bundle with things in it, and the bundle will fall as a single item with all the items inside.

Can I put bundles inside other bundles?

No, you can’t put one package inside another. Bundles can’t be put inside of each other.

Can I use bundles to transport items in water or lava?

No, you can’t use bundles to move things through water or fire. They won’t keep water out or fire out.

Can I enchant bundles?

No, you can’t enchant packs in Minecraft right now.

Can I find bundles in generated structures or as loot?

Yes, bundles can be found in some randomly generated buildings, like shipwrecks, and as loot in chests.